Survive a Mall Full of Zombies!

Take part in a zombie outbreak while using the resources of a shopping mall..

Sounds a lot like the movie Dawn of the Dead, right?

I was excited when I heard that this attraction was designed and set up to be almost exactly like the movie.

When you first arrive, you are briefed and armed by a special police unit. After preparation, you are put in a large mall that is infested with a horde of zombies.

Zombie Mall

Dawn of the Dead

This amazing zombie attraction is located in Berkshire, England, and it was created by the same guys that brought us the Zombie Boot Camp and the Zombie Apocalypse. They call themselves Wish, and they advertise all of their events on their website called The name Wish came from the simple concept of “we want to offer people the chance to fulfill their wildest dreams.”

What should I expect on this day?

Like I mentioned before, You’ll be briefed and armed (with airsoft guns) by the Police Special Zombie Bashing Unit. They will inform you about the zombie apocalypse that is occurring in Reading Town.

After the briefing, they bring you to a creepy abandoned shopping mall where you and your team will be fighting off and protecting each other from a gigantic zombie population. State of the art special effects and amazingly graphic props are used during this experience which makes it that much more realistic.

Zombie Mall

The Zombie Mall Experience

Be prepared not only to kill zombies, but to also survive this attack of terrifying zombies with both limited ammo and knowledge of your surroundings. The makers explained that the only people to come out “winners” are the ones that work well with their teams. If you are the “hero” type, or one that does not like to work with a team, you will not survive.

If you are a Walking Dead fan, what they are basically saying is do not be like Shane.


For answers to any questions regarding this attraction, visit their website at


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