Fantasy Baseball With PhDinWeed: Draft Recap & Week 1 Analysis

I know I told you all I would have this post up on Friday, but hey, what do you expect from a guy named PhDinWeed? You have my word that every Monday morning throughout the baseball season there will be a fresh article waiting for you, the faithful reader.

So the draft in my “big money” league ($335 per team, includes food and booze!) was held in Downtown Manhattan on March 29th. My co-owner and I were set to pick 6th out of 12.

Brimming with the confidence that only back to back championships can bestow, we agreed to trade our 6th pick to the team picking 12th for the first 6 rounds of the draft AND let the other team retain their #1 waiver priority. Little did we know what a genius move this would turn out to be.

Ryan Braun

Fell to 12th?

The names began to be called. Miguel Cabrera, Jose Bautista, Albert Pujols, Robinson Cano, Troy Tulowitski, Matt KempJustin Verlander, Adrian Gonzalez, Roy Halladay, Clayton Kershaw, Evan Longoria. To our shock and delight, a certain reigning NL MVP by the name of Ryan Braun was available at 12. BOOM. Selected.



Justin Upton

Possible NL MVP

In the 2nd round, we picked first, as the league employs a snake draft. It was agreed that we would pair Braun with another 5-tool NL outfielder by the name of Justin Upton, who just so

happens to be one of  “our guys.” “Our guys” is the term we use for players we have had on our team before. We now had a ridiculous outfield. Instead of listing the names of every player drafted, I will simply list my team’s picks and my thoughts on other picks in the round.

Round 3: Carlos Santana is selected with the first pick of the round. Way too early, it is generally agreed. Another pick occuring way too early is A-Rod with the 3rd pick of the round. Needing an elite arm, we turned to Cole Hamels, another “OG” (our guy).

Round 4: Possibly a reach, but with Cabrera, Ryan Zimmerman, and Longoria off the board, and needing a 3B, we select yet another OG, Pablo “Kung Fu Panda” Sandoval. This guy was HUGE for us in the playoffs last year, hitting for the cycle, and putting up in the neighborhood of 70 pts one week. (30 pts in  a week is considered excellent.) In this round, I felt Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton went a bit early, considering their injury history, but they certainly weren’t bad picks.

Round 5: Two players selected in this round scream “too early” to me: Joe Mauer and Carl Crawford. With Mauer, Santana, and Brian McCann off the board, we feel we have to pull the trigger on Mike Napoli.

Round 6: Several questionable picks in this round: David Wright, Michael Bourn, and Paul Konerko. Needing another arm, Matt Moore is tapped as our #2 starter. In the 5 years we have been in this league, this is the shakiest our rotation has ever been.

Eric Hosmer

My First Baseman

Round 7: Can’t front on any of the selections in this round, although maybe a little early for Yu Darvish. We select OG Eric Hosmer. Ecstatic.

Round 8: Ryan Howard being selected in this round?! Yuk. We generally never draft a closer, but can’t really pass on Craig Kimbrel.

Round 9: 11 of the 12 players selected in this round are pitchers. Michael Pineda was among them. We had him last year, wanted no part of him this year. He will start the season on the DL. We select the up-and-coming Cory Leubke. My co-owner is happier about this than I am, but he has had some genius pickups in the past. I trust him.

Round 10: 7 pitchers selected in this round as well. We arm up once again and take Brandon McCarthy. I’m starting to calm down a little about the rotation. Ubaldo Jiminez in this round is way early. Only pick I have a problem with.

Round 11: A couple picks I have issues with in this round: Andrew Bailey (just revealed he needs surgery) and BJ Upton (terrible). We decide to go with a roster flexibility pick and take Emilio Bonifacio, who we can plug in at SS, 3B, or OF.

Ryan Roberts Tattoos

Ryan Roberts' Tattoos

Round 12: Can’t really take issue with any of the picks in this round, and this was a round where I had my heart broken: I wanted OG Vance Worley, who went off the board 4 picks before our pick. However, there to pick up the pieces was  my completely platonic man crush,OG Ryan Roberts, who can also be plugged in at 2B or 3B. Over halfway through the draft, and I’m liking the way the squad looks so far.

Round 13: Mike Trout was a wasted pick this round. You can’t burn a draft pick on a guy this early who is going to start the season in the minors. We believe the addition of DH Billy Butler in this round is an absolute steal despite his eligibility at only DH.

Round 14: My pick of Trevor Cahill in this round may be the weakest. (We each get one pick per draft that the other co-owner cannot overrule aka a “flyer” pick.) I loved him last year, but he has struggled mightily this spring. Ryan Vogelsong was drafted despite the fact that he will open on the DL, but I can see stashing him.

Round 15: No major missteps by my fellow owners this round. Liking to have viable backups for as many positions as possible, we select Erick Aybar.

Round 16: Terrible pick made in the form of Julio Teheran, who is an elite keeper but has no value as of now, since he starts the season in the minors. We reach out and grab our 3rd outfielder in OG Melky Cabrera.

Round 17: No notable picks. Playing the roster safety game, we select Jemile Weeks, or as we call him,”Little Weeks”. The move backs us up nicely at 2B.

Round 18: Dee Gordon in this round is a steal. Although we don’t usually draft closers, we cannot pass up Sergio Santos at this point in the draft. He just has filthy stuff.

Round 19: At this point in the draft, it’s hard to label any pick a bad one. We think we hit upon a nice sleeper and go right back to the Jays to select Henderson Alvarez, a 22-year old kid who can bring it. Had a great spring, and we think we got a steal.

Round 20: Winding down, my co-owner uses his flyer on Brewer’s 3B Mat Gamel, a kid with a ton of power potential at the hot corner.

Round 21: Was sure Delmon Young would fall to us, but he got snagged 3 picks before our turn. We still went to the Detroit outfield and selected Brennan Boesch, who, along with Young, could be in for a career year with the stacked Tiger lineup.

Round 22: The next to last pick, and since our projected pick Matt Harrison was selected from under us, we go right back to Detroit to select Ryan Raburn. His eligibility at 2B and OF makes him attractive, and this late, he is arguably the best player on the board.

Round 23: We decide to take a chance on Mitch Moreland with our final pick. He was hurt last year, having surgery on his wrist in the offseason. Keep an eye on him early. Could be a nice sleeper.

And there’s the draft! The team we draft is rarely the team we end up with. I am like Hank Steinbrenner and my co-owner is more like Hal Steinbrenner. I’m always quick to want to make a move, and many times, he is the voice of reason.


This is a very annoying week for some of us. My week 1 runs from April 4th to the 8th. Most teams only have 3 games, Seattle and Oakland only have two, and the Marlins and Cardinals both have 4. Pitching rotations havent really been set by a lot of teams, so if you are in a weekly league, you may have to go on a wing and a prayer in relation to your starting pitchers. Weather doesn’t seem likely to be a factor, as all forecasts for the home cities seem to be free of rain, although any night games in cold weather cities could favor pitchers vs. hitters. I’ll be back Sunday night/ Monday morning with a recap of my week and a look at the week ahead. If you have questions regarding your fantasy league, follow me on Twitter and tweet it up. PLAY BALL!

Best of luck,

Chris aka @phdinweed




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