Marijuana Arrests Down After Decriminalization


Connecticut’s decriminalization of marijuana, which allows police departments to issue fines rather than arrests, has been in effect since July 1. The courts are already dealing with less of a case load due to the new law.

According to the Connecticut Post, there were 4,774 marijuana arrests from July 1-Dec. 1, 2010 for possession of marijuana less than four ounces. With the new law, there have been 1,127 arrests in that same period in 2011. There were nearly 2,000 tickets issued

Under the old law, possession of less than four ounces or drug paraphernalia containing marijuana residue was a misdemeanor punishable by a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Possession of more than four ounces is a felony with more serious penalties.

According to the article, it’s possible officers are letting people off with a warning rather than issuing a ticket.

The decriminalization law, Public Act 11-71, reduced the penalty for possession of one-half ounce or less to a $150 fine, to a $200 to $500 fine for the second offense, and the higher fine plus referral to a drug awareness program for the third offense.

Anyone under age 21 also faces a 60-day driver’s license suspension. Penalties for possession of more than one-half ounce remain the same as before.


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2 Responses to Marijuana Arrests Down After Decriminalization

  1. During the 1970s, as a volunteer in prisons/jails, I discovered that there were many people incarcerated, wrongly. This was before drug culture.

    In Ohio, there were approximately five prisons. Now, we have hundreds. Mental Health in Ohio and other States are bankrupt, and no one ever investigates.

    Thousands of mental health, and others –are imprisoned, because no one knows what to do with them.

    Our drug laws are outdated. This so-called war on drugs has destroyed thousands of lives. Mention Pot to some people, and they have no idea what they talk about.

    DARE, millions and millions of dollars was wasted on this program, which enabled policemen to be hired.

    I do not smoke, but have young friends, who have jobs and recreate on weekends and/or evenings.
    Paralegals could handle most cases. The lawyers have things tied up. Younger people are devastated by some laws. Whereas, older person can do same thing, and sometimes get off. Especially: Speeding tickets.

    There should be town meetings/discussions to educate people.

    I am 82. It is about time, that we forget “politics” and change laws.

    Hello World! Love.

  2. joe says:

    They will also find that harder drug use will decrease as pot becomes more available.

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