Inspiration Through Insomnia

Most of us have gone through a sleepless night, laying in bed wondering why we can’t go to sleep. I admit, I am a victim as well. Until recently, I figured staying in bed and trying to sleep would hopefully eventually land me in a fun dream.

No such luck. It never seems to work.

I realized that if I can’t sleep, there is no point laying in bed wondering why I can’t sleep. Just thinking about why you are still awake, keeps you awake.  There must be something better I can do. I then realized I can use this time to my advantage, and write this blog. I have no idea what I will write about, or what direction I might go in with this. When I sit down to write, I don’t really have any intentions. I don’t want to force myself to write either. If I start typing and like the direction it is going in, I will continue to expand on ideas. If it doesn’t seem to get anywhere, I just put it off until another time. The best time for me happens to usually be the wee hours of the night when I can’t sleep, which is perfectly fine. I’ll take the opportunity when it presents itself.

Over the last few months, as my team and I continue to build this website, I have had an overwhelming amount of ideas and thoughts about how to improve our community. I want to create a valuable reading experience for all of our readers. I want to build a community that all of us can benefit from. We all wanted to create something that everyone can contribute to in their own unique way. Whether it be writing, editing, designing, promoting or providing valuable feedback, there has been a lot of momentum behind our movement.  These ideas keep me up at night. If I don’t implement them right away, they usually fade away never to be thought of again. I try writing things down to remember to do later, but I would rather just get them done immediately so I can focus on the next creative idea I have. They never seem to stop coming, creativity has no limitations or boundaries.

insomnia cures


When I have an idea that I act on immediately, I tune into a vibration that many of us can relate to as a “flow state.” This is the kind of state I am experiencing right now. I need this state to sit down and write, otherwise I am not motivated, and that limits my creative potential. When I sit down to write in this state, I often don’t even realize what I am writing as I am thinking about the next thing to type. My fingers sometimes have trouble keeping up with my brain as I pour everything out onto the computer screen.

I feel sometimes like a passenger going along for the ride. I see what is happening, but I don’t feel like I am controlling it to an extent. My mind just seems to construct things without my conscious control, almost like I am channeling these ideas from some other source or realm of consciousness. It is fun to see what you come up with when you just sit down to write with no specific intention.  I am always entertained with the end result. Sometimes others can benefit from the result as well. If I am able to develop some good ideas, maybe other will expand on them and take them even further. They might create something that someone expands on even further. It is just a process of evolution. Ideas evolve much like our biology. With our technology level, ideas have been able to evolve at a much faster rate than our flesh vehicles.

I feel almost like a vessel that is simply transmitting thoughts and ideas into words and sentences. I look back on my writing sometimes and I feel like it wasn’t even “me” who wrote it. Sometimes I look back and think about how stupid and farfetched my thoughts were, but I often look back and become amazed at my finished product. It is like I am reading my work for the first time, as my ego slips back in to judge “my” work.

That is probably my favorite part of creative writing, especially at night when there are no distractions. I know I won’t slip out of the frequency I am in because no one is going to call me or bother me. Any distraction can result In me losing my entire thought process. It is frustrating to slip out of the flow. At night I won’t have to ever be frustrated.

The frequency of my direct environment is very low at night, creating a relaxing atmosphere to construct ideas and theories. I find myself to be very sensitive to energy, and I notice that during the day I have trouble flowing as I sit down to write. There are a lot of responsibilities to take care of during the day, and most of the time I find myself wandering and chasing those thoughts more than focusing on my writing. During the night, there is nothing that needs immediate doing. I can do whatever I want. I have a variety of options, but I take advantage of this time to express myself creatively more often than not. I think it is this freedom that allows me to get my ideas out as best and efficiently as possible.

If there is anything I truly value in this world, it is freedom. The freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want, without having someone tell me what to do. I respond negatively to many demands that are put forth on me, mostly because of my ego, but more because I can find more productive things to do with my time than have to answer to someone else.

I am certainly not lazy by definition, but at times, I want to be lazy. I want to relax knowing I have put in as much effort as I can in the time I allocate to work. If I want to be lazy at 9am in the morning, I can, and won’t have to worry about a 8hr shift ahead of me. I might sit down to work like I am right now at 3am in the morning simply because I feel I can produce a valuable outcome. This blog might end up to be a novel, or it might end next paragraph. I don’t know, I kind of just keep rambling out my thoughts and words keep appearing. Whatever happens, happens. There is no format to follow. There are no rules to abide by.

Sometimes sleep will just have to wait when I want to do something I truly enjoy.

Writing was something I wasn’t interested in for a while. It has been something I have only recently taken up in my spare time. I have read a lot of interesting material from very smart people over the last few years, and I felt the need to share as much as I could with as many people as possible. This website gives me the opportunity to do that. I like to discuss topics that a lot of people are naïve to and unfamiliar with because I believe they can benefit from being exposed to a lot of information that I have learned. I also like to speculate on everything I come across. I don’t like forming opinions quickly without investigating every angle myself.

