Cluster Headaches? The Cure Might Just Be…LSD?!

Cluster Headaches. The name alone says it all. I’m such a wuss that even the slightest discomfort in my head transforms me into an irritable, short-tempered jerk.

Now imagine having headaches so intense that they can be described as “having a blowtorch applied to your eye”, “a red-hot-poker shoved into your skull”,  or “the back of your eyeball being squeezed in a constantly tightening vice.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, now picture you got these types of headaches multiple times a day, sometimes for months at a time, and sometimes on a schedule that was alarmingly precise. The pain is so intense, and the feeling of helplessness so palpable, that cluster headaches are often referred to as the “suicide headache” as described in the video below.

psychedelic mushrooms

Psilocybe Cubensis

Many sufferers have either found no relief from existing prescription medicines, or have been scared off by extremely harsh side effects. Some have embraced a seemingly controversial choice for relieving their symptoms: psilocybin, AKA “magic mushrooms.” Psilocybin is often referred to as a naturally-occurring relative of LSD.

Dr. John Halpern of Mclean Hospital, near Boston, was quoted as saying these patients “would take LSD or psilocybin across 10, 15 days, a few times, and the whole cycle would end early and the remission time between cycles would extend.”

Dr. Halpern and other researchers from Harvard University have developed a form of LSD called BOL-148, which is basically LSD without the hallucinogenic effect. Halpern, the lead designer of the drug, explains that the process involves “…replacing one hydrogen atom with a bromide that is so large, the LSD can’t fit into the receptor that is involved with causing hallucinogenic affects…. “The doctor in me is saying ‘Wow, wow, wow, This is just amazing.'”

The drug has been tested in Europe with encouraging results. According to Halpern, one of the test subjects had a 27-year history of cluster headaches. A 2- to 3- milligram oral dose of  BOL-148 on day zero, five, and 10, just three doses, led to the subject going a year without a single attack.

Although early results are promising, FDA approval is not on the horizon. Halpern has founded his own company to continue research and production of the drug.

While this story is promising for people who wish to cure their cluster headaches without the associated hallucinogenic experience, it is criminal that in the USA, people who suffer from a debilitating condition cannot pursue the medicine that helps them without the specter of jail hanging over them.

Even more upsetting is seeing the US Government talk out of both sides of their mouth. Marijuana in its natural form has no medicinal use, they still claim. If marijuana has no medical use, then why are these drugs either derived from ingredients found in marijuana or synthesized to recreate the naturally-occuring substances in marijuana? It’s a twofold reason, folks: money and control.

Big Pharma

Bought and paid for. Click to enlarge.

The US Government, which is bought and paid for by Big Pharma, doesn’t have a vested interest in you getting well. They do, however, have a vested interest in making money for their friends and associates. Also note that most of these Big Pharma drugs will remove the “high” from its natural state. Experimenting with drugs leads to free thinking and the ability to see through the weave of lies that we all are exposed to every day. The government CERTAINLY does not want you developing conscious awareness.

End the war on drugs. It is a war on people, and it is fought at the behest of Big Pharma.

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7 Responses to Cluster Headaches? The Cure Might Just Be…LSD?!

  1. jhon says:

    my friend has suffered cluster headaches for many years , nearly 2 weeks ago, after suffering 6 months of pain he took a very low dose of Lsd and has been pain free for 10 days now. He told me today that he has been having hot showers instead of the cold ones he has been taking for the last 6 months and reports that he has not felt so well for so long without even a shadow of a headache, Wonder-filled news.Previously he had tried all sorts of pain management from pethedine to other ergotamine drugs and even has had an electro accupuncture needle surgically inserted in the back of his head which is powered by a battery pack housed in his abdomen .

  2. DaHubz says:

    Are you familiar with Migranal? It’s a DHE (dihydroergotamine) medication used specifically to help break the onset of migraine and/or cluster headache. It’s a nasal spray, doesn’t seem to have a strong incidence of side effects (leaving a bad taste in your mouth is very common, as is congestion) and helps an awful lot of people.
    It isn’t perfect, and it doesn’t work for everyone, but it is available by prescription, along with a wide range of triptophan and LSD/ergot based meds specifically targeted to help relieve cluster headaches, as well as those that are less overwhelming.

  3. cf. says:

    Came across the article, thought you might find it interesting!

  4. cf. says:

    Why allow us to use substances like this when they can get us hooked into highly priced prescriptions? They blacklist certain, more natural, chemicals in favor of those that turn out the most profit. These drugs often have a laundry list of negative side-effects, many of which contradict what we were trying to battle in the first place! The worst part is, far too many people buy into it. Interesting post. Thank you.

    • phdinweed says:

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Be sure to spreak the word and come back often; we constantly have new content. I use marijuana medicinally instead of prescription antidepressants.

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