Mars One: Human Settlement Planned For 2023

The Mars One project plans to establish the first human settlement on Mars in 2023. There is only one catch…the settlers will not be able to come back to Earth.

mars one human settlement in 2023

A crew of brave astronauts plan to inhabit Mars by 2023

The habitable settlements will be placed on Mars ready for the settlers when they land. The settlement will be set up to support them while they live and work on Mars. Every two years after 2023, an additional crew will arrive, creating a real living and growing community on Mars. According to the Mars One project official website, every component of the mission has at least one potential supplier.

The entire project is set to be broadcast by the media back on earth, so that everyone can see the work and discoveries the crew encounters on Mars. The team hopes by 2023, the first 4 astronauts in the crew will emigrate to mars. The journey will take almost 7 months.

The timeline for the plan is as follows:

  • 2016: A communications satellite and a supply mission will be sent to Mars.
  • 2018: A large planetary rover will be sent which will drive around and find the best location for the site.
  • 2020: Living units, life support units, a rover and more supplies will be sent to Mars. The rovers will prepare the settlement for human occupation. They will extract the inflatable section from the living unit. The life support unit will prepare the outpost for the arrival of the human crew
  • 2022: The settlement will be fully operational, the crew will depart in a transit habitat with a lander attached.
  • 2023: In April, the humans will land on Mars. A new team will join the settlement every two years.
  • 2033: Over 20 people will be living and working on Mars.
mars one project 2023

An artists rendering of what the Mars One human settlement might look like.

The Mars One project is the idea of entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp. Lansdorp has been in touch with aerospace companies to get their attention and develop a source for their requirements. He has dreamed of a manned mission to Mars for many years, and his dream might just come true. Currently, the next step for Landsdorp is to introduce the project to the entire world, and secure sponsors and investors.

Mars One seems like quite the ambitious project, and the crew definitely has their work cut out for them. The fact that none of the crew will be able to return to Earth is something that will definitely be scrutinized. Whoever decides to join the mission is essentially leaving everything behind, including family and friends. They are sacrificing their lives to fulfill the dreams of mankind’s expansion into space, something that they might regret if the project fails. Either way, I admire the courage of these space explorers, and wish them the best of luck finding suppliers and financing to complete their project. If they are successful, this will be one of the biggest developments in space exploration since we landed on the moon.

via DigitalJournal / MarsOne

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