I like to explore topics that aren’t part of mainstream society and media. I like to explore topics that you won’t necessarily learn in your schooling curriculum, watch on television, or read in the newspaper. A lot of the information I have discovered on the internet has been purposely held back from mainstream media and the public at large. Mainstream media is controlled by the government to think and act a certain way. It is designed to have the general public operate on fear.

Fear of war, fear of the financial meltdown, fear of rising unemployment rates, and fear of the unknown to name a few. The sad reality is, fear is merely an illusion, but that is only if you perceive that way. It is hard to watch something on Fox News anymore for me, because I see the techniques they use to sway general opinion. They induce fear through reporting mostly negative news each and every day. Oh, but at least the weatherman is in a good mood, and it will be sunny and 75 tomorrow. 🙂

Ever notice how they save any positive news until the end? They engrave fear into your mind, which settles in your subconscious mind, then leave you with a few inspiring stories to keep you somewhat sane. If 90% of the news you read and see about each day is negative, how much negativity do you think is stored subconsciously? 90% if you don’t employ any techniques to clear it. How much of your brainpower is subconscious? 90%. If 90% of all the thoughts you have each day are based on fear and negativity, how can you possibly live happy?

Well there is a way. It is pretty simple.

propaganda government

Healthy Propaganda

Think for yourself.

Don’t accept anything you see or hear until you investigate yourself. I have made that mistakes way too many times, and it can be avoided if you consciously take the time to think for yourself. Think about the bigger picture, and learn the techniques of persuasion and propaganda so you can avoid falling victim. You are exposed to bullshit propaganda each and every day.

I’ll take another example of the news and how they sway general opinion. Back when I was a kid, and I watched the events of September 11th unfold, I allowed myself to be a zombie to the television and the mainstream news. I think everyone can say they did. We needed answers, and we got what we wanted. How truthful were those answers? Well as I have investigated history over the last few years, and analyzed extensive facts of the events that took place, I can say that most of the answers we got on that day were false. A false sense of security after a tragic event, and the wrong answers. Answers meant to sway public opinion whichever way they saw fit.

We were set up.

We were set up to position ourselves in front of our television sets and accept everything told to us as fact. There was no other sources of information at the time. Until time passed, and we are already well into a war, we could begin to investigate. But who really did? I didn’t, I don’t think you did either. Most of us got the response we needed from our “leaders” and we accepted the solution to the problem was war. Now go about your daily business, and don’t ask any questions, we took care of it. That is the message the government and the mass media delivered.

There were a few “outcasts” of society that went and investigated, but most of us went back to our daily routine, only to tune into the news to see the new developments overseas. For those who investigated, I salute you, because I now have valuable information that I can continue to pass on to as many people as possible. The truth has been exposed, I won’t go into details, but we have the internet to thank which might soon be controlled by the government also. 🙁

I should probably go to sleep now. 🙂

Here’s some raw truth:


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4 Responses to Inspiration Through Insomnia

  1. rider728 says:

    very good thoughts and advice in that post, brother. ever since my time deployed, insomnia is something i have struggled with…sometimes to a severe degree. i need to remember to capitalize on that ‘lost time’ of frustrated sleeplessness and not get bogged down by resisting the fact of being unable to be unconscious in the prescribed time slot.

    far too many of us allow ourselves to be told what to think and how to feel. for any meaningful improvement to occur in contemporary society, each of us as individuals need to take responsibility daily. we are each in charge of determining truth and evaluating information for ourselves. laziness becomes horrifically destructive when it takes the form of accepting the world as presented by others without question.

    don’t take my word for it. question everything…including this.

  2. Deb Prewitt says:

    Great post. I too often have insomnia and try to stay in bed to hopefully get some sleep. I should get up and do something, but then I worry about disturbing my husband or the dogs and causing eveyone elses sleep to be interrupted. I should get over that I think. About your other idea of the media and government telling us what they want us to know and how they want us to feel, I completely agree. That is the way governments have always worked. It is how they keep some control. But it is so annoying to me to know they could just as easily manipulate the masses into feeling better instead of feeling so bad these days. It is why I know longer read the newspaper and rarely watch the news. When I do watch it just upsets me to see the manipulation going on. I truly wish more people were able to think for themselves.

  3. When you feel that channeling effect, you are channeling from your Source, your guide and companion on this road. The Source is the you which takes your ideas, and puts them together so we perceive them as a single train of thought. Congratulations on tapping into your Source, and producing such meaningful ideas, so well organized! Thanks for sharing

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great post! It’s amzing how deep and profound you can be at 3am.

    I hope that the government don’t try to control the internet… There’ll be no hope for society at all if that happens.

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