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The Mets Look For Respect In 2012

The Mets or “Mess” as some would like to call them have pitchers and catchers reporting today, although the first official team workout is not scheduled until Wednesday.

As if the Mets didn’t have a tough enough road to begin with no Jose Reyes and possibly Johan Santana, they also find themselves in one of the most competitive divisions in baseball, the NL East.

Seems like this team can’t catch a break.

However, the Mets made minor moves this offseason that I think made the team much better and have key players coming back from injury.

The Mets decided to first bring in the fences at their new ballpark. Right-Center Field went from 415 to 398, Left Field comes in from 371 to 358. Citi Field ranked last in the MLB with Home runs per game, it average about 1.43.

Now to the players.

Frank Francisco Mets

Frank Francisco

The Mets made some good moves in regards to their bullpen. First by signing closer Frank Francisco. The Mets bullpen was AWFUL last season, ranking 5th worst in blown saves with 24.

If the Mets had a league average closer which had only 13-14 blown saves, the Mets would have been fighting for a playoff spot. The Mets weren’t necessarily a bad team, their bullpen was just so bad and was their undoing in so many games.

Along with Francisco, the Mets signed John Rauch and traded Angel Pagan to the Giants for Ramon Ramirez. All three will need to have all-star caliber years (and are very capable) for the Mets to regain respectability.

Also, all three of these guys are POWER arms with good stuff and good velocity.

With the dimensions at Citi Field coming in, power hitters like Ike Davis/David Wright and Jason Bay should bring in more offense.

Ike Davis Mets

Ike Davis

Ike Davis was having a breakout year until he got hurt. Davis was batting .302 with 7 Home Runs and 25 RBI’s. I expect Davis to continue his ascent and the fences coming in should not hurt either. Davis has awesome power and if he can stay healthy for a full-season can easily put up 30-35 home runs.

Jason Bay may not be the 40 home run guy that he was in Pittsburgh or Boston, but I know he can be a productive 20-25 Home Run guy and he does play a good left field. Bay needs to have a good year for respect amongst the fan base. Every since being signed Bay has under-performed drastically.

David Wright needs to bounce back big time. With Reyes gone it will be up to Wright/Davis/Bay to really bring up their production. If this offense wants to be productive, it will be up to David Wright to lead the way.

David Wright

David Wright

His opposite field power reminded me of Piazza and his .300+ average made him a feared man in MLB. However, Wright has slumped mightily over the past two seasons and needs to rebound.


The Mets projected 2012 starting lineup consists of:

1 Andres Torres OF NYM 450 66 9 37 21 0.229 0.316 0.378
2 Daniel Murphy 2B NYM 420 62 7 50 5 0.305 0.353 0.440
3 David Wright 3B NYM 545 86 21 79 18 0.264 0.354 0.448
4 Ike Davis 1B NYM 495 81 22 79 1 0.263 0.357 0.467
5 Lucas Duda OF NYM 475 74 17 73 1 0.282 0.365 0.476
6 Jason Bay OF NYM 450 61 13 54 10 0.251 0.344 0.400
7 Josh Thole C NYM 340 46 3 37 1 0.291 0.371 0.365
8 Ruben Tejada SS NYM 410 52 0 41 6 0.285 0.370 0.339


On the other hand, the starting rotation consists of:

New York Mets Starting Rotation
Johan Santana 150 8 3.65 1.26 116 7
Mike Pelfrey 200 9 4.45 1.35 111 5
Jon Niese 175 9 3.80 1.31 152 7.8
R A Dickey 200 10 3.55 1.24 122 5.5
Dillon Gee 170 10 4.35 1.38 123 6.5

Obviously the key is Santana, if he can come back and be effective for the Mets it will be a huge lift for a team desperately seeking positive news. Gee started strong for the Mets, than failed to regain his form after the all-star break. It will be interesting to see how Gee performs this season.

Johan Santana

Johan Santana

The one thing the Mets need more than anything is good health. It seems like this team has been stripped due to injuries the past two seasons. Last season they played hard for manager Terry Collins and finished 77-85, which is not too bad considering the injuries they faced and the competition within the division.

Unfortunately, injuries are apart of the game, the Mets need to hope the injuries they face this year are not major and do not effect key parts of their team. This team lacks depth and can’t afford to have their starters out for an extended period of time.


Let the heartbreak begin…





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