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Jets Need To Rebound in 2012

Well Rex, you are certainly in a tough spot this offseason.

No super bowl, no division championship, not even a playoff appearance!

So what can the Jets do to get back to the postseason and make a serious playoff run for 2012?

Before I can talk about who the Jets need to go out and sign, lets take at the Jets upcoming free agents for the 2012 offseason.

Unrestricted Free Agents:

LB – Bryan Thomas

NT – Sione Pouha

SS – Jim Leonard

RB – LaDainian Tomlinson

OT – Robert Turner

QB – Mark Brunell

WR – Plaxico Burress

K – Nick Folk

FS – Brodney Pool

CB – Donald Strickland

Restricted Free Agents:

CB – Maurice Cole

DE – Aaron Maybin

TE – Matthew Mulligan

LB – Jamaal Westerman

The Jets will also be looking to trade Bart Scott, who made his intentions public of wanting out of New York. The Jets will look to trade him and gave Scott permission to seek a trade, however, this puts the Jets at a disadvantage. With everyone knowing you need to trade a player, most teams will just sit back and wait for the Jets to cut him which is what will most likely happen.

Out of all the free agents the Jets have, the only two worth resigning is SS Jim Leonard and NT Sione Pouha. Leonard, although plagued with injuries, is a tough, smart safety that is rarely found out of position in Rex’s scheme and Pouha is the anchor for the Jets run defense.

Bryan Thomas is coming off a torn Achilles injury which is very tough to come back from and he is getting up there in age, so unless he takes a pay-cut, I do not see him coming back either.

All the restricted free agents will not warrant too much attention from other teams so I do not see them moving this offseason.

Assuming the Jets resign Leonard and Pouha, the Jets will depth issues and some holes to fill in their starting lineup. Luckily for the Jets, this free agent class along with the draft have exactly what the Jets need to get back to the playoffs and make a serious super bowl run.

peyton manning colts

Manning Will Not Be A Jet

Peyton Manning:

Relax Jet fans this is HIGHLY unlikely. Although it would not hurt to have a 4-time MVP under center, the chances Manning chooses a fractured locker room and the New York spotlight are not good.

Think about it.

WHY THE HELL would Manning CHOOSE to go to a team that has a fractured locker room, filled with drama, and to a division that has Tom Brady in it?

Manning wants to win and be in a place where his quiet personality and personal life can be kept in tact. If Manning for some reason chooses New York, it will be the WORST decision of his career.

Lets look at more reasonable options for the Jets this offseason.

Dan Connor (ILB):

Dan Connor Panthers

Dan Connor Will Attract Many Suitors This Offseason

Connor fits perfectly into the Jets scheme as the “mad” backer. Connor plays hard, hits hard and was very productive for the Panthers last season. With the Panthers having such an elite talent group at Linebacker, I find it hard to believe he will be back with them next season as he will look for a team that can guarantee him playing time, that team is the Jets.

However, Connor’s price tag might be a problem as I do not see the Jets pouring in a big money deal for a linebacker as they did with Scott. Connor has experience in the 3-4 scheme as he played it in last season with the Panthers so this would be a perfect fit for the Jets if both sides can agree on the money.

Laron Landry

Landry Bringing The Pain

Laron Landry (SS):

Landry is the player the Jets so desperately need in the backend of their defense. He can come and stuff the run when needed but most importantly, he can install fear in wide receivers crossing the middle and cover the tight end.

The Jets desperately need a safety that can lay some one the hell out and this will definitely strengthen the defense up the middle.

One last point, can you imagine Landry coming on blitzes on 3rd and 10+?

Landry played his best ball under Greg Williams (Bounty maybe?). However, Williams is a very aggressive defensive play caller that likes to get his safeties involved in blitzes. Now imagine that aggression doubled, Rex throws more blitzes at a team in one game than most teams do in 4-5 game span.

John Abraham (DE):

John Abraham Falcons

Abraham's Pass Rush Ability Is A Must For The Jets

Abraham is a tough sell, he is a 4-3 defensive end and has never played without his hand on the ground. Despite that, I think he would fit perfectly in the Jets defense. He is a pass rush specialist that demands attention and double teams, which is also something the Jets desperately need.

This could be a long-shot because the Jets and Abraham left on ugly terms before, but Rex is a players coach and the Jets organization is completely different from the one Abraham left earlier in his career.

Also, Abraham is not an every down lineman which fits perfectly for the Jets and Abraham. He is athletic enough to play in space as an outside linebacker on certain plays, but his true worth will be on 3rd downs when the Jets bring pressure.

Braylon Edwards

Braylon Coming Back?

The Jets will look at the receivers too. Out of all the receivers I see that the Jets could realistic bring in would be either Robert Meachem from New Orleans or Braylon Edwards who was cut by San Francisco during the 2011 season.

If Rex is true to his word and wants to get back to “Ground and Pound” than I see the Jets bringing back Edwards. Edwards is a great blocking wide out that can still make plays and most importantly, gives Sanchez some continuity at the receiver position.

Also the price tag on Edwards is at an all-time low, If the Jets do spend money this offseason on the players I named above, they will need to find ways to fill positions with small paychecks.

The Draft:

The Jets have the 16th overall selection in the draft which lands them smack right in the middle of the 1st round. Depending on free agency, the Jets draft needs may change. For example if the Jets were to sign Landry, than Mark Barron, the SS out of Alabama would not be a need at 16.

Besides Strong Safety, the Jets do have other needs.

Luke Kuechly

Kuechly Play-Making Ability Has Him As The Top LB In The Draft

With Scott out, the Jets will need to replace him with another Inside Linebacker that will be a tackling machine and consistently in the backfield. The draft offers a player of this caliber in Luke Kuechly out of Boston College. Kuechly had a great combine and was an absolute beast at Boston College.

However, the 16th pick maybe to late of a pick for the Jets to get Kuechly, but if he were to fall I fully expect the Jets to draft him.

Pass rusher (DE or OLB) is a key need for the Jets, they need someone who can bring pressure consistently, sending the house on every 3rd down is too predictable and the Jets got burned with that philosophy this season.

Players such as Courtney Upshaw out of Alabama or Nick Perry out of USC make a lot of sense here.

Wide Receiver is also a need for the Jets and the talent will be there for the Jets to add to their receiving core. Michael Floyd out of Notre Dame or Kendall Wright out of Baylor make a lot of sense and with the Jets needing youth in this position, this could be a direction they choose.

My dream scenario would be the Jets signing Landry and Abraham, than drafting Kuechly. It is very possible and these moves can bring the Jets defense back to dominance.

Pay close attention Jet fans, we all know the Jets needs but how they go about filling those needs remains to be seen. I am eager to see how they plan to replace and reload their talent level.



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