THRIVE: What on Earth Will it Take?

THRIVE is a full length movie about the agenda of the powerful elite, and what we can do to dismantle them to reclaim our destiny as totally free human beings. The documentary explains in captivating detail where we came from, where we are, and where, as the human species, we are meant to go. The movie was written and produced by a man named Foster Gamble. Gamble is a descendant of one of the founders of the company Procter and Gamble. Foster began at a young age to question the way society was ordered and as a result embarked upon a life-long quest to find answers. The movie is the culmination of his life work, and it invites the viewer to ride along on a journey toward truth.

The introductory part of the movie has nothing to do with money or financial policy, instead it deals with the fundamental energy pattern that is seen in almost every facet of life. This fundamental energy pattern is known as the torus.

“Looking back on almost half a century of research, including thousands of books, films, interviews with experts from diverse fields, if I were to pick one common denominator to all the facets of my quest, it would be the TORUS, the fundamental energy pattern that invites our alignment at every level of our existence for us to survive and thrive.”

– Foster Gamble

Torus Energy

The Torus Energy Flow

After describing the torus, Foster walks us through how the powerful elite have sucked the energy from this torus almost like a tapeworm to facilitate control and power over the entire human race.

There are 12 sectors that the elite have infiltrated in their quest to achieve global dominance. These sectors cover all areas of human activity, and they are all interconnected.


The sectors include:

  • Arts
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Health
  • Infrastructure
  • Justice
  • Media
  • Relations
  • Science
  • Spirituality
bank pyramid scheme

The Financial Elite Monetary Pyramid Scheme

The movie explains exactly how the powerful elite control the entire monetary system of the whole world.  Starting from the bottom with the people, planet, and all living things, wealth is sent up the financial pyramid through government, which is regulated by corporations. These corporations are in turn regulated by big banks such as Chase, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs. Money flows from them up to the national central banks such as the Federal Reserve and Bank of England. It is noted several times throughout the movie that the Federal Reserve is a private banking system that regulates the monetary policy of the entire United States. From the central banks, the money is funneled up to the International Central Banks, the Central Bank of Central Banks, and finally up to the financial elite. The financial elite is a select few groups of families that own the ENTIRE banking system, from the big banks all the way up to the Central Bank of Central Banks. Domination and control is easily achieved over the entire pyramid from the financial elite at the top.

Who are the financial elite?

The Rockefellers are particularly dominant in America. They got started in the 19th century with funding from JP Morgan, who was the American front man for the Rothschilds. John D. Rockefeller was funded to help develop and control oil resources. As oil increased in demand, John D. Rockefeller’s wealth grew and he became the first American billionaire. With this money came a tremendous amount of power and control, not only in oil, but all sectors of society. Much of the family wealth has been funneled through “philanthropic” organizations such as the Rockefeller Foundation.

David Rockefeller

David Rockefeller

Contributions and funding from the Rockefeller Foundation may look good on the surface, however, the control that comes from it is vast. For example, the current medical model originated with the Rockefeller’s around the turn of the century. In the early 1900’s, John D. Rockefeller set up the Institute for Medical Research that laid the foundation for health research and development.

Then in 1913, the Rockefeller Foundation became one of the  largest funders of medical research. They hand-picked scientists and doctors who were considered worthy of funding, with a heavy emphasis on pharmacology. This drug-treatment paradigm was carried over into the universities, many of which are still funded or were initially established by the Rockefeller Foundation. In this way, drug-based medical care has become the norm. It’s a similar story in all other sectors.

In banking, the Rockefeller’s have had an ownership stake in Chase ever since 1930, when they merged the Rockefeller-owned Equitable Trust Company of New York with Chase National Bank. In the 1970s and 1980s Chase Manhattan was run by David Rockefeller. Then Chase Manhattan merged with J.P. Morgan and Co. in 2000.

JP Morgan

J.P. Morgan

The Morgans – J.P. Morgan was the front-man for the Rothschilds around the turn of the century. He has a history of profiting from crises, as detailed in the timeline above. In both banking panics of 1893 and 1907, he intervened creating the illusion of economic stability while consolidating wealth for his company. J.P. Morgan also benefited from the Great Depression. When “Black Thursday” hit in 1929 he bought up cheap stocks to “keep the economy afloat.” While people endured extreme hardship, J.P. Morgan walked away with significant financial gains.

Today Morgan’s strategy lives on in Chase and CitiGroup. These banking powerhouses were largely responsible for the most recent economic collapse. They were well aware of their destructive behavior but did nothing to stop it. In the end these banks were bailed out by taxpayer debt and gained huge profits while their competitors went under and people lost their homes, jobs, and retirement funds.

What is the solution?

Big Banks Big Pharma

We Need to Shut Down "The Big Guys"

Because such profound change cannot happen all at once, there are three overlapping stages of the solutions process:

Stage One: Bringing integrity and healing to our current condition.

Stage Two: Limiting government control to the protection of individual rights and the commons.

Stage Three:  Living solely by voluntary cooperation – rules, but no rulers.

This three-staged approach is a radical shift from most strategies. Rather than trying to improve the status quo, it integrates traditional progressive, conservative, and libertarian viewpoints, reconciling divisions that have long kept us separated.

If you are interested in learning more about the thrive movement, check out the full length movie:

You can also visit the thrive movement website for more information!


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