Fantasy Baseball With PhDinWeed: Week 5 Recap, Week 6 Preview

Fresh off a blowout victory, Fister? Barely Knew Her is up against some stiff competition this week: the infamous Bob L. It would be really nice to get another victory this week, but I don’t think it will come easy. When you look at the lineups, you will see why.


Fister Bob L
M. Napoli C B. McCann C
E. Hosmer 1B P. Konerko 1B
J. Altuve 2B B. Phillips 2B
P. Sandoval 3B E. Longoria 3B
E. Bonifacio SS E. Andrus SS
R. Braun OF T. Hunter OF
J. Upton OF A. Jones OF
M. Cabrera OF A. McCutchen OF
B. Butler DH A. Dunn DH
R. Vogelsong P J. Peavy P
C. Kimbrel P M. Garza P
T. Cahill P J. Garcia P
C. Luebke P C. Sale P
C. Hamels P H. Kuroda P
M. Moore P J. Hanrahan P
C. Capuano P B. Morrow P

Day 1

I didn’t have a lot of players play today due to rainouts and off days, but Justin Upton and Ryan Braun started the week with a BANG! Upton had a 2 run HR, a single, scored twice, and stole a base. Not to be outdone, Braun homered 3 TIMES and tripled, driving in 6 runs. Bob L. had Kuroda throw a nice game and got a HR from Hunter, so at the end of the night, I am trailing 43-36. I have 2 starts in hand, but one never knows what to expect. Bad news for Bob L: Longoria may be out for 6 weeks with a bad hamstring. He will be getting no further points from his 3B slot this period.

Day 2

A fairly good day, but tempered with some bad news. The good: Trevor Cahill and Matt Moore both got wins, and Cole Hamels pitched well enough to win, but didn’t. Sandoval hit a HR, but Bob L. had enough points from Chris Sale to keep this one tight. In addition, news came down that Cory Luebke will be having his next start skipped. The lead is a precarious 123-98.

Day 3

A day of ups and downs. Greeted by news of Cory Luebke going to the DL. I was happy to be first on the Will Middlebrooks bandwagon, as the Red Sox called him up today. Team had a cruddy day with the exception of Justin Upton, who appears to be heating up. However, Sandoval and Braun both left their games with injuries to their hand and Achilles, respectively. Bob L’s team had the hot bats, and Craig Kimbrel cost me 3 points in his outing last night. Things are looking grim with the spectre of Sandoval and Braun missing time, especially since they are among the few players on my team putting up consistent points. My lead is 143-132. Hoping for a huge outing from Ryan Vogelsong today.

Day 4

Devastation. Sandoval is out 6 weeks. I have roster flexibility, but that’s a big bat to lose. Vogelsong lost, and Bob L had Brandon Morrow throw a complete game shutout. So upset right now. Losing 182-166.

Day 5

For Bob L, Jake Peavy is in line for a win, but the bullpen blows it. My team put up some offensive numbers, led by Jose Altuve, and joined by Melky Cabrera and Emilio Bonifacio. Throw in a save from Kimbrel, and at the end of the night, I lead, 214-211. He’s got 3 starts left, but so do I. Chris Sale, who was supposed to get 2 starts this period, was just named the White Sox closer. Braun looks like he will be back in the lineup tomorrow, so that’s a huge bullet dodged.

Day 6

It would appear to be all but over. Kuroda and Garcia both threw up stinkers. Chris Capuano was awesome, and Ryan Braun rejoined the lineup and homered. Bob L has no starts left and I have 3: Cahill, Hamels, and Moore. Barring catastrophe, I should be in line for another W. Bad news, though, as Corey Luebke may be headed for Tommy John surgery.

Day 7

Whew! This went down to the last game of the period. Matt Moore was utterly terrible, Cahill pitched fairly well but no victory, and Bob L’s lineup put up enough points that I actually went into Sunday night’s game down by a point. Cole Hamels went out and dominated once again, sending me to a 322-293 victory and a 4-1 record.

In Summary

Cole Hamels

MVP, Week 5

Sometimes (usually) fantasy baseball is more about luck than skill, and was that ever on display this week. Even though I suffered some devastating injuries, Bob L suffered one of his own and also had several players sit multiple games with minor ailments.  MVP of the week goes to Cole Hamels who went 14 IP and gave up only 3 runs, good for 41.5 points and the high score for the week. Goat of the week goes to Napoli for his 2-18 week at the plate.

MIke Napoli

Saw a lot of this...

Week 6 Preview

I’m rolling with Will Middlebrooks at 3B this week, and if he is still available in your league, I suggest you go snatch him up. If he continues to hit, the Sox will keep him in the lineup even when Youk comes back from injury. If you’re looking to add a SP, A.J. Burnett is in line for 2 starts, but he is coming off a terrible start and does play for the Pirates. Wade Miley and James McDonald have also pitched well of late. I actually picked up McDonald and dropped Jemile Weeks, who is expendable with the emergence of Altuve. SOrry for some missing links.  Don’t forget to ask me any fantasy baseball related questions on Twitter @phdinweed!


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