NFL Free Agency Report

NFL Free Agent Tracker 2012

Free Agency Has Officially Begun

Day One of NFL Free Agency did not disappoint (unless you were hoping Manning signed somewhere).

Unfortunately, Peyton Manning is still a free agent and speculation continues about where he will land. Despite that, there is still big news to report.

Vincent Jackson Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Gets Their Man

Vincent Jackson Signs  5-year $55 Million Deal ($26 Million Guaranteed) with Tampa Bay:

Tampa Bay might have one of the best receiving cores in the NFL after this move. Add Jackson to Mike Williams, Kellen Winslow, and Arrelious Benn and you have a dynamic offense that can score at will through the air.

Jackson adds much-needed size to a relatively small Tampa Bay receiving core. Also, Jackson’s presence in the red zone can not be ignored, which will make LeGarret Blount’s job in the red zone that much easier.


With Freeman under center, Jackson can have a HUGE impact on the Bucs this season as he will demand double teams and will free up space for Williams, Benn, and Winslow.

Not to be ignored, Tampa has the 5th overall pick, rumor has it they will select Alabama’s running back Trent Richardson.

So Josh Freeman’s supporting cast will be Vincent Jackson, Kellen Winslow, Arrelious Benn, Mike Williams, LeGarrette Blount, AND POSSIBLY Trent Richardson?

The combination of a power running game and a high-powered passing attack makes Tampa Bay a force to be reckoned with and the NFC South is not exactly the strongest division in terms of defenses.

Bears Trade for Brandon Marshall, Sign Jason Campbell to 1-year deal:

Brandon Marshall Bears

Bears Land Their #1 Receiver

No matter what the Bears do for the rest of the offseason, they are HUGE WINNERS in my book.

The Bears traded their 2012 and 2013 3rd round picks for Brandon Marshall today.


The Bears FINALLY get their #1 receiver in Brandon Marshall. They also get a PROVEN combination in the NFL as Marshall and Cutler were teammates in Denver.

Marshall’s numbers with Cutler are scary as Marshall averaged 103 receptions, 1200+ yards, and 6 touchdowns. To put this in perspective, the Bears haven’t had a 1,000 receiver since 2002.

The Bears also signed Jason Campbell to back up Jay Cutler. This is a very underrated signing by the Bears as they fill their need for a veteran backup that can play if Cutler goes down. The Bears were primed to make a deep playoff run as they were 7-3 before Cutler’s injury. Once Cutler went down, so did their playoff hopes.

With Campbell in the fold, the Bears secure a backup that can maintain the offense if Cutler goes down, this was a smart move by Chicago and I applaud their aggressiveness and smart decision-making.

As for Miami, they can kiss their chances with Peyton Manning goodbye. With Reggie Wayne staying in Indy, I do not see why they decided to trade Marshall. Marshall was their best option in the passing game by far.

As a Jet fan, I am pretty ecstatic with this move as the Dolphins lose their most productive player for just two 3rd round picks.

Well-played Miami…

Pierre Garcon Redskins

Redskins Pay Big Money For Garcon

Redskins Sign Wide Receivers’ Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan:

The Redskins re-vamp their receiving core and begin building for their future quarterback Robert Griffin III. Pierre Garcon gives the Redskins a deep threat and Morgan gives the Redskins a player that can work the sidelines very well.

Both receivers are average receivers in my opinion, The Redskins as usual completely overpaid for Garcon. Garcon received a 5-year $42.5 Million deal with $21.5 Million guaranteed.

Garcon turns 26 this year and is a good deep threat but in my opinion, is not worth the deal he signed.

Morgan signed a 5-year $12 Million deal with $7.5 Million guaranteed. This deal I think the Redskins got right, they did not overpay for Morgan and this is a much more franchise friendly contract.

The Redskins are not done with their receiving core, sources say Redskins are in talks with former Broncos’ wide out Eddie Royal. Royal would give the Redskins someone who can help work the middle of the field along with Fred Davis.

Rams Sign Cornerback Cortland Finnegan to 5-year $50 Million deal:

Cortland Finnegan Rams

Finnegan Brings Attitude To St. Louis

New head coach Jeff Fisher makes his impact immediately in free agency as the Rams sign the best player at a premium position.

Fisher and Finnegan are re-united as they were together in Tennessee, I feel that Finnegan was definitely swayed by his former coach and having Fisher as his coach (and the money) was definitely one of the deciding factors in Finnegan’s decision.

The price may be steep for Finnegan, but Finnegan brings an attitude to this Rams defense that desperately needs it. Also, Finnegan is an above average cornerback that tackles and covers very well.

The Rams defense was pathetic last season and Jeff Fisher is already making big changes to the defense and changing the attitude of this team. I LOVE this signing for St.Louis, it gives this team some attitude and I can not wait to see what Finnegan does to get under Larry Fitzgerald’s skin.

Colston Saints

Saints Keep Colston

Saints Keep Colston,  5-Year $40 Million ($19 Million guaranteed) deal:

In a bit of a surprise, the Saints re-sign their #1 receiver in Marques Colston. I was very surprised by this move as the Saints are in a very tough spot with their free agents.

With this signing, Meachem will not be a Saint and now I feel that Nicks is also in jeopardy of being lost to free agency.

I do not like this signing for the Saints because Drew Brees is an excellent quarterback that can mold any wide receiver to his liking, especially with Sean Payton there to help. Although Colston has been productive for the Saints, I think they should have tried to sign Nicks before Colston as Nicks I feel is much more important to the Saints than Colston.

Colston is a very consistent and quiet wide out and fits in perfectly with Payton’s offensive scheme. This deal not only helps the Saints maintain their best receiver, but the chemistry between Drew Brees and Colston will not be disrupted because of free agency.

Colts and Reggie Wayne agree to 3-Year Deal worth $17.5 Million:

Reggie Wayne Colts

Wayne Staying In Indy

The Colts finally decided to keep someone who was a key player to their roster last season.

I LOVE this re-signing for the Colts. They keep a productive wide out to help mentor their new young quarterback Andrew Luck.

Wayne is still a very productive wide receiver.

Do not let this past season fool you as the quarterback play for the Colts was flat-out awful. Also, I can not stress enough how important this is for Andrew Luck’s development as a quarterback in the NFL.

Imagine having an all-pro receiver to throw to that will do everything in his power to help you learn the ropes as a quarterback in the NFL. Wayne is a team-guy, he does not complain about the amount of passes throw to him or any of that diva crap.

Wayne is a classy professional and his impact will be even greater in the locker room and film room than just the on the field production.

What’s Next?

Mario Williams free agency

Super Mario Going To Buffalo?

The Bills “fully expect” to sign Defensive End Mario Williams and Wide Receiver Robert Meachem within the next 24 hours. If this report is true, the Bills make a MAJOR splash in free agency.

The Bills will upgrade their receiver position as they now have a solid #2 receiver to play opposite of Stevie Johnson.

More importantly, the signing of Williams will give the Bills their first true pass rushing threat since Bruce Smith. With the Bills going back to their 4-3 defensive scheme, Williams is a perfect fit.

The Bills have lacked a pass rusher that can strike fear in the opposing team’s quarterback, Williams does that and instantly makes the Bills pass rush a strength for their defense. With players such as Marcel Dareus and Kyle Williams already on the defensive front for Buffalo, the addition of Williams will free up blitzes and give Dareus and Williams more opportunity for one-on-one interior blocking match ups.

Williams also solidifies the run defense for the Bills which has been awful the past two seasons. However, the one catch with this signing is that Buffalo will be breaking the bank to get Williams.

The Bills said they would make him the highest paid if he were to sign..

The last time someone overpaid for a defensive lineman, it wrecked their team..

..cough Albert Haynesworth cough..



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