What Can One Person Do?

We’re all guilty of it. Something patently unfair happens, whether it be a government regulation, an HR directive, or what have you. You’re outraged, but think to yourself “That’s the way its always been; one person can’t change anything”, or “if I speak up, I’m just making myself a target.”

I’m here to tell you, NO MORE! I know I speak on behalf of the team when I say that we will not be silenced. We are here to spread truth, and nowhere is the truth in shorter supply than in the realm of American politics.

Obama worst president ever

Worst. President. Ever.

This country now has more debt accumulated than it takes in annually. Our current “leader”, President Obama, has generated more debt in less than one term than EVERY ADMINISTRATION BEFORE HIM COMBINED!

Obamacare Nancy Pelosi


Congress has been bought and paid for by special interests, whether they come in the form of labor unions, large corporations, or the military-industrial complex. This is a non-partisan post. Republicans and Democrats are equally awful. They propose and pass legislation (such as SOPA, PIPA, and Obamacare) over the wishes of the majority of the American citizenry, then exempt themselves from its provisions!

The time is fast approaching where we will be in a complete and utter police state. Not like the one we currently have, where we are told that we are “free” when nothing could be further from the truth. This will be a rigid, totalitarian state. A state where we are not free to come and go as we please, or question the government, or buy and sell without government identification.

Frank Zappa said it best: “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

What will you do then? Will you have the courage to stand up against the State? Or will you continue to submit, offering up the usual excuses like “I have a family to feed; I can’t rock the boat.” Perhaps you’ll shrug your shoulders and say “What can one person do against the State?”

Here’s an account of one person against the State:

‎”And when at last this rebellion compelled the British Government to use the only power that any Government has — force, used with general consent — and British troops moved into Boston to restore order, Americans did not consent. They stood up and fought the British Regulars. 

One man began that war. And who knows his name? 

He was a farmer, asleep in his bed, when someone pounded on his door and shouted in the night, ‘The troops are coming!’ 

What could he do against the King’s troops? One man. If he had been the King, that would have been different; then he could have done great things. Then he could have set everything to rights, he could have made everyone good and prosperous and happy, he could have changed the course of history. But he was not a King, not a Royal Governor, not a rich man, not even prosperous, not important at all, not even known outside the neighborhood. What could he do? What was the use of his trying to do anything? One man, even a few men, can not stand against the King’s troops. He had a wife and children to think of; what would become of them, if he acted like a fool? 

Most men had better sense; most men knew they could do nothing and they stayed in bed, that night in Lexington. But one man got up. He put on his clothes and took his gun and went out to meet the King’s troops. He was one man who did not consent to a control which he knew did not exist. 

The fight on the road to Lexington did not defeat the British troops. What that man did was to fire a shot heard around the world, and still heard… 

That shot was the first sound of a common man’s voice that the Old World ever heard. For the first time in all history, an individual spoke, an ordinary man, unknown, unimportant, disregarded, without rank, without power, without influence. 

Not acting under orders, not led, but standing on his own feet, acting from his own will, responsible, self-controlling, he fired on the King’s troops. He defied a world-empire

The sound of that shot said: Government has no power but force; it can not control any man. 

No one knows who began the American Revolution. Only his neighbors ever knew him, and no one now remembers any of them. He was an unknown man, an individual, the only force that can ever defend freedom.”

The above was taken from The Discovery of Freedom: Man’s Struggle Against Authority by Rose Wilder Lane, the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I wish to also note that this post was inspired by the Facebook page “When Treason to Liberty Goes Unnoticed.” They are criminally underrepresented.

When the time comes, I pledge to be that farmer. Do you?

Yours in freedom,

Chris @phdinweed


About phdinweed
Father of 2 sons on the autism spectrum, wage slave, socially functional nerd of all sorts. Just entered my 40's, but still love video games (RPGs especially), cartoons, fart jokes, and getting nice.

