The 9/11 Setup Rockefeller Connection

tower 2 9/11

Who are the Real Terrorists?

Decide for yourself.

Set up?

I think so.

Check out Operation Northwoods and the Link to 9/11.



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23 Responses to The 9/11 Setup Rockefeller Connection

  1. Albury Smith says:

    There’s just no fooling you.

    • Informed Citizen says:

      Response to Albury Smith RE Building 7

      He knows full well the 47 storied 81 vertically columned steel framed high rise WTC7 took 6.5 + seconds to come straight down into its own footprint during its FINAL global collapse phase, described by eyewitness reports as ‘In the manner of Controlled Demolition”.

      He also knows 2.25 seconds of that was at FREE FALL speed and has to rely on the ‘new phenomenon’ magic bolt hypothesis of Pinocchio Sunder, leader of creatioNIST Agnotology, to explain the complete removal of the 81 vertical columns all at once to allow observed NO RESISTANT FREE FALL.

      The hypothesis is coming apart. We already know NIST WTC7 “Normal Office Furnishings Fires’ is a computer program. A construct. An ‘animation’. Un-tested and secret, not based on forensic study nor eyewitness testimony.
      We know that in this untested theory ‘critical collapse initiation’ began with fires already out on ONE floor [12] somehow heating 4 major beams enough to axially expand them in ONE direction, without SAG, breaking 3/4? shear studs@22? centers,’walking’ the massive girder between columns 44 and 79 off its ONE seat, thus, in NIST La La, creating a ‘cascade collapse’ somehow spreading within split seconds throughout the super strong infrastructure
      and dropping it at FREE FALL, all concrete pulverized to nanothermate ridden DUST, 6.5seconds + later.
      We know that no steel framed high rise has EVER fallen in such manner due to fire. We KNOW that serious experts contested the breaking of shear studs
      and that NIST engineers themselves doubted the methods being used compiling the report
      We know that major fire studies by Cardington institute with fires burning hotter and much longer produced NO such differential stresses breaking the shear studs.
      Yet NIST said that’s what happened.
      An NISTs ENTIRE theory rests upon those shear stud breaks.

      Recent studies presented
      based on study of WTC7 plans have utterly refuted the possibility of the axial expansion as presented by NIST, showing the strength of connection at column 79 seat and the skewed parameters of modeling data preclude seat failure.
      [NIST equations done on UNrestrained steel][Plates securing both sides of vertical girder flange to column,TWO lines of shear studs on internal girders], a presentation adding to the excellent work done by AE911truth researchers and definitive WTC7 ‘Mysterious Collapse’ book by D R Griffin, which identifies just HOW the differential stresses were CREATED in the model to crack the critical shear stud NCSTAR1-9:352 “No thermal Expansion or material degradation was considered for the concrete slab, as the slab was not heated in this analysis.

      Author – rogermorris

      • Albury Smith says:

        I have no idea what the “Cardington institute” is, Roger, but the fire tests conducted by the U. of Edinburgh, the Imperial College of Science, British Steel (Corus PLC), SCI, BRE, etc. at the village of Cardington in Bedfordshire used an 8-story structure with no spans >9 meters, entirely different connections from those in WTC 7, and no asymmetrical areas even remotely comparable to the condition NE of Col. 79 in WTC 7. The floors were composite, but no mention of shear studs is made in their June, 2000 conclusions.
        If you have any statements by Dr. Asif Usmani or any of his fellow Cardington researchers that disagree with the NIST findings, please feel free to post links to them. You’ve obviously read their report as carefully as you’ve read NCSTAR 1A and 1-9, i.e. not at all, and are incapable of understanding that differential thermal expansion was inevitable in WTC 7 while being prevented by design in the Cardington frame.
        Do you even have a plausible motive and perpetrator for this alleged C/D at 5:21 PM on 9/11? You run away whenever I ask you to explain why Silverstein collected ~$4.68 BILLION from 12 different insurance companies if he publicly admitted to it, and couldn’t even begin to explain what difference the collapse could possibly have made in post-9/11 US foreign policy decisions. Do you ever actually THINK, or just blindly regurgitate truther crap?

