Super Bowl XLVI Analysis and Prediction

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Super Bowl XLVI

Super Bowl XLVI has so many storylines.

I plan to go over the storylines that I think are important, and predict the winner of Super Bowl XLVI.

Giants Vs Patriots (-2.5)

The spread alone I think is interesting.

How are the Patriots favored?

Rob Gronkowski has a high ankle sprain (the same injury that kept Osi Umenyiora out for a month). The Giants defense is obviously better than the Patriots defense and Eli Manning is playing at an unbelivable level.

Tom Brady is coming off of his worst playoff performance of his career against the Ravens. The Giants beat the best “TEAM” in the playoffs (49ers).

Still no respect for the Giants..

New York Giants LogoGiants Gameplan:

It is no secret that the Giants are going to need to hit Tom Brady to beat the Patriots.

The Giants gameplan should be simple:

1.) NO Turnovers

2.) Hit/Sack Tom Brady

3.) Efficient Offensive Play (control clock, long drives, touchdowns)

If the Giants  successfully do all three, they will be Super Bowl Champs.

Patriots Gameplan:New England Patriots Logo

Unlike the Giants, I feel the Patriots have a much more complicated gameplan:

1.) Protect Tom Brady

2.) Establish a consistent running game

3.) Gronkowski MUST be a factor, especially early in the game

4.) Force Eli into making a mistake, Takeaways are a MUST HAVE for the Patriots.

With both gameplans displayed, it will be interesting to see which team can dictate the pace and impose their will in this game.


The Super Bowl is where a player’s legacy can be carved into stone for better or for worse. Lets see how the outcome of this game can impact their legacy.


Eli Manning:

With a victory in the Super Bowl, Eli Manning will become the greatest Giants quarterback in team history. Eli will also have done two things his brother has not, beat Tom Brady twice in the playoffs and win two Super Bowls (both against Brady).

That is very impressive. Brady and Belichick could be the best quarterback/coach duo in NFL History and to have both of your championships come against them would be epic.

Finally, the “Who is the better Manning?” conversation will definitely heat up. Peyton is the best regular season quarterback ever, yet Eli might have two rings and Eli’s record in the playoffs is far better than Peytons’.

If Eli wins this game (especially in the fashion he has been winning so far) than I honestly would take Eli over Peyton. Championships are the measure of elite quarterbacks, it is unfair, but true.

Tom Coughlin:

Tom CoughlinHe has been under fire all year and now has a chance to cement his legacy as one of the best coaches in Giants history.

How unreal is that?

Coughlin was supposed to be fired about 3-5 times in his coaching career with the Giants, yet he finds a way to make it to the Super Bowl.

If the Giants do win, he is 2nd in my book in all-time Giant coaches (Parcells 1st).

Also, with a win, I see Coughlin retiring.

For a man who has been under fire throughout his coaching career, I believe he deserves to go out on top and shut everybody up about his coaching ability.

What better way than to beat Brady and Belichick for the 2nd time in the Super Bowl?

Tom Brady:Tom Brady Patriots

Brady has a shot at redemption against the Giants.

If he does succeed in his attempt, Brady will undoubtedly be the best quarterback in NFL History. Also Brady is 34 years old, who says he can not win a 5th?

4 Superbowl rings and the all-time leader in postseason wins with 17?


In this era of free agency, it is remarkable to win three super bowls, but 4 would be astonishing in my opinion.

Rob Gronkowski:

Playing injured demands respect.Rob Gronkowski

Playing injured and still being a force to be reckoned in the Super Bowl is another level of respect.

Gronkowski has been unstoppable all year. If he can add a super bowl ring to his resume for this season, it will go down as the best season a tight end could have in NFL History.

Gronkowski has a chance to become a legend and he is only in his 2nd season.

You are never too young to become a legend, and Gronkowski has that opportunity.

Bill Belichick:

Like Brady, If Belichick can win, I think he is the best coach in NFL History.

6 Super bowl titles (4 as a head coach) would be a huge achievement and I don’t think he would need to do any more to be recognized as the best ever.

Nobody prepares like Belichick. His attention to detail is superb and his in-game management is as close to perfect as you can get.

He already is a legend in my opinion, but a win here cements it as common knowledge (same for Brady).

My Prediction:

31-28 Giants Win

In the end I see the Giants coming out on top.

I feel that the Patriots are too dependant on Tom Brady and I do not see the Patriots being able to force turnovers against Eli.

The Giants have the perfect formula to beat the Patriots. They have an outstanding front four that will get after the pass-happy Patriots. Also the Patriots run-game I believe is not consistent enough to keep the defense honest.

Gronkowski needs to be full-strength, but with him limited, I see Brady struggling to find open receivers and the pass rush will be too much for Brady to handle.

Eli Manning Super Bowl

Another Championship for Eli


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