Patriots Get By, Beat Ravens 23-20

Billy Cundiff, Ravens

Nice Kick Billy!

First off, all Patriot fans can thank Billy Cundiff for giving his best Doug Brien impression and losing the game for the Ravens.

The Ravens should have won this game, but Billy Cundiff decided he wanted to start his offseason early. I can only imagine what the locker room was like after the game for the Ravens. 

Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Terrell Suggs must have wanted to KILL someone (again, in Ray lewis’ case) and I do not blame them.

Tom Brady had a very sub-par day going  22/36 for 259 yards and 2 INT.

It didn’t matter in the end because the Patriots defense stepped up and the Ravens let themselves down.

Vince Wilfork was a force to be reckoned with. He had 6 tackles and a sack. That is a GREAT day considering he is the nose tackle and his role is to clog up blockers for the linebackers.

The rest of the Patriots’ defense stepped up big time in crucial situations as well. For example, after a Patriot special team blunder by Danny Woodhead, the Ravens were in great position to score a touchdown and really put the pressure on the Patriots offense.

Instead, the Ravens ended up settling for a field goal and a 20-16 lead. You CAN NOT SETTLE against the Patriots, you have to take advantage of the few mistakes they make.

The Ravens saved their worst for last unfortunately.

After the Patriots took the lead 23-20, the Ravens had an impressive looking drive to either tie or win the game.

This could have been a redefining moment for Joe Flacco, going on the road and leading a game-winning drive against the Patriots and sending his team to the Super Bowl in the process.

Don’t  get me wrong; Flacco played very well in this game, but his perception amongst his Ravens fan base is poor to say the least.

The killer was Flacco throwing a perfect pass to Lee Evans who seemed to catch it in the end zone only to have it knocked away in a split second. It was a bad drop, especially from a veteran. That catch sends you to the Super Bowl.


Despite Evans’ butterfingers, the Ravens were well into Cundiff’s range and the game seem destined for overtime.

Until Billy Cundiff forgot how to kick the ball.

Two unexplainable miscues screwed the Ravens and sent them home. Another year Suggs and Reed go without a ring (or least an appearance).

The Patriots do deserve credit though. They did not give up and did not let turnovers rattle them which is a testament to a true championship team.

The Patriots were able to keep Ray Rice in check the whole game. Rice only gained 67 yards rushing and considering how badly this defense played during the year, that is amazing.

On the offensive side of the ball, BenJarvis Green-Ellis also chipped in with a productive performance, logging 15 carries for 68 yards and a touchdown. Green-Ellis was a good change of pace to Brady’s quick passing game which the Ravens were prepared to stop.

The Patriots played well enough to win, but not by much.

I honestly feel bad for the Ravens.

Flacco played well, the defense did everything it could to contain Tom Brady and his passing attack, and they forced turnovers.

 In the end, it just was not enough and if I was a Ravens fan, I wouldn’t be getting over this photo anytime soon.

Robert Kraft, Patriots Owner

The AFC Championship Trophy Held by Mr. Kraft




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4 Responses to Patriots Get By, Beat Ravens 23-20

  1. judithatwood says:

    GO PATS!!!

    • breakinbadd says:

      Are you from new England? I am a Colt fan so I’m not to fond of the Patriots.
      They are a pretty awesome team though! haha

      • judithatwood says:

        I’m from coastal Maine, and we don’t have any pro-sports top level teams in my state at all. So yes, I am a Patriots fan. I was embarrassed for them last