The Urantia Book

As a researcher of all things mystical, I have come across many different schools of thought and interesting written works.  One book that I have found, however, stands alone as the most intriguing and interesting overall conceptual writing I have been exposed to, and that book is called “The Urantia Book”.

The Urantia book

The Urantia Book

In the preface, the authors claim to be of extra-terrestrial origin, and tell us that the book was written as a spiritual guide to help earthlings on their way to enlightenment.  It is called “The Urantia Book”, because “Urantia”, apparently, is the name that their civilization has given our planet.

The origin of the book, which consists of 196 papers, or essays, amounting to a grand total of 2,097 pages, is quite difficult to discern.  According to Wikipedia, it “surfaced” between 1924 and 1955, so there is a roughly 31 year area of uncertainty as to when it was written.  It was published in October of 1955 in English by “The Urantia Foundation” (which is a non-profit organization), and has since been translated into 14 different languages.

When attempting to piece together the puzzle of how this book came to be, there are a few “facts” that can be assimilated in order to get some idea of how it all took place;

Around 1911, William Sadler and his wife Lena, had been asked a personal favor from a fellow resident of their community.  This resident’s husband was apparently having strange episodes of abnormal breathing at night, and because the Sadlers where both respected physicians, she asked them to take a look at him.  During one of these episodes, the man, while in a deep trance, reportedly claimed to be receiving communications with an extraterrestrial/ spiritually advanced being.

the mind at mischief

The Mind at Mischief

William Sadler was not only a respected physician, but was also a successful author and paranormal debunker.  In his bestselling book “The Mind at Mischief”, he discusses the technique used by psychics and clairvoyants to trick people into believing in them.  At the end of this book, however, he discusses the case I have written about, as being the one case which he could not adequately explain.

He says that he was present at over 250 sessions with this man, who he has agreed to not release the identity of, and that there was usually a stenographer present to write down the dialogue.  He also reports that the trance of this man was unique to anything that he had seen in all his years.  He claims that the man was utterly unaware of what had happened when he awoke, and that he showed an incredible lack of interest in the whole matter.

He then went on to explain that 18 years of studying this case had failed to reveal the origin of the messages this man received, and that all of his psychoanalysis, hypnotism, and intensive comparison failed to show that the messages had originated in his own mind.  He also says, that not only did the material seem to be contrary to this man’s entire philosophy, but that it was something that seemed to be incredibly intelligent, and original philosophic content, not found anywhere in any human works to date.

In 1924, when William Sadler and many friends and colleagues began meeting once a week for intellectual discussion, this case was brought up many times.  After sharing some of the writings, notes, and essays gathered from this case, the group was apparently communicated with, and told that they would be able to devise questions and that all of the questions devised would be answered.  They apparently thought of hundreds of questions, and these questions were answered one by one, and  were eventually collected and arranged into “The Urantia Book”.

How were these answers provided exactly?

William Sadler and his colleagues, (who called these meetings “The Forum”), claim that they were materialized in the form of fully written papers from 1925 to 1935.

the urantia foundation building

The Urantia Foundation in Chicago, Illinois

The “Urantia Foundation” was formed in 1950 as a tax-exempt educational society in Chicago, Illinois, where this all took place.

At first I was skeptical of all of this.  To tell you the truth, I still am… however, I have read through parts of this book and am utterly blown away by the incredible profundity and intelligence exhibited through the articulately written words and concepts present in this book.  When reading it, I try not to get caught up on the farfetched origins, and instead, just interpret and attempt to understand the content, which is really the important part.

It is also important to note, that all of the money generated went to this non-profit organization, and that no credit was taken by any human.  Each paper is purportedly authored by a certain group or being not-of-this-planet.

Having said that, It is truly an amazing, present day religious revelation.  It speaks plainly and takes a very straight forward approach to explaining the mysteries of God, The Universe, and Creation.

This book is not for the lazy or ignorant, and will undoubtedly only be comprehended by the most intellectually advanced of our race.

I will not begin discussing the content of the book in this post, but will make sure to do so in a future post.

Oh ya, and in case you are curious, (which you should be), here is the link to a FREE COPY OF THE ENTIRE BOOK!

Peace and love to all!

-Ascended Masta


4 Responses to The Urantia Book

  1. Rod says:

    Re: “One book that I have found, however, stands alone as the most intriguing and interesting overall conceptual writing I have been exposed to, and that book is called ‘The Urantia Book’.”

    Here’s a new online site for getting acquainted with this revelation:

    For offline reading, click on the “just browsing” text emoticon o~o to download a generic epub file with “point & click” functionality for all UB Parts, Papers and Sections.

    To read these Urantia Papers on a PC, extract the “Urantia Papers” folder from the Zip file and open the “Urantia_Papers.epub” file with an epub reader (such as this for the Firefox browser: ).

  2. Bill Sadler says:

    Yes, Bill Sadler is my real name, and yes, I am very aware of the Urantia Book and its origins. I have read it from cover to cover and then many parts over and over since I found a copy in 1978. I have personally talked with people who were present at the time of the Forum and knew both Dr. Sadler (Sr.) and Bill Sadler, his son. I have visited the Chicago home of the Urantia Foundation and know the current staff.

    It is the REAL DEAL, in my opinion. There has never been anything written that is comparable to the Urantia Book. You can verify the science that it presents [which revealed many, many years ago what has only recently been proven as “fact,.”] if you want. The history of the planet is impeccable and verifiable–again stating during Dr. Sadler’s day what has been proven only in relatively recent years. Importantly, the book contains a record of the life and teachings of Jesus–unlike any other. But IT IS THE OVERARCHING MESSAGE THAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT.

    I doubt that many modern day Christian theologians [I am one of them] will be willing to accept the book, but its central message, that God is our Father and we are, therefore, all brothers and sisters in the His family, is consistent with not only the Gospel of Jesus but also with the message of all other bona fide world religions.

    …God is love. (648.4) 56:10.21 Love is the desire to do good to others! (The Urantia Book, paper 56)

    The story and the book can be found at the following link:

    Bill Sadler

    • ascendedmasta says:

      Thank you for your comment! Although I have not read too much of this book, I have read enough to know that whoever (or whatever) wrote it, had an incredible amount of wisdom and intelligence.
      I am very impressed that you have managed to read the whole thing; it is quite a difficult and lengthy read!
      I am, however, totally blown away by what I have read and understood. It really seems to get at the most important and true parts of all religion, and gives an amazingly accurate and philosophical expression of what GOD is.

      I plan on reading the whole thing eventually, as I am definitely convinced of its legitimacy.

      I am very appreciative that you commented on this post, and shared your wonderful story.

      Please feel free to contact me to discuss this topic further!; It interests me very much….
      you can reach me at my email address;


  3. Wow! I can’t wait to get started! But tell me please, why you have anchored your life in the belief you express, and yet don’t believe these ideas came from off-planet. The leap seems almost automatic; I’d love to hear your reasons! Thanks so much for posting this!

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