The Super Conscious Mind

the superconscious mind

We are all connected to an infinite realm of possibilities!

All creation is the result of consciousness.

The Super Conscious mind contains within itself the possibility as well as the probability of creating anything and everything that can be conceived with mind. Essentially, the possibilities are deemed to be “infinite.”

The Super Conscious is sometimes referred to as the “collective unconscious” which is a term of analytical psychology, coined by psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung.

The collective unconscious is proposed to be part of the unconscious mind, expressed in humanity and all life forms with nervous systems. It describes how the structure of the psyche autonomously organizes experience. Jung distinguished the collective unconscious from the personal unconscious, in that the personal unconscious is a personal reservoir of experience unique to each individual, while the collective unconscious collects and organizes those personal experiences in a similar way with each member of a particular species.

Your conscious mind is the only part of your mind that thinks. That’s why most people use their conscious mind power to solve problems and to achieve their goals. However, the conscious mind power is limited, as compared to the subconscious mind power and superconscious mind power.

The most important conscious mind power is the power to decide.

It has the power to decide what information to enter into your subconscious mind, but most people are not exercising this power. Instead, they let rubbish enters their subconscious mind and thus garbage in, garbage out. All your experiences and events in your life are stored in your subconscious, affecting the way you think and behave. Negative programming from childhood, life experiences, and mass media all have a negative impact on your subconscious programming.

Your conscious mind also has the power to reprogram your subconscious mind, mainly through repetition. For instance, remember the first time you learned to drive a car, when you had to consciously think of which paddle to step and which gear to shift? But now, you no longer have to consciously think of these actions. They have become automatic, i.e. you are able to do it subconsciously. Through repetition, you have programmed your subconscious mind. Once it is in your subconscious, it becomes automatic.

Your subconscious mind plays many different roles in your life.

We can classify its functions into 5 different areas:

1. It maintains and balances the well-being of our body. That’s why our body is self-healing in nature. It has the power to heal any form of diseases you can think of. It is the fundamental of all so-called alternative therapies.

2. It protects us and sometimes our loved ones from emergencies, or dangers.

3. It is the mega-memory bank. It stores all our past experiences.

4. It is like a magnet. It has the power to attract things that resonate with its beliefs.

5. It is like radar. It sends and receives information to and from the superconscious mind.

The superconscious mind is sometimes considered the “Universal Mind” to which all of our minds are connected to. Since it has infinite intelligence and potential, it has the answers to everything you want.

chakra meditation

Meditation can help you connect to the subconscious and superconscious.

The superconscious mind is like a mega computer that orchestrates the activities in every little computer connected to it. By impressing your goals upon your subconscious mind, your superconscious will respond accordingly, you will just not know exactly how. All you need to do to make this happen is to keep faith that your goals will manifest themselves in your physical reality if you are constantly, consciously working towards achieving them. Subconsciously, you will attract certain situations and resources to use in your journey.

The universe will grant you anything you want, you just have to trust in it and never give up your quest. The right people will start appearing in your life, opportunities will come, and lessons will be provided to strengthen you if necessary. You must act on these opportunities, or you will simply be wasting your time. Without action there is no result. Simply thinking positively wont benefit you unless you are using your thoughts to motivate you into action. The universe responds to positive energy, it is your job to respond back with inspired action.

Everything will be set in motion to help you achieve your desires!

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve

– Dr. Napoleon Hill



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10 Responses to The Super Conscious Mind

  1. Namaste… Just coming upon this article. Thank you. We share many of the same thoughts.
    Resonate. Wonder-filled. Enjoy this day you make/are given.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We are what we are ……
    Make a fertile soil plough it ….seed desired thoughts ….water it everyday in repetition…..and everybody knows what’s next ….
    We Reep what we sow……
    Focus+belief+optimism =success

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  5. JHR says:


  6. Varun says:

    Amazing write up! Exactly what I believe. Our thoughts are so similar, Tim! It’s like you have written exactly what I believe. Now, my subconscious resonates with yours in an unknown dimension and it proves that we are progressing towards right path.
    Nice post 🙂

    • @dieselpokers says:

      Haha thanks! And yeah, we are making the ascension into becoming more conscious beings! 🙂

  7. raburcke says:

    I have been wondering if what we call logic is not entirely irrelevant in a Zen-state, where anything is possible?

    • @dieselpokers says:

      Anything is always possible, it is our BELIEF system that holds us back from accomplishing certain things. If we have limiting beliefs, we limit ourselves in what we can achieve. Eliminating any negative and limiting beliefs you have about your life will springboard you into a state of complete positivity and bliss as you conquer every challenge you encounter.

      • Karyn says:

        Your POV is as mine, friend. However, I find surrender (of my ego-need to control outcomes) sits more easily with my nature than the idea of conquering. Semantics? I just know I breathe deeper and more peacefully when in such a place. Namaste…

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