ZazenLife Exclusive Interview with KILLCODE

ZazenLife had the opportunity to go backstage and interview one of the most popular up and coming rock bands in New York City known as KILLCODE.

(Left to right) Chas, Erric, Tom

I’ve heard the saying, “Rock is Dead”  plenty of times and I’m sure you have too, but I assure you that out there, waiting to be found, are guys, girls and more than anything, BANDS, who definitely still rock.

Whether you like it or not, Killcode came to assure you it’s alive and well. Spreading the code first in Nueva York, or New York to we english speaking people.

I arrived to a vibrant, packed and sold-out show on March, 24th 2012 as the audience lingered around and the many bands passed their time on the stage about to be rocked by none other than the code, Killcode.I know before I go on all of you simpletons want to know “What do they sound like?”

It’s hard to give a solid answer and point the finger at more known band and say “It sounds like them.” I can say they sound like Rock, domestic beer drinking hard rock with the ability to change from song to song. That doesn’t help much, but to describe music with words isn’t helpful even with the best adjectives, so do like I did, get the album and just listen.

The Self-titled “Killcode” album dons artwork by none other than Joey James Hernandez, and includes 12 tracks that will show you versatility from a band that I’m proud to share this city with.

On the night of March, 24th, I was escorted by their road manager Paulie, a guy who welcomed any questions or requests as long as you let him smoke a quick Marlboro red. He took me up a few flights of stairs into the backstage area where I met the rest of the band in a pretty small room full of band members, girlfriends, wives, record producers, radio promoters, a porn star or two, beer and a shit load of cookies.

At first glance, Killcode gives you an impression of the Sunset Strip, but from a handshake you can tell it’s all New York grit in these guys.

Before I could watch these guys take the stage for their headlining show at The Bowery Ballroom, I had a little chat with Erric and Tom.

(CandleMaker’s Album Pick : Bad Mother)

Backstage interview

CandleMaker : Alright, Alright let’s do the basics, When did you guys start off?

Erric : Are we running? Are we rolling? The band started in 2008, Tommy and Chas had been playing in another band and they put together.. (Tom interrupts)

Tom : 2009 actually!

Erric : Was it?

Tom : End of 2008 beginning of 2009.

Erric : So they put together a couple of demos and came to me and said check out the bass, we got to play and everything sounded great, we recruited Robby next, right? On Drums.

Tom : Yes.

Erric : After an extensive nationwide search and then Pat Harrington on guitar, we knew him from around the scene, so basically everything got together around the beginning of 2009.

CandleMaker : Influences?

Tom : We all got different influences, It’s kind of what makes Killcode Killcode. Everything from classic rock to heavy metal to myself, I have always been an old school hip-hop guy, a pop guy, to The Melvins with Pat, we all bring something different to the table, you know?

CandleMaker : So it’s a bit of everything?

Tom : Yea

CandleMaker : I was reading a lot of other reviews and the terms dirty rock, trash rock, southern rock and even glam kind of like L.A. Guns was thrown around. Is that cool with you guys?

Tom : Yea definitely, that’s one side of us, it’s a good side to us too but I’d say a little less glam than L.A. Guns per say but there is still some of it too (Glam).

Erric: The booty shaking elements!!!


(Left to right) Chas and Erric

Tom : (laughs)

Erric : Yea but it’s kick ass dirty Rock n Roll with a southern twist.

CandleMaker: So you said 2009? It’s 2012 you did three albums?

Tom : Well the first two are 6 songs EP’s, To Die For and Taking it all, the first one was kind of just thrown together, we went in the studio right away and did it. The second one we put a little more thought into it and then the full length that we put out tonight, the one that we’re celebrating is kind of like, we took our time and did it the way wanted to do it.

CandleMaker : As far as touring goes, where have you been?

Tom : We did a tour with Brett Scallions from Fuel, an east coast thing with them. We did some things up and down the coast but really what we focused on was rather than going on tour to nowhere with nothing in the stores and no radio air play. We said let’s try to take over New York City, lets own New York first. So now that our full length is finished, we put our stamp on New York. Now it’s time we get on the road, we’ll be bringing the code to everyone hard and strong.

CandleMaker : Alright!! Is that what we say? The Code?

Tom : Killcode! Spread the Code!!!

Erric : And we were blessed right from the beginning, the situation we were in, we’re not newbies we are established from things we did in the past. I think our second show we opened for Godsmack and Sevendust at Dunken Donuts Arena Rhode Island. We’ve been blessed with a cloud I guess for a lack of a better term and of course you know we had to back it up, and if we didn’t back it up we wouldn’t be where we are.

Tom : And you know we did focus on the radio a bit in the beginning, Munsey* who you just met right now tried it a bit on college radio and did a little noise on mainstream radio, but now this record is what we are really looking foward to. We want to bring it to the masses.

CandleMaker : Isn’t it kind of hard to promote rock in NYC?  We don’t have a rock station anymore do we?

Tom : Well music in general for bands has been tough in New York City for whatever reason.

Erric : The scene is.

Tom : Tonight is a perfect example. You have two pretty much sold out venues Grammercy and Bowery Ballroom, all New York bands that are unsigned selling out venues. If anyone says there is nothing going on in New York they have to take their heads out of their asses and see what’s going on.

Erric : And when we started out it was rough. We along with our friends in these other bands, we went out every fuckin night and supported each other.

Tom & Erric : We still do!

Erric : They came to see us, we went to see them, that’s five guys and five guys making ten guys who bring five each and that’s 50 people and the word spreads and this is what you get man!

CandleMaker : Hmm? Bring back 4 dead rock stars, you make the band, bass player, singer, one of each.

Erric : Do they have to be dead? Can I kill them?

Tom : Bon Scott!!

Erric : Umm yea! Hendrix is amazing, Randy Rhoads, Bon Scott.

Tom : John Bonham on drums and Cliff Burton from Metallica on Bass, may he rest in peace.

Erric : I like that band right there!!

CandleMaker : Wow, wow, what are they going to sound like?

Tom : Killcode!!!!

 (Laughter through out the room)

Erric : We brought em back from the dead!

CandleMaker : Alright guys, one last question, you have to pick one canned food to eat for the rest of your life, pick!


Erric : Reefer!!!

CandleMaker : Reefer?

Tom : Canned food, you got to pick canned food!

Erric : Beans man, he’s Puerto Rican.

Tom : Beans! There you go!!

Erric : Habichuelas!!

CandleMaker : What about you? Come on man, Spam, Corned Beef Hash?

Erric : I like corn, I like sweet corn.

CandleMaker : Corn?

Tom : White Solid Tuna!!

CandleMaker : Thank you guys!!! I’ll see you out there tonight!

Thank you KILLCODE for the amazing interview and best of luck!


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