Knicks Get Embarrassed as Heat Win Series 4-1

First off, it’s good to be back on!

What better way to come back from a 2-week hiatus than to bash the New York Knicks.

I’ve watched this series pretty closely and I have learned a couple of things about this Knicks team.

carmelo anthony lebron james

Carmelo vs. Lebron

I know I’m being harsh on Melo, but superstars or championship caliber players make their teams better, not worse. Melo NEEDS to adjust his game if he ever wants to win a championship.

There are times when Carmelo looks unstoppable, and we as fans fall in love with this type of Basketball. However, in the playoffs, this type of play just does not work, especially when you are being guarded by one of the most athletically gifted players ever, LeBron James.

Melo has his GREAT moments, he can take over games and is a top scorer in the NBA..


He just can’t play team basketball.

In fact, Denver’s winning percentage is HIGHER WITHOUT MELO¬†while the Knicks Win percentage is LOWER WITH MELO. Melo puts up the stats, but has NOTHING to show for it.

Oh Amare, Where Have You Gone?

What happened to the Amare before the Melo trade?

Before the Melo trade, Amare was a BEAST and was an MVP candidate. Once the Knicks acquired Melo, Amare’s production took a dip and so did his consistency.

Amare was nothing less than shameful this series.

He fouled out in tonight’s game, and punched a fire extinguisher after a Game 2 loss which resulted in him missing game 3.

Way to help your team out Amare!

I know players get frustrated and hind side is 20/20 but come on, punching a fire extinguisher?

What are you 8 years old?

No, because not even an 8-year-old is DUMB ENOUGH to attempt that.

Instead of losing your cool, you should have brought the team together and rallied the team for Game 3. However, Amare lost his cool, the Knicks Organization lost a fire extinguisher, and the Knicks lost Amare for Game 3.

Amare needs to become more assertive on the offensive end and more of presence on the defensive end, he looks old and awkward playing with Melo.

If there is someone on this team besides Jeremy Lin that needs to prove something to me next season, it is Amare Stoudemire. He needs to stop being Melo’s little sidekick and TAKE CHARGE of this team. Melo is NOT a leader, we knew that before he even got traded to the Knicks.


Point Guard:

Without Lin, the Knicks half court offense resulted in forcing the ball into Melo and praying to God he hits a ridiculous shot or gets fouled driving to the basket.

There is nothing more disgusting to watch than awful point guard play, and the Knicks had it.

I know the Heat are a great defensive team, but it is clear that Baron Davis and Mike Bibby will be gone for next season. Neither of them can create their own shot at this stage of their careers and it is in the Knicks best interest to let them go.

I really wish Lin would have played this series because it really would have given the Knicks an indication of how good Jeremy Lin really is against top-competition and the playoff pressure.

With Lin not being available this whole series, it not only hurt the Knicks slim chances of beating the Heat but it deprives Lin of valuable playoff experience especially with Melo and Amare.

Team Chemistry is what makes good teams GREAT teams, and the Knicks have had none of that all season long and it showed in this series with the Heat.

The Knicks need to find if Lin can be the point guard for this team and be able to feed both Amare and Melo. Also, Lin does something that no one else on the Knicks roster can do, which is make the people around him better.

That is what both Amare and Melo sorely lack, they have all the offensive talent but they NEED to have the ball constantly and it becomes way too predictable.

Mike Woodson should NOT be the coach:

I know Woodson did a decent job as an interim head coach, but that is all he should be to the Knicks.

If you want to get the best out of Amare and Melo you need to bring in a coach with CHAMPIONSHIP pedigree.

Two words.  P-H-I-L. J-A-C-K-S-O-N.

phil jackson NBA

Phil Jackson

After taking a year off from coaching, rumors are circulating that Phil Jackson may be looking to come back on a short-term basis.

What better place to cap your coaching career than ending it where you started your professional basketball career?

Phil would be a PERFECT fit for the Knicks, he has the rings to make Amare and Melo play together and more team-orientated basketball.

His triangle offense also fits with the low-post presence of Amare and Chandler, Melo will be able to get his isolations with sharpshooter Steve Novak on the perimeter.

Lin would also have the ability to use the pick and roll with Amare or Chandler, it is a perfect fit for Mr. Jackson

However, Jackson has 10 reasons why NOT to come back (10 championship rings) and why deal with the pressure of New York when you do not need to?


How could you turn away an opportunity to bring a championship to an organization and a fan base that is STARVING for one?

Bringing a title to New York would be one hell of a way to go out, lets hope Phil makes the right decision and comes back to the NBA as the Head Coach of the New York Knicks..


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