        • rogermorris says:

          Cardington fires REALLY DID burn much hotter and MUCH longer than anything HYPOTHESIZED by creatioNIST modeling albright, and shear-studs held in those REAL tests. Everything sagged remember . Beams didn’t magically axially expand STRAIGHT infront collapsing entire structure in ‘never before’ split second ‘cascade’ scenario. Longer beams would SAG. And shear-studs are known to HOLD in ‘normal office furnishings fires’, that’s why they are THERE. infact PROE and THOMAS told NIST shear-stud behavior as hypothesised by NIST was ‘not in their experience at all’.
          What you do not relate is the critical creatioNIST computer moment “shear-stud break.” “thermal expansion was inevitable’ yes. But the DIFFERENTIALS required to BREAK the shear-studs WEREN’T, In fact, the differentials were unachievable in NIST modeling as in REAL LIFE until NIST CREATED them by TURNING the HEAT OFF the CONCRETE floor slabs in the model [NCSTAR1-9:352] Producing The ‘new phenomenon’ of Shyam ‘Pinocchio’ Sunder – bringing down an 81 vertically columned 47 storied steel framed high rise in 6.5 seconds. 2.25s at FREE FALL. Your silversteinian broken wing flappings are to avoid discussing the 2.25 second FREE FALL as EVIDENCE of controlled demolition. Is a way of avoiding Controlled demolition as the ONLY way buildings of this complexity and size can suddenly and completely disintegrate STRAIGHT down into their own footprint AT FREE FALL. all concrete pulverized into nanothermate riddled DUST storms.

          Quite an achievement you are backing there albury.

  2. nyrdubs says:

    There’s always a counter point to everything..there’s more factual evidence showing that the government DID NOT commit 911 but rather some pissed off muslims. The country would not land an attack on itself costing $1.45 Trillion, if we wanted to be classified as warmongers needing a reason for war we would attack something somewhere else. The money is just too substantial.

    As for building 7, the building was FAR more damaged than conspiracy theorists let on. Not to mention it may have looked like controlled demolitions but in reality if you look through real hard architectural facts you will see that every skyscraper is designed to collapse on itself if damaged in order to prevent it just falling over onto other buildings.

    Most conspiracy theory sites are in actuality put in place by the government to give a sense of intimidation and power to the U.S. citizens, in essence make them fear the government.

    I will argue any conspiracy theory that the government did not commit 9/11

  3. ascendedmasta says:

    Good post Diesel. This is a very important video! And I see that it is hard to prove what he said, but the fact of the matter is, that he KNEW a Rockefeller, and it seems to me that this Rockefeller divulged information to this brave man, who unlike many of the ruling elite, had a conscience.

    Whenever i try to tell people the truth about 911, they turn their backs on it. They can’t see the evidence because they are blinded by a deep seeded desire to be ignorant. Ignorant of the fact that our government has killed thousands of their own people, just to go into a war and kill hundreds of thousands more…all for selfish wants of money and control.

  4. Neoslotty says:

    What utter unsubstantiated nonsense!!

    • @dieselpokers says:

      The truth hurts sometimes. 🙂

      • Neoslotty says:

        Yes I agree that sometimes the truth hurts but how does saying that make what was stated in the video any more credible? Whether I like or dislike what was stated has nothing to do with the truth of the statement. Russo can no more substantiate his accusation then I could by saying that the Martian ambassador informed me that we will soon be invaded by Venus..

        • @dieselpokers says:

          We can sit around all day and try to rationalize what has happened but I have investigated history and this event enough to realize that we have been lied to. Denying that fact without investigating yourself is just ignorant.

          How about building 7 at the WTC? There is no rational evidence to explain how that building collapsed without being a set demolition.

          I will argue any “fact” about 9/11 and show you the methods of deception our government has placed on us.

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