9 Responses to What Can One Person Do?

  1. Mu says:

    So…here I am searching the internet looking for articles on “Zazen”. I see a link to “Zazenlife”, I get excited in anticipation to glance at new perspective on Zazen, or a fresh take on non dualism or an exposition on the nature of emptiness. And then I found this page….(SMH) The lesson I learned: The nature of existence is suffering…

  2. It’s A Great Country!
    Many people (over last fifty years)have not voted.). I voted every election. Now. I ask wtf did I do wrong!
    Both parties are responsible. Aren’t we, the people, who
    have failed.?

    I am optimistic about the future, because your generation (and younger) will cut all this crap out.

    Why do we avoid working/sharing with people who live in large and smaller cities?

    Why do we continue to make nonprofit groups wealthy?

    Why does our Country scatter money to countries who don’t buy from us? Nor to the ones who hate us?

    Taxes should be paid by Companies who build in Europe?

    We must, no longer, support dictators, as we have done in the past!

    Isn’t it t time that we become creative, critical thinkers — and teach our children differently..

    I am not Catholic, but admire the Jesuits’ adherence to their beliefs and values. Before complaining about priests, remember, all churches have problems! Our Public School System Sucks. Give them back to teachers. . . .

    I preached , 25 years ago, “If I had been a teacher, I would have encouraged entrepreneurs!”

    There is much that could be eliminated in our schools, counties, cities,and Federal Government. There is waste, in the the Veterans Administration, Dept of Education, and Community Action. I could go on, on and on!

    There was a huge scandal in Ohio last year. I didn’t even see anything published in Newspapers. The Federal Government lost thousands of dollars!

    Research the waste in mental health programs, if you want to become depressed.

    I love our country, and , hopefully, younger people will march ahead—with passion to eliminate the bureaucracy which limits growth, and encourages greed. Look ahead, because, there are many young people starting businesses. No longer can people say, “You don’t have the money. You can’t do that!”

    Thanks for the Post. Maybe Americans will awaken.

    Hello World!.

    • phdinweed says:

      Thanks for returning Charlie! always good to hear from you! I do hope that my generation and the ones after it will turn things right, but I’m sad to say I dont think its going to happen peacefully.

  3. great fodder and i respect your perceptive. i do just have a few points:

    – saying that president obama has accumulated the more debt than all previous administrations combined is a overt and insubstanctial point. of course thats he case, b/c the US debt is compounded. you must also figure in that president Bush started 2 wars thus in we are still paying for during the current president’s term.

    – just going back one president (Bush) he had EIGHT years to do all he wanted to do, but yet we want to find fault for obama not being able to fix it all in just 3.5 years? another mathematical impossibility.

    – oh and lets not even get into the race arena. with a racist ass like boehner as speaker of the house – this type of conjecture is obvious. this is the only president that no one address as the “president” amongst a million other oxymorons…

    – the GOP is hyper pointed on getting Obama out sooo bad, that they have no real plan on what to do outside of O’s removal. the only plan they have is to get rid of obama. so really, what’s the point?!

    all in all, we must understand politics on the macro level. the president is a puppet himself and is truly run by cooperate interest.

    • phdinweed says:

      I heartily agree, Dimitri, and thanks for taking the time to comment. I in no way am defending previous administrations. Bush was awful, and left a bonfire of problems for Obama. That being said, Obama took that fire and doused it with gasoline, ramming through a failed stimulus, wall street bailouts, government takeover of GM, and then the job-killing piece of insanity of Obamacare. Both Republicans and Democrats are complicit, and we will certainly not be a superpower for long at the current rate.

      • gotcha and i too agree! the current system as all things will conclude and collapse. even the biggest stars in the universe fall back down and crush themselves.

        • emr says:

          You know I really never thought it could get worse than Bush, voting for Obama was one of the highlights of my life. He had disappointed me a bit but, I just excused it for the obvious reasons…then he passed the NDAA after swearing to veto it. And on that day, he became the WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY. I cannot stand watching so many of my friends vote for him again after all the sh*t they gave Republicans over re-electing Bush with the whole Patriot Act fiasco. It’s sickening. If we do what they did, we are no better. DO NOT RE-ELECT THIS MAN. He is guilty of treason.

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