Fantasy Baseball With PhDinWeed: Week 2 Recap, Week 3 Preview

I feel the need to apologize again for my last article. It was hastily written and very sloppy. I have decided to employ a new approach to this column, which I will update daily. This will keep things fresh in my head and be a better experience for you, the reader (of which there are at least 7.) There is a new team name for my squad: Fister? Barely Knew Her.


The lineups for this period look like this:



Fister (me) SavageNation
M. Napoli C J. Mauer C
E. Hosmer 1B A. Pujols 1B
R. Roberts 2B D. Uggla 2B
P. Sandoval 3B A. Rodriguez 3B
E. Bonifacio SS J. Rollins SS
R. Braun   OF C. Beltran OF
J. Upton   OF C. Hart OF
M. Cabrera   OF A. Soriano OF
B. Butler   DH C. Pena DH
H. Alvarez   P J. Masterson P
B. McCarthy   P B. Colon P
C. Kimbrel   P J. Beckett P
T. Cahill   P J. Santana P
C. Luebke   P C. Lee P
C. Hamels   P M. Cain P
M. Moore   P C. Pavano P

Day 1

At the conclusion of day 1, I am enjoying a 57-12 lead over my opponent, due in large part to him leaving Ivan Nova and his 24 points on the bench. Cole Hamels managed 12.67 points in a losing effort, and Henderson Alvarez had a victory stolen out from under him by Sergio Santos, though his effort still generated 10.5 points. Standouts on offense included Kung Fu Panda who jacked a 2-run HR, Ryan Braun who singled, doubled, and stole a base, and Emilio Bonifacio, who singled 3 times, scored a run, and stole a base.

Day 2

A frustrating day. Matt Moore and Trevor Cahill were done in by walks, and Cahill was actually in line for a W until the D-Backs bullpen ruined it. So Moore generated 10.83 points and Cahill contributed 12. The offense was quiet for the most part, although Ryan Roberts did walk twice and steal 2 bases. Napoli got hit in the head with a pitch and Justin Upton is battling a thumb problem, so I have some cause for concern. Today I have Brandon McCarthy and Cory Leubke taking the mound, while my opponent counters with Justin Masterson, Johan Santana and Carl Pavano. My lead is 104-33. Today could go a long way toward determining the outcome of this matchup.

Day 3

No extreme fireworks, but Billy Butler continues to pay dividends. An RBI double and a solo HR were good for 9 pts, making him high man on offense for the day. Ryan Braun and Mike Napoli were both held out of their respective lineups yesterday. I’m a little nervous about both of them, as they are pretty much irreplaceable if something were to keep them out for an extended period. Justin Upton did return to action, though, so one can assume his thumb injury is not too serious. Leubke (10.75 pts) and McCarthy (10 pts)  both rang up no decisions, and Craig Kimbrel recorded his 2nd save of the period for 14 points. All of my opponent’s pitchers failed to record W’s as well, so the score now stands 166-77 in my favor.

Day 4

An almost completely uneventful day for me. Melky chipped in with 6 points, making him high man on offense, responsible for half of my 12 points on the day. My opponent, meanwhile, had a busy day on offense, getting HR’s from Joe Mauer and Carlos Pena. He has his remaining 4 starters all pitching today, so I expect him to vault into the lead today. Right now the score stands at 178-106.

Day 5

Boy, was I right. 3 of his 4 pitchers got wins, including Matt Cain, who pitched a complete game (and almost a perfect game!). He had some fireworks on offense, too, while my squad was pretty quiet for the most part. I did get a save from Craig Kimbrel, and Melky Cabrera continues to put up points. At the end of the day, I am now trailing 265-226.

Day 6

Climbed back into the lead tonight. Offense was steady but not spectacular. Billy Butler was high man on offense with 6 pts via a 1B, 2B, R, and 2 RBI. Henderson Alvarez pitched well enough for the win, but had his bullpen blow it for him. Craig Kimbrel continues to pay dividends, as he recorded his 4th save of the period. He is definitely in line for weekly MVP honors, as he has scored 50 points for me this week. The score now stands at 275-272 in my favor. A win is highly likely, as I have 3 pitchers throwing today: Matt Moore, Trevor Cahill, and Cole Hamels. My opponent is without starters. Barring a monumental collapse, this one should be in the books.

Day 7

As predicted, my 3 starters were enough to put me over the top, although Matt Moore struggled in a loss to Boston. He’s only 22 years old and I still have high hopes for him. Trevor Cahill and Cole Hamels each got wins, with Hamels striking out 10 in a win over the Mets. Offense again did not do much. Mike Napoli hit his first HR of the season, which tied him with Eric Hosmer (2b, 2 BB, 1R, 1RBI) and Justin Upton (2 1B, 2R, SB) for high man of the day on offense with 6. Hamels’ start was good for 28.5 points, while Cahill chipped in with 26.7. The final tally: 367-306 in my favor.

Week 2 MVP

With 4 saves in 4 appearances, good for 50 points on the week, this week’s MVP award goes to Craig Kimbrel.

Craig Kimbrel

MVP, Week 2

Week 3 Preview (me)

I am playing another team in my division this week, and it does not look pretty on the surface. He is going to be able to outstart me 11-7, including 2 from Roy Halladay, which will necessitate me starting 2 closers, which I generally don’t like to do. My lineup will remain virtually unchanged, although I did drop Mitch Moreland from my bench to make room for Ryan Vogelsong off the DL.

Week 3 Preview (you)

Lots of teams have 7 games this week, including the Phillies, Diamondbacks, A’s and Angels. Make sure you get players from those teams active. There is rain in the forecast in Atlanta for the next 48 hours, but not major, so don’t worry about your Braves starters. The big news this period was that Brian Wilson will most likely be undergoing season ending Tommy John surgery, but the Braves are going with a closer by committee, meaning save chances will be split among Sergio Romo, Santiago Casila, and  Javier Lopez. If you’re desperate for saves, you can pick one of them up, but I wouldn’t bother. You may want to start Philip Humber of the Chisox, as he has 2 starts with good matchups against the Orioles and Mariners. Good Luck on your week, and I’ll check in with you next Sunday/Monday. Lineups Lock early on Monday, as there is an 11:05 game in Boston.

May all your matchups be good ones, and don’t forget if you have any fantasy baseball related questions, leave them in the comments section or hit me up on Twitter!




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