Morgellons Disease: Is it a Delusion?

WARNING: While writing this I became very itchy. You may also become itchy when reading it.

In 2002, stay-at-home-mom Mary Leitao discovered strange sores under her two-year-old sons lip. He started to complain about “bugs”, but Mary did not see anything.

She later examined the sores and found red, black, and white fibers around the sores. She took him to multiple doctors who couldn’t find anything. There was no rash, disease or ailment regarding his symptoms. Even the best doctors could not find anything wrong with her son.

Fibers and cuts from Morgellons Disease

Fibers are seen under the sores of a Morgellons patient

Doctors actually recommended that Mary should have psychiatric evaluations.

They told her that she might suffer from “Munchausen’s by proxy, a psychiatric syndrome in which a parent pretends a child is sick, or even makes them sick to get attention from the medical system.”

Since no medical professionals can figure out what was wrong with him, Mary and husband Edward Leitao named it Morgellons Disease, and diagnosed their son with it.

Morgellons Disease is a “skin disorder” that consists of symptoms such as biting, crawling, and stinging sensations in the skin. Skin lesions form with multi-colored fibers under them. People suffering from these symptoms say that there are bugs under their skin, but when examined, nothing is found but the strange fibers.

Some believe it is a “Delusional Infestation”

The first government study of this condition stated that it is not infectious and it probably isn’t caused by the environment.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently had a study regarding this matter. Researchers said that Morgellons disease is rather a mental illness which should be treated with the same medication given to people who suffer from delusions.

Recent studies actually show that in a lot of the cases, those strange fibers are only cotton from clothing.

Obviously, people suffering from Morgellons don’t want to hear this, especially 49-year-old Cindy Casey.

Casey was a nurse for 16 years in the California Bay Area where multiple cases of Morgellons have been reported. She recently went on disability from Morgellons, and now runs a research foundation for it. She simply stated:

“We Just want to be acknowledged. This is not a delusion. We would really love to understand the etiology and be able to hope for some kind of treatment. A cure is really too much to ask for at this point, but to be able to manage the symptoms would be good.”

Some believe it is in fact a biological disease, and it needs more work

“If you had these fibers coming out of your skin, wouldn’t you go a little nuts?”

man scratching his arms morgellons disease

Is Morgellons disease all in your head?

This was an obvious but great point made by Dr. Raphael Stricker, a Lyme disease specialist.

He has treated more than 60 people in the Bay area that claim they have Morgellons.

He has seen these strange fibers growing out of the skin of some people, and he says that it is much more than a mental illness. Stricker has been working hard on his own research regarding this skin ailment, and has come to one conclusion:

“We need to do more work, because we don’t really understand this disease.”

So is Morgellons a real biological disease, or is it a delusion caused by the minds of the psychologically ill?

For more detailed medical information on this issue see WebMD Health News article “Morgellons Disease May be Psychiatric Disorder”




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6 Responses to Morgellons Disease: Is it a Delusion?

  1. I am a singer/guitarist for a living and about a year ago i had places come up on my head in my hair and thought i had contracted bot flys from a misquito that may have stung me carrying bot fly eggs on it while living in tucson sister in law had the same thing come up on her and she went to the hospital only to be told she was a meth head and was delusional and refused to treat her or even admit anything was wrong with her….i am not a meth user nor am i delusional infact after hearing what happened to her i didnt go seek treatment i cut into one of the places on my head and cut out a large larva looking creature growing in my head and still thinking it may be bot fly because thats how they start and after removing several of them “ONLY ON MY HEAD” now the big ones are gone but i still have little places that are now showing signs of what others are claiming is MORGELLONS i researched and found from reliable sources that the u.s. dept. of agrecullture has gave approval for G.M.O. meaning genetically modified organism in fruits and veggies to the synthetic biology industry for experimentation on humans and these same sources are claiming people have been shot and killed that spoke up about it because of fears of major law suits from it…so it looks like our government is experimenting on all of us…to me that explains why doctors are blowing it off as delusional…i for one am not going to sit back and take this shit if there’s truth to this…i have people in key places and i dam well intend on getting to the bottom of this even if it costs me my life so im telling them now to COME SHUT ME UP so if i come up shot or killed after posting this then everyone better know this is truth…after living 52 yrs and seeing them do just about anything they want to us including agent orange i dont put nothing past them..and everyone needs to get envolved and find out all we can about this thing the center for disease control is not even trying to say anything about it either except its delusional …id rather be dead than to sit back and be lied to or experimented on without my consent and be told im crazy…i will find out the truth one way or another …my undieing will to find out whats wrong with my body and why they are covering it up will not be denied …ive been clinically dead twice andi havent come this far to go out like thisif im wrong ill be the first to admit it but i dont think i am…delusional is a word thrown out there to cover up the TRUTH….”understand me now” i suppose joni mitchell is delusional too…she has it too and so does a million other delusional people….maybe she needs to read this so we can all be delusional togather….my research will continue where the C.D.C. stops….we deserve to know what this is before it gets any worse please eveyone that sees this share it make it go viral untill our government stops playing games with our lives…..god bless you all and may he help us find the truth…

  2. Dawn says:

    Interesting post; I’ve not heard of this. Has cotton been found in other people who don’t feel the “bugs”?

    • breakinbadd says:

      When doctors found that it was only fabrics from clothing in some cases, the reason was that they would scratch so much and create dry skin or sometimes cuts in the skin. The. The fabric from clothing would stick to the dry skin or cuts. But this was only in some cases. Others actually had fibers growing under their skin.

  3. willofheart says:

    thanks for sharing this article I never heard this condition before but now I learn something form this post …

  4. judithatwood says:

    Sadly, this attitude is all too common, especially as concerns women. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, cancer, fungal infections of the skin — these are only just the beginning. Doctors who misdiagnose, or who offer predictions about life expectancy, (especially to a 14 year old kid, which I was when my doc said I’d be dead at 40, and aided to me ruining my life and my health,) have absolutely no problem, even when learning there was a misdiagnosis. It was just a mistake, everybody’s human, etc. — never I’m sorry, I was wrong. Shameful, completely shameful, but most such doctors seem to be immune to shame.

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