Breaking News: Possible Zombie-Like Virus in Florida

There has been very strange activity going on in Florida concerning spreading rashes, viruses and people eating people in the month of may.

It started on May 17th, 2012

In Hollywood, Florida twelve students and two teachers break out into a rash at MacArthur High School. HazMat is brought in but no cause of the outbreak is found.

The Florida Public Health and Medical Department arrived at the school alongside fire departments. Those affected showered in an area set up outside the school before being transported in a plastic-lined school bus to Memorial Regional Hospital, reports the Miami Herald, where they walked through two inflatable halls by gender, showered again, and placed their clothing in orange bags.

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May 19th, 2012

holywood airport zombies

A still unknown chemical is released into the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Three TSA agents and two passengers are taken to the emergency room with respiratory problems.

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May 25th. 2012

american airlines passenger

A passenger aboard American Airlines flight 320 becomes disoriented upon landing in Miami, ignores flight crew instructions to remain in his seat and rushes the front of the plane before being subdued by fellow passengers. The man had no prior known history of violence.

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May 25th, 2012

An anesthesiologist is pulled over on the Central Florida Greenway by highway patrol for erratic driving. After failing a sobriety test, the doctor is placed into the back of a cop car where he becomes agitated and enraged, banging his head against the inside of the car until he bleeds and ends up spitting an entire mouthful of blood into the face of the arresting officer. Full Story

Here is a video of the incident shot from inside the police vehicle:

May 26th, 2012

On the MacArthur Causeway, 20 miles from where the mysterious rashes appeared on students less than two weeks before, a man is attacked and partially EATEN by a drug addict. When approached by police, the attacker merely growls and continues his grisly meal. Authorities end up unloading half a clip into the man before he falls dead the ground. The victim is still unconscious.

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3 Responses to Breaking News: Possible Zombie-Like Virus in Florida

  1. Beth says:

    In the two instances of attacks in Florida, no chemicals were found to account for the “zombie” attacks – did anyone screen them for viruses? Also one victim was bitten and was on TV – has he been tested for viruses, like that new rabies virus? Also the two attackers were large, linebacker-sized black men – has anyone investigated some type of cult activity? It seems like no one is checking for all possibilities.

  2. Mrawesome says:

    Don’t let anyone tell u what u can or can’t believe. Decide for yourself.

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