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Written by: @Kingswagger29

The position of the point guard has changed the NBA and basketball in recent years.

We have had many types of Point guards, such as Hall of Famers like Magic Johnson, John Stockton, Bob Cousy, Oscar Robertson, and Isaiah Thomas. All of these players added so much heart and poise to the game of basketball and their respected teams. Point guard is one of the most significant positions on the floor in the league.

Having a leader at point guard can bring your team to the next level.

Perfect Example of this is Chris Paul and his move to the Clippers. He completely shifted the teams dimension when he landed in Los Angeles, leading them to a good start to the season at 8-4.

Skills Needed to be a Top Point Guard:

  1. Be a general on the floor
  2. Control the tempo, rhythm , and flow of the offense
  3. Agility
  4. Defensive stopper

Top 10 Point Guards of 2012

1.       Chris Paul- By far the most versatile point guard and floor general the league has seen in a while. He is the type of point guard that thoroughly crafts his game in order to facilitate his team’s offensive flow. Now with the move to LA, he will have a free for all with Griffin, Billups, and Butler.

2.       Derrick Rose- All I can say when I see him play or hear his name is WOW! He has brought the Bulls back from the dead, after the 90’s Jordan era. He is an offensive juggernaut and a close runner up for #1 Guard. Last year’s MVP, he has proven he has a great feel for the Point Guard position. He will be a multiple MVP winner, something which was not obtained in the NBA, as a Point guard.

3.       Deron Williams- Probably the most well-rounded point guard in the NBA. Williams has a great ability to score, strong body for the point guard position. Williams can defend, drive, shoot the long ball with ease, dunk, and make those around him better. Complete package that will have a productive career in Jersey.

4.       Steve Nash- Old man at 37? I think not, he is simply still the best shooter by far in the NBA, from beyond the arc and the free throw line. He still keeps a top 5 slot in my opinion at his veteran age. He will probably retire and go back to Canada to play, he is remarkable. He continues to put up numbers, with no talent around him this year. Nash who has the “surfer dude” look, is no sleeper, he will be in it for a long time.

5.       Rajon Rondo- Has pure basketball IQ sees the court so clearly, allowing the big three to put up big numbers. However he has been somewhat of over hyped in my opining. Yes he is a top point guard and he ranks in at 3 because of his surrounding players. He has a great cast which helps his game. A poor shooter, who only has one go to move. I will give him the title as the best defensive guard in the league, as well as stat filler. Records a double- double each game, which is why I rank him as 5th.

6.       Russell Westbrook- He is a freak of an athlete, at the point guard position. My only problem with him is that is he really a Point Guard? I feel that he is more of a Shooting guard, hence the fact he is an inconsistent shooter. He can run the floor and rise with the biggest guys on the court, but he doesn’t have that floor general presence. People may argue Rose and Westbrook are similar, but I have the perfect reasons why that are not similar- Rose…… MVP……  If he can learn that the offense is run through Durant, then his stock will rise.

7.       Jason Kidd- Another veteran, who in I absolutely love. Kidd has always been a flashy passer, great defender, and consistent shooter. Now with the long years attached to his resume, he has developed a more fluid shot. He finally got his ring, in 3 attempts last season with Dallas. Based on his hustle, court vision, and defense I keep Kidd at number 7.

8.       Brandon Jennings- A player with a great swagger, who is a hard nose point guard. He continues to elevate his game. He has great work ethic and a good feel for the game; I can see him climbing the ladder in the next 2 seasons.

9.       Stephen Curry- Most reliable shooter at the point guard spot. Some people may have not even considered Curry. I feel that in Golden State, even with Monta Ellis, Curry fills the point guard role the best. Curry gets into the lane, can create his own shot as we are all aware of with his College Career at Davidson. He has great vision as well, a solid spot at number 9 for Curry.

10.    Ricky Rubio- We all waited for Ricky to come to Minnesota. He finally arrives and has not disappointed. He has made a name for himself early on in his rookie career. A draft this year which had many point guards, Rubio coming back this year added more depth to the rookie guards. He has found a home in Minnesota and has a young supporting cast that will help him rack up the assists column. I went out on a limb here, but I like to see where he finishes off this season in the point guard categories for the 2012 season.

This is my rankings for the top 10 point guards this season.

The guard is such a valuable part of basketball and it’s nice to break it down to see that the best guys at the spot are. Enjoy the rankings looking forward to hear some feedback in the comments section!

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3 Responses to Top 10 NBA Point Guards

  1. Steve says:

    1. Say there has never been multiple MVP winner at guard ever…what about nash going back to back MVP?

    2. J Kidd is averaging 4ppg and 5apg, how is that the 7 best current PG in NBA?

    3. Ty Lawson has the nuggets 2nd best record in West and averaging 16 and 7, Lowry has a terrible Rockets team 10-7 tied with the Mavs averaging 17 and 8………..Stephen Curry averaging 14 and 5 with a 5-10 warriors team and in the top 5 at PG in turnovers per game, doesn’t sound like a top 15 PG in NBA


  2. john says:

    No steve nash? Really? two time mvp, no help around him and they’re always relevant because of him. Otherwise, i agree with your list.

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