Tim Tebow’s Impact On The Jets

If you love drama, the Jets are about to take it to the next level and whether you like it or not, you will be hooked.

The Jets traded their 4th and 6th round picks in 2012 for Tim Tebow and the Broncos 7th round pick in 2012.

Tim Tebow Jets

Tebow Led The Broncos To A Comeback Win Over the Jets Last Season

I’ve have taken some time to write about this because I honestly did not know how to react. I was so shocked the Jets went after Tebow so quick and got the deal done so fast. Also, I was stunned to hear Tebow chose the Jets over his home town team, the Jacksonville Jaguars in where he wanted to play.

The immediate reaction from fans was ridiculous.

“Publicity Stunt”, “Sell-outs” was all I heard.

the Jets just traded for someone that will push Sanchez and give the Jets something the they have sorely lacked on offense, UNPREDICTABILITY.

It makes opposing defenses have to prepare for a Tebow package, which takes time off from preparing for Sanchez and other players on the Jets.

It makes opposing defense think, how will the Jets use Tebow?

What Situations?

When will they use him?

How will they use him?

It gives the Jets unpredictability and someone that will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to win.

Tebow not only can help the Jets on the field, but off the field also. HIs marketing and jersey sales will help the Jets brand, and his giving back reputation is something the Jets desperately need to give the Jets players a positive outlook amongst the fans and league.

It’s funny how fans are bashing the Jets for getting Tebow for “jersey sales” or “PSL sales”, those are the same fans that will but the Tebow jerseys and buy the PSL’s. Just in case you forgot, SPORTS IS A BUSINESS.

What is the difference between signing Tebow and bringing in any other marquee free agent?

Teams sign marquee players to improve the team, jersey sales, and hopefully acquire a higher percentage of PSL purchases, Tebow does that.

Stupid fans are so annoying, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK, it’s the oldest saying known to man.

However, there are negatives in bringing in Tebow Mania. The Jets have one of the most fractured locker rooms in the NFL, and it is no secret that some players will not like the arrival of Tebow.


Players like Antonio Cromartie need to deal with this and actually be a MAN about it. I’m not saying be Tebow’s best friend, however, he is your teammate and respect should be given unless Tebow does something to lose it.

Cromartie’s quote got me so mad, “We sell out our home games, we don’t need Tebow”

Well, not only does Cromartie miss tackles, but he completely misses the Jets reasoning to acquire Tebow. As I said earlier, Tebow brings competition at the quarterback spot and someone that can push Sanchez, and he brings unpredictability to one of the most predictable teams in the NFL on offense.

Cromartie needs to SHUT THE HELL UP and practice his craft which should be making solid tackles and not getting a pass interference call on him EVERY PLAY.

Maybe if Cromartie did not play like a complete pussy, I could respect his words.

The one legitimate problem I see with this deal is Sanchez’s mindset.

Sanchez and Tebow

Can Sanchez and Tebow Co-Exist?

However, it should not be a problem as Sanchez signed a 3-year extension worth $40.5 Million. Sanchez had 2-years left on his rookie contract so the total contract is 5-years $58.25 Million with $20.5 Million guaranteed.

Sanchez is the starting quarterback and he is getting paid like it. However, what a great move by the Jets to bring in the most polarizing player as his backup.

The Jets basically said “You’re our guy, but just in case you get lazy or completely digress, we have someone to replace you”

What no mistake about it, Tebow will battle for the starting spot, but it’s his work ethic and passion that will push Sanchez to higher production in my opinion. Despite getting paid, Sanchez will still need to work every day and get better.

I do not see a problem with that, if anything the Jets protected themselves on their investment.

If Sanchez can’t deal with having someone pushing him, than it will get UGLY.

However, the one thing I will admit is that Sanchez seems like a competitor and someone that welcomes the challenge. If Sanchez is the leader he says he is, this will only inspire him to do great things and I “CAN’T WAIT” to see how this unfolds.

Overall, I like the addition of Tebow. He brings a love for the game that will be embraced by New Yorkers and his impact will be huge in the locker room, on the practice field to push Sanchez, and on opposing defenses preparing for the Jets.

This is a good move for the Jets, now lets build around it through the rest of free agency and most importantly, the draft. For the sake of the Jets Franchise, lets hope this works out because if it doesn’t it will be the end of Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan.

God Bless +


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