Movie Scenes That We Didn’t Understand as Kids – Part 2

Part I: Ace Ventura, There’s Something About Mary & The Mask

1. Armageddon – Oil Drillers can be Astronauts too?

The smartest oil drillers on the planet

Armageddon was a terribly great movie.

The plot might be one of the worst ever, but we can all agree that it’s a must watch when it appears on the cable guide. You can’t go wrong with actors like Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck, and of course, an epic Aerosmith soundtrack.

But I remember learning that becoming an Astronaut was one of the hardest things in the world to accomplish.

Am I right? Doesn’t it take a lot of schooling and an entire lifetime of studying and training to be able to go to space?

Not for these brilliant oil drillers. They quickly learned to become astronauts and take on a massive asteroid threatening our planet. The mission was to land on the asteroid and drill into it, cracking it in two with explosives.

What I didn’t understand was why the government or NASA trained drillers to be astronauts when they could have trained astronauts to be drillers.Wouldn’t that have been a lot easier?

I know it’s only a movie, but come on with this screenplay. It confused the shit out of kids that wanted to be astronauts.


2. All Dogs go to Heaven – But why did some of them go to hell?

Apparently some dogs go to hell

It is hard enough to comprehend life as a kid, but death is a completely different story. Being a kid was great because we didn’t know what death or sickness was, and we were told that heaven is this amazing place.

When All Dogs go to Heaven came out, it answered a lot of questions for kids. They learned  about life, death, heaven and…hell?

If all dogs are suppose to go to heaven, then why is there a dog-hell for only certain dogs?

It’s pretty confusing to tell kids that all dogs go to heaven while some of them clearly go to hell in the movie.

This doggie-hell scene was really creepy, and very hard to comprehend as a child.


3. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) – Psychedelic Boat Trip

Willy Wonka Acid trip

The Willy Wonka acid boat trip

Basically this entire movie can be compared to an acid trip, but as a kid, the only acid we know is the imaginary acid that our living room floor becomes while we stand safely on our imaginary couch boats.

When I first experienced the Willy Wonka boat scene, I had no idea what was going on, and why it was so creepy.

The scene starts off with everyone on the boat peacefully flowing down the chocolate river, while calming music plays in the background. All of a sudden they approach a tunnel, and panic sets it. The music becomes intense and the characters go from calm to very anxious.

“Hey Wonka, I want off.!”


The colors and background become very trippy as they travel at a fast speed through the tunnel. Images start appearing around the boat as if all of the passengers were hallucinating. Everyone on the boat is in a sudden panic except for charlies grandfather, Joe. He sits calmly with a smile on his face as he enjoys the scenery.

Is he a hippie? Does he enjoy tripping? Or is he just a calm old man that loves adventures?

This entire scene seemed confusing as a child, but after watching it as an adult, you can put meaning behind every second of it.

When the “trip” ends, Veruca Salt says to her dad “Daddy I Do not want a boat like this.”

Can this be a message to teenagers that acid can be a very scary and anxiety-full experience? But then why did Charlies Grandfather enjoy the trip so much?

This scene still confuses me when I try to analyze it, so imagine a kid analyzing it?


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Leave us some comments on movie scenes that you didn’t understand as a kid!



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