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Universal Currency of Knowledge

When you hear of the word currency, the first word that probably comes to mind is money.

The problem is, money isn’t a real currency.

The only true currency in this universe, is knowledge.

Knowledge that money is an irrelevant object in the grand scheme of things, and knowledge that we don’t exactly have the knowledge of why we are even here in these “lives.”

Life is a complete mystery, and has yet to be completely explained by anyone in our race who has ever lived. No one has the true answer for our existence, or even where “we” fit in the picture of the rest of the universe.

What are the implications of this?

Well for one, without knowing what our true cause is opens the floodgates for creativity. Because no one truly knows exactly how to live their life, we can all live out our lives in different ways. We can be creative in the things we do knowing that we don’t have to be the same as everyone else. As long as we respect the ideas and actions of others, we can live out our lives in the best way we see fit. No one needs to tell us what to do, because they don’t have the answer for life.

There is no true leader in life, you lead your own life.

We can gain knowledge from others in their journey through life, and learn from our own mistakes that we make. If we never made mistakes, we would have nothing to learn from, and we wouldn’t be able to develop further as conscious beings.

Building a currency of knowledge and experience is a lot stronger and more valuable than building a large amount of capital. Money is only useful if you use it to your advantage, and spend it on things that can benefit your own development. It can make life a lot easier, but it won’t help you grow unless you use it properly.

There is a lot of valuable information that is available for free, especially now in recent times with the development of the internet. You can essentially “school” yourself through this massive web of knowledge and information that is accessible around the clock at light speed. In my opinion, I have learned more “valuable” information through reliable sources on the internet compared to what I have read in textbooks in school. My problem with school is that it is too structured, and forces you to memorize information that is available if you just Google it. I would rather save my memory for things that aren’t already accessible on the world wide web.

I would rather pursue what I am truly interested in, rather than what someone is telling me to learn. I agree that school is good for learning some basic and essential information that you can use, but for the most part, I have retained almost nothing from many of the classes I was forced learn about. Of course I will need to have a basic understanding of some things, but learning little minute details about things I can just look up, seems meaningless when I look back at what I have done throughout my life.

I like learning about things that they don’t teach you in school. For example, the corruption that is spreading throughout the entire world in many different shapes and forms. I have been exposed to a lot of things that governments and special interest groups have tried to cover up over the years, but now with the internet, there are no secrets. I won’t go into detail, but I urge you to research some of our other articles on this site that deal with the topic of corruption.

Here are a few to consider:

Operation Northwoods

Operation Midnight Climax

The American War Machine

The War Pigs

False Flag Operations

We can all benefit from the infinite source of information that is the internet if we choose to do so. Making the conscious choice to discover new information for yourself is the best choice you can make in life. Once you find something you are interested in, you can pursue it even further.

You might even discover some new interests along the way! 🙂


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4 Responses to The Universal Currency

  1. This post reminds me of Sir Ken Robinson’s classic talk, ‘Schools Kill Creativity.’

    [ted id=66]

    That said, I remember hearing that only applied knowledge, not just the gathering of knowledge, that bears fruit.

    Michael Jagdeo

    • @dieselpokers says:

      School certainly does kill creativity because we don’t have an opportunity to express ourselves as much as we would like. We fall victim to a structured curriculum with no room for further expansion unless we go that route in our own individual time. Many people don’t try to expand on their knowledge because the time commitment to a schooling system plays a huge factor for most of our young lives. I feel once many people start learning new, interesting things that they want to pursue, they can release the structure from their lives and implement a new system of creative innovation an expression! 🙂

  2. Varun says:

    Superlike to this post!
    Your words are exactly as mine! I, too, believe the same way. If everything we study is available on the internet, then why to waste your time memorizing it!
    Every system needs to be re-defined!!

    • @dieselpokers says:

      Our current system that we are running on this planet no longer works, and needs to be adjusted you are correct. It will take a global effort, and will take some time, but peace will trump evil inevitably in due time.

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