Seven Year Old Girl Sacrificed to The Gods in India


Back in January of this year, a seven year old girl was ritually murdered and her liver offered to the gods in return for an agricultural harvest in India. Police said the sacrifice took place in Chhattisgarh, which is a central state in India. The seven year old girl was sacrificed by two people who superstitiously believed that the act would somehow give a better harvest.


AFP reports that the “jungle district of Chhattisgarh is a rebel Maoist stronghold where human sacrifice is still practiced. The sacrifices are believed to appease the gods, spirits and deities. The district of Chhattisgarh is not the only one in India where human sacrifice is practiced. In 2010, the decapitated body of a factory worker was found in a temple in the eastern state of West Bengal.”

sugar cane harvest in india

A human life was sacrificed in hopes of a good harvest of sugar cane.

According to the article, the practice of sacrifice persists in many parts of India despite efforts of government to stop it. I think it is about time that the Indian government stepped up that effort a little bit more. I understand that certain groups of people have certain religious beliefs, but when another human life comes into play, the illusion of religion should become quite apparent. Some religious beliefs have gotten so out of hand that the initial intention of some of these religions have gone out the window.As we have evolved through history, many radical religious groups have turned themselves more into cults than having any real genuine religious affiliation.

I think the practice of sacrifice is plain stupid. If you honestly believe that sacrificing another living being, whether it be a chicken, cow, or in this case, a seven year old human being  will put you in good standing with the “gods”, you are living life in a fairy-tale. A fairy-tale that was conceived thousands of years ago and passed through generations and generations and interpreted in thousands of different ways. It has become out dated. We know better now, yet we aren’t really using the resources to make ourselves more aware of it. Too many of us have become stuck, and aren’t willing to look at other alternatives. These fellow human beings in India got stuck down a terrible road of believing that something this gruesome would actually work in their benefit somehow. They are stuck, and once you are stuck, it is very hard to break out. Many never will, and human sacrifice will continue to be their ideal route to growing stronger, healthier crops.

There are better alternatives than human sacrifice. Things like this shouldn’t be happening anymore. When they do, it makes you realize how bad of shape we are still in in terms of our evolution. No other animal on the planet sacrifices one of their young in hopes of  a better harvest this year. No other animal on the  planet has the brainpower that we possess, yet we have somehow used that power in some terrible ways, to the point where each of us are truly in danger of one another. Any single one of us could snap and end someones life if they wanted. If it just happens to be you, it just happens to be you. If your a seven year old girl in India and your cult believes that your life is worth a good harvest, it just happens to be you.


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3 Responses to Seven Year Old Girl Sacrificed to The Gods in India

  1. Religion is an embarrassing remnant of human mental evolution. It’s the social/cultural/philosophical equivalent of a vestigial tale. Unfortunately, a single tragic life lost in harvest-sacrifice pales in comparison to the destruction and suffering unleashed upon the world everyday in the name of religion.

    Yes the Indian government should do more to both prosecute and prevent horrific events like the deaths described in this article. No real lasting and meaningful change can occur until a paradigm shift is accepted by those clinging to religious belief as the only way to make sense of life and existence and the world around them. We as humans are capable of so much more than simply mistreating ourselves and each other with religion as an excuse.

    Rituals have power, myths have power, symbols have power, social structures have power…it is time to stop using these powerful psychological tools to exploit and demean and disempower each other. We can be better than that. We must become better than that. We are better than that.

  2. This was, of course, a horrific waste of the life of a young girl. That being said, I believe the approach by the Indian government needs to be at least two-fold — enforcement of a law against human sacrifice, along with some kind of state-sponsored educational program, not in favor of one religion over another, but to guarantee that people know there are effective choices for improving crops. Then, if they still perform the sacrifice, they do so knowingly. Otherwise, I’m afraid there is no way to know if someone’s culture has ascended far enough to rationally preclude this death, but they still do it.

    My second thought is more generally about religion. While I find it unsettling that ancient religions have sometimes taken on cult status, I am horrified by ancient religions that have become mainstream religio/political entities in our society. The antiquated beliefs of some major world religions about, for instance, the status of women, is to me virtually as horrifying on another, larger scale.

    Great post — thanks for the info!

    • breakinbadd says:

      I completely agree with you here. It is crazy how seriously these people take their religion to the point of sacrificing a little girl. It is disgusting.

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