Fantasy Baseball with PhDinWeed: Week 4 Recap, Week 5 Preview

Ah, a new week beckons. Not a moment too soon, either, as my team put on a horrendous showing last week, scoring the fewest points of any team in the league. Hopefully this week will bring different results.

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Boo-Ya! The lineup is alive! Home runs by Hosmer, Sandoval, Braun, and Upton fuel my first day charge, along with Chris Capuano’s 7 innings of 1-run ball. My opponent had Jair Jurrjens get him a negative 4 points. At the end of the first day, I am leading 70-9.


Day 2

Wow! I knew Jurjjens was bad, but he was so bad, the Braves sent him to the minors. That eliminates a second start from him for the period, so luck strikes in my favor. Henderson Alvarez pitched well enough to win but didn’t. Got a save from Kimbrel, while Unexplainable’s offense put up some points from Miguel Cabrera and Desmond Jennings. At the end of the day, I am up 109-46. Ryan Roberts has not started the past 3 games, and I am worried about him.

Day 3

The fireworks continue as Billy “Country Breakfast” Butler jacked 2 HR, with Hosmer, Ryan Braun, and Mike Napoli all going yard as well. Add in a dominant start by Cole Hamels and a save from Craig Kimbrel, and I have 90 points for the day. Unexplainable got a win from King Felix and a save from Rafael Betancourt, but the lead is now 199-110 in my favor. Not all the news is good, however. I had to follow one of my cardinal fantasy baseball rules and act with my head instead of my heart: Ryan Roberts was cut in favor of Jose Altuve. I have never been more upset over a fantasy baseball transaction.  I’ve got Matt Moore and Ryan Vogelsong going tomorrow, and Unexplainable has Jonathan Niese. It’s possible for me to put this one in the books with 2 strong outings and some offense.

Day 4

This is one of those days that you hope doesn’t come back to bite you. There were only a handful of games, but I had two starting pitchers going. Unfortunately, neither pitcher could record a win, although Matt Moore had his best start of the season and may be getting ready to turn the corner and live up to his huge potential. Unexplainable had Johnathan Niese going, and the kid pitched a great game, although he did not get the win. This was a day when I could have buried my opponent, but he lives to fight another day. Still, I have 3 starts left, and he only has 2, so I’m still liking my chances. Tonight, I have Corey Luebke starting, and Unexplainable counters with James Shields. It’s anyone’s ballgame as I lead 227-137.

Day 5

Corey Leubke continues to impress, winning again, which offset a victory by James Shields. Add in another homer by Country Breakfast, and I am managing to hold off a charge by Unexplainable’s offense. Score is at 266-185.

Day 6

Not much going on for my team today, with the KC game rained out, my lineup was short 2 players. His offense cuts the lead to 277-225. A little too close for comfort, but I have 2 starters going tomorrow. Barring catastrophe, I should be in good shape.

Day 7

Victory is mine! Wins by Henderson Alvarez and Chris Capuano followed by another Craig Kimbrel save add up to a 360-265 blowout.

In Summary

Chris Capuano

MVP, Week 4

Pitching wins championships, and nowhere was that demonstrated more than in this weeks matchup. My staff: 55.1 IP, 45 H, 17 BBI, 43 K, 15 ER, 5 w, 1 L, 3 S. My opponent: 43 IP, 49 H, 11 BBI, 27 K, 21 ER, 2 W, 4 L, 1 S. That is the week in a nutshell. My offense continues to dissapoint, although there are bright spots. Hopefully Altuve can increase the production from my 2B slot, which is basically none. Chris Capuano was a great pickup, as he takes the MVP award for this week thanks to 2 victories and 52 points. The Goat of the Week goes to Emilio Bonifacio, who was dreadful, going 3-24.

Emilio Bonifacio

He did a lot of this this week.

Week 5 Preview:

Looking to the week ahead, if you havent gotten on the Jason Kubel train yet, you should. As far as 2 start pitchers go,  Jeff Samardzija is an intriguing add. He has been alternately great and terrible, but he has two favorable matchups and he has struck out 25 guys in 24 IP so far this year. My apologies for the poor quality of this week’s column. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @phdinweed. Tweet me your fantasy baseball questions!


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