Reality is Stranger Than Fiction

Reality is a strange thing.

Some fiction is also pretty strange, but does it even come close to reality?

Think about what we are doing right now. We are stationed on mother ship earth who is hurling through the vast emptiness of the universe at an incredible rate of speed that we can’t even consciously feel. We are also rotating. Flying and rotating at speeds not conceivable to the individual, which makes the whole process almost seem like background noise that you never really “hear.”

There are too many distractions in our current state of reality to even evaluate all of the concepts of our current situation here on earth. We can try to conceptualize everything, but at the end of the day still no one has the true answer. We have been working for hundreds of years to define physics, but physics keeps getting redefined. With the discovery of the subatomic level of particles, everything has been thrown out the window, almost like a crazy plot twist in an intense novel.

We keep uncovering the mysteries of life, but we never reach the end. Our story hasn’t ended yet. Will it ever? Reality is a never ending work of fiction, it just keeps getting stranger and stranger the more we dig deeper into our true essence. Technology keeps evolving at an astounding rate compared to our biological chemistry. Is this a sci-fi novel where we soon download our own consciousness into a robot and reach the ability to be “immortal?”

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Reality is Stranger Than Fiction

I don’t know, and neither do you, but we keep writing the story. I think reality trumps any kind of fiction, but a lot of us still choose to read more fiction than study our own reality. Fiction serves as a way to escape from this reality for a brief moment, and consider alternate possibilities and realities. Once this turns off and we close the book, we are back in our own reality. One that is quite bizarre.

We are a super-intelligent species given the ability to create practically anything we can perceive into a physical form. With this ability, we could make sure everyone in our race is well fed, sheltered, and safe from harm. Basic securities would be so simple to provide, we would have ample amount of time to peek around the cosmos. There would be no conflict, everyone has what they need for basic survival. Now we can share the abundance of resources with each other to improve our realities in every way possible. What a fairy-tale ending!

Unfortunately, our current reality doesn’t mirror this work of fiction. In fact, it completely contrasts it in every way possible. We are a species that has gone so haywire that we have actually created “classes” to label certain individuals of our team. It isn’t much more of a team anymore, it is more of a competition to control as much of our resources as possible. To achieve this control, we are willing to take the lives of our fellow teammates to become empowered.

The level of empowerment keeps reaching new all time highs. The entire financial system is run by a few elite, powerful individuals who dictate the direction of our entire country, if not planet. They can choose to do whatever they want. They use governments as fronts for their agendas, faking their citizens into thinking they are acting in their best interests. They provide a few basic needs of protection and security, but downplay everything they take from us. They can basically take anything they want, just tell their politician or committee to enact a new law that looks promising on paper, but holds many well covered flaws. As citizens, and a weaker class, we must accept these (f)laws as fact or face imprisonment.

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"We Give Up."

If you were an outside observer viewing how we are operating things on this planet, you would probably be thankful you don’t exist in our work of fiction. It would be like a movie scene to outside parties, and they would leave entertained at the fact that they only had to watch it, not live it. Maybe that is why no other species is coming here to help us, they probably gave up a while ago.


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  1. Profound and accurate — a post everyone needs to read.

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