Avengers Review: Who was the MVP?


The Avengers

The Avengers


When Earth is threatened by evil god Loki and an army of aliens in search of the Cosmic Cube, Nick Fury and all of S.H.I.E.L.D. must implement the “Avengers Initiative” and bring together the world’s greatest superheroes (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow) to fight together.

What we liked

The Avengers was easily the most exciting super hero movie made so far. How can you go wrong with six Super Hero’s in one movie?

Each character is given their own time to shine, and it was directed perfectly. There was non-stop action (more than any other Marvel film) as each Avenger has a go at one another before deciding to put their differences aside and  take on the villains. The script was full of hilarious one-liners between the Avengers as they made fun of each other throughout the movie (most courtesy of Tony Stark). Just having all of these guys on the same screen at once was truly amazing to watch. Whedon’s Marvel mash-up is everything you could want it to be.

Fights to watch for:

  • Thor vs Hulk
  • Iron Man vs Thor
  • Thor vs Captain America
  • Hawkeye vs Black Widow
  • Avengers vs Loki and army in NYC

What we didn’t like

I loved this movie so much that I honestly do not want to say anything negative about it, but I guess I can criticize a few things. Although Tom Hiddleston makes a spectacular devious villain in Thor’s brother Loki, I personally was not fond of the bad guy selection. He was a bit corny, and so was his army. The aliens that he controlled were very generic, and did not challenge the Avengers at all. In fact, the Avengers were not challenged at all by the enemy. The fights that they had between each other were more entertaining. The Super Hero’s were not tested at all (except one scene when Hulk takes a massive amount of machine gun fire from multiple alien aircraft fighters.)

I have a good feeling that our super heroes will be seeing a lot more of a challenge in the sequel when they face the Mad Titan who goes by the name of Thanos ( This was announced after the credits of The Avengers).


Thanos will be the next Villain

Who is the MVP of the Avengers?

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Each member of the Avengers played a huge role in the team’s success, and there are good arguments for any of them being the Most Valuable Player.

Captain America was literally the captain of the team as he directed each hero during the final battle in NYC. One can argue that without him, the Avengers would not be able to work together (Samuel Jackson didn’t do a great job). The captain stopped the intense fight between Thor and Iron Man in the early scenes of the movie as well.

Thor was able to slow down his brother Loki as he tried to destroy Earth. They seemed to have respect for each other until Loki tried killing Thor. He is easily the strongest Avenger (next to Hulk) with his God-like powers.

Iron Man can simply be voted the MVP because he did save everyone at the end as he guided the nuclear missile up into space destroying Loki’s war ship. He is able to take the biggest beating out of any Avenger (next to Hulk) and is the most versatile. Power, speed, flying ability, wealth and equipment makes Mr. Stark a huge part of the team.

So, our pick for MVP goes to the Hulk!


The Hulk


Without the Hulk, the Avengers would have lost their battle with Loki. He single-handedly took out massive war ships from space and crushed aliens with his bare hands. Not to mention he saved Iron Man’s life as he fell lifelessly from space at the end of the movie.

Who do you believe played the biggest and most important role in the Avengers battle with Loki?



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6 Responses to Avengers Review: Who was the MVP?

  1. viewer says:

    MVP is Stark – though I’m not happy about it! Its really all about the suit, not the man. (I liked the part when Cap told him off!)

    I never understood why Marvel put Thor in the Avengers. Not a single character from the entire Marvel universe can compete. He is a god and has ability way past any human character.

    In the film Thor is obviously holding back his strength. Note in the early stage of the Hulk fight, Thor tries to slow Hulk down, appealing to Banner to calm down. Only when Hulk gives Thor a bloody nose does Thor seem to think “ok, that’s it! Hammer!”. Also loved the part when Hulk could not lift the hammer.

    When Thor blasts Ironman with lightening at the beginning, Jarvis reports “power at 400 percent”. Only when Ironman unleashes all that extra power can he push Thor significantly back. When they go head to head Thor starts crushing the suit with his bare hands.

    Thor is my favorite character. Its a shame his abilities were toned down so much, but I think its necessary when he is put in the company of the Avengers.

  2. James Jameson says:

    I believe that Clint Barton (AKA Hawkeye) is deserves MVP status. Although he was basically evil for the first half of the movie, he still kicked butt. Shooting arrows at all of the Chitauri, and not to mention the exploding arrow at Loki. Minor hero? No.

  3. Chase says:

    Iron man for sure! He saved/helped Cap while fighting Loki even though Black Widow was in the chopper (which we know can easily be taken down by Loki’s staff). He saved the flying warship from disaster as he got the propeller working again. He destroyed the most amount of enemies (close to the Hulk). And finally, he directed a nuclear missile that would have destroyed Manhattan and managed to blow up the main enemy ship at the same time. The award for MVP definitely deserves to go to Iron Man/Tony Stark.

    • breakinbadd says:

      It was between hulk and iron man, and we gave it to the hulk because of his ability to fight off those gigantic alien ships by himself and just smash Loki like a rag doll. Iron man is arguably the MVP as well.

      • Chase says:

        I agree the Hulk definitely smashed a shit ton of aliens, but Iron Man was going at it for a about 5 minutes before everyone showed up. Remember Banner showed up to the party fairly late. Iron Man took out a huge flying ship as well as dozens and dozens of individuals crafts. It seems like a no brainer that Iron Man wins.

  4. Well, I have to say NIck Fury for this first movie because he got this team together and fought for them to stay together…without him there is no Hulk,,,he still sitting in India not helping anybody and the Earth gets destroyed or taken over by a mad god and an alien race.,,,,kaput!

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