Fantasy Baseball With PhDinWeed: Week 3 Recap, Week 4 Preview

As stated in the closing of my last column, this week is likely to be a challenge for me as my opponent Blowing Farts (we are all obviously very mature) is poised to out-start me 11-7, including 2 from Roy Halladay. I also wish to reconcile my last article which stated I would be updating daily. I meant that I would be updating my WEEKLY post on a DAILY basis, not posting daily.


The Rosters

Farts Fister
B. Posey C M. Napoli C
P. Fielder 1B E. Hosmer 1B
A. Hill 2B R. Roberts 2B
M. Young 3B P. Sandoval 3B
J. Peralta SS E. Bonifacio SS
N. Markakis OF R. Braun OF
H. Pence OF J. Upton OF
J. Hamilton OF M. Cabrera OF
J. Jay DH B. Butler DH
K. Lohse P H. Alvarez P
D. Gee P B. McCarthy P
R. Nolasco P C. Kimbrel P
F. Garcia P C. Luebke P
R. Halladay P C. Hamels P
Y. Gallardo P S. Santos P
J. Valverde P M. Moore P

Day 1

As expected, Roy Halladay rung up a victory, posting 25 points for my opponent. Not to be outdone, Dillon Gee also won, posting 25.5 points. On my side, Corey Luebke posted a win good for 23.5 points, but Brandon McCarthy got his bell rung, only managing to chip in 7 points. Offense was quiet as well. End of day 1, my opponent is ahead 81-34.

Day 2

Things are not looking good. His offense, most notably Hunter Pence, Josh Hamilton, and Aaron Hill, are pounding the ball. Justin Upton, my 2nd overall pick, is scheduling an MRI on his injured thumb, and Ryan Braun, my first overall pick, has yet to heat up. On the bright side, Mike Napoli belted 2 HR’s to at least give me 2 players on offense (along with Emilio Bonifacio) with double digit points. My opponent got another 33 points from Kyle Lohse and Yovani Gallardo, so at the end of day 2, I am looking at a 166-84 deficit, and my opponent still has 1 more start than I do. At this point of the week, it appears Fister? Barely Knew Her is in line for a loss.

Day 3

Another day, same story. Jose Valverde got another save, giving him 2 for the week, or 2 more than my 2 closers combined. His lineup also scored 27 points, while mine put up 25, led by Mike Napoli’s 3rd HR of the period. Justin Upton’s thumb issue is still keeping him out of the lineup, Eric Hosmer and Ryan Braun are doing absolutely nothing, and I am down 204-109.

Day 4

Kyle Lohse and Yovani Gallardo both get W’s, while Josh Hamilton continues to belt homers. My squad is barely breathing. Henderson Alvarez gets a loss, and the lineup is ice cold with the exception of Mike Napoli, who homered again. I am now down 263-155.

Day 5

I got a save from Santos and a win from Hamels, but Matt Moore continues to disappoint. Justin Upton continues to be out of the lineup, Ryan Roberts and Eric Hosmer are non-factors, and a loss is all but assured at this point as I trail 285-188.

Day 6

A well-pitched game from Cory Leubke, a save by Craig Kimbrel, and HR’s from Napoli, Hosmer, and Ryan Braun add up to my cutting the deficit to 302-270. Looks nice, but the Farts have 3 pitchers going tomorrow, and I am starterless, in addition to having Sergio Santos land on the DL.

Day 7

With my loss assured, I am typing this article before the week has officially ended. The score as it stands right now is 370-281. The Farts got a win from Kyle Lohse, and Gallardo chipped in with 17.5 in a no-decision. Due to postponements, my lineup only got 17 at-bats today, and only 3 hits.

In Summary

I knew this would be a tough week, but between having my pitching implode, Upton sit out, and multiple slumpers, my team’s performance was utterly pathetic. Two bright spots were Mike Napoli, who exploded this week for 46 points with 5 HRs and 10 RBI and Cory Leubke, who contributed 2 wins and only 1 earned run. The goat of the week: Ryan Roberts, who managed 2 singles, an RBI and a walk, good for 4 points.

Mike napoli

MVP in a losing effort


Ryan Roberts

Swinging and Missing All Week






Week 4 Preview 

I’m going to tweak the lineup a bit. One move I am definitely making is sitting Ryan Roberts in favor of Jemile Weeks. I suggest you replace Roberts in your lineup as well, as he doesn’t have great numbers against this week’s scheduled pitchers. With Sergio Santos going on the DL, I went out and scooped up Chris Capuano, who has two starts with decent matchups this week. I hope you all followed my advice last week and picked up Philip Humber, as he pitched a perfect game. I didn’t even follow my own advice. (I got beaten so badly that even a perfect game would not have made a difference.) Other possible moves for the upcoming period: Johnathan O. Sanchez has 2 starts this week, but he can be maddening. If you have the gambler inside you, and are in desperate need for a 2-start pitcher, go ahead and scoop him up. It could end up going great, or he could crash and burn. Another move you may consider would be scooping up Francisco Cordero who will be closing with Sergio Santos on the DL. I will save the most important move for last: if you have a deep enough roster to stash someone, go ahead and scoop up Trevor Bauer. With Daniel Hudson on the DL, the Diamondbacks may need to hit the minors for a fifth starter, and Bauer’s name is under consideration. He could contend for NL Rookie of the Year honors if he pitches up to potential.

Don’t forget: you don’t have to wait for my column to come out to get fantasy baseball advice: you can ask me a question anytime on Twitter @phdinweed. Good luck to everybody this week!


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