TSA Agent Allegedly Lets Rapper Keep His Weed

Rapper Freddie Gibbs claims he allegedly found a “Notice of Baggage Inspection” from the Transportation Security Administration in his suitcase, which held his fully intact bag of weed,  that read “C’mon Son”

Freddie Gibbs, who recently formed the hip hop group P.O.C. (Pulled Over by the Cops) with a couple guys from The Cool Kids, tweeted the picture. “The TSA found my weed and let me keep it. They just left me a note. ‘C’mon Son’. Lol.”

Freddie’s claim does raise a few eyebrows, so what do you think of Gibbs’ tweet? Real or fake?

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One Response to TSA Agent Allegedly Lets Rapper Keep His Weed

  1. judithatwood says:

    How odd is that? I mean, dope is a lot less dangerous than explosives, but really?

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