Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Mathers All Grown Up


Hailie Mathers was introduced to the world by Eminem through some of his early hits including Hailie Song and I Think My Dads Gone Crazy. Hailie was also mentioned in the hit 97 Bonnie and Clyde.

Eminem Marshall Mathers and Hailie Mathers

Eminem with his daughter Hailie

Hailie Jade was born amidst a tumultuous relationship with her father, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, and his then-wife Kimberley Anne Scott. Eminem highlighted his struggle to be a good father with joint custody of Hailie Jade through his music and songs mentioned before.

Now, Hailie is a beautiful 16 year old girl that seems to have a great relationship with her father. She has tweeted multiple times explaining how much she loves her father.


Hailie mathers

Hailie (sitting on the floor) at age 16

“Im so happy that I got to spend a lot of time with my dad even though how busy he is, he is the best <3,” she tweeted on April 9.

On April 19th someone tweeted to her:

“wow so ur hailie the little girl ur dad sings about…Is it crazy to hear those songs now that u r older?” .

“everytime i listen to them is like the first time, i get goosebumps,” Hailie wrote back.

I’m sure we will hear more from Hailie as she gets older, but for now she is just living her life like a normal 16 year old girl should.




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34 Responses to Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Mathers All Grown Up

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. ellie says:

    Omg i love eminem he is the best person i know! His raps r excellent and he is just amazing. I would die for him and would do absolutly anyfink to meet him or talk to him! I LOVE EMINEM and halie is lucky to hav such a brilliant person as a dad

  3. Anonymous says:

    guys shes a girl. a very sad girl she may be happi in pix but look up mocking bird or when im gone by eminem it says shes sad..shes not lucki i luv eminem and hail but still i wish i cood meat hur/him 2 by!!

    • Anonymous says:

      …um have you ever heard of a dictionary? It tells you how to spell words…please buy one. R

  4. Anonymous says:

    no one could love there daughter like Eminem

    • Anonymous says:

      how could noone love there child like eminem you love your child till the end of time i should know ive got a daughter and i would kill anyone for her to be happy she is my world like hailie is to eminem

  5. Anonymous says:

    she is very pretty and very lucky would be nice to meet her hope she likes people and not take too much for granted

  6. hannah morgan thompson says:

    wow i wish i could meet him he is my favorite singer and im obsessed with him.

  7. Anonymous says:

    marshal needs to stop growing old :c

  8. Dave Lopez says:

    omg cant belive my eyes i wish to go out with here

  9. Eminem lover says:

    i love Eminem hes sooo awesome i would trade my whole family to be his little girl shes lucky i hope she knows that

  10. T-love says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    omg she is just a girl fucking perfs

  12. rachel says:

    shes is sooo beautiful <333 omg

  13. Anonymous says:

    he’s sooo lucky ti have her and she’s sooo lucky to have hem :)) hope the best 4 them 😉

  14. millie says:

    Omg I can’t believe how old she is now:o she so lucky 2 have him as a dad!!! I would love 2 meet him, he need 2 cum bk on tore more x

  15. Damien f. says:

    I thought she was younger than that

  16. christina says:

    what school does hailie go to cause i saw a girl that looked like her when i was walking to middle school and she was going to the high school the name of the school i think i saw her at is called riverview community hight school pleaseeee reply

  17. christna says:

    she was blessed with everything god got to be able to have eminem as a daddy. i am his number 1 fan!!!!!!!

  18. jay says:

    Damn, I when I think of Hailey as Eminems daughter, I still picture the 6,7 year old girl from his songs t

  19. cass says:

    Hailey doesn’t have a twitter account. This is prolly her pic but there is a chick pretending to be her.

    • christina says:

      no hailie does have a twitter now or maybe someone else posted it but yah that is hailie ask eminem he knows her better than i do.

      • christna says:

        i would do anything to meet eminem or get his # !!!!!!!!! I WISH I COULD HANG OUT WITH HIM SO MUCH. DONT YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!????????

  20. Mandy says:

    Damn… I remember when Eminem first came out with songs about her… I thought she was older than me, but now I’m going on 20 years… Damn, how the time flies by!

  21. sethg says:

    damn shes only a year older than me man i grew up listening to those songs about her that eminem made and all the other songs he made i thought she would be a lot younger DAMN!

  22. Oh, lord, how time does fly! She is a lovely young woman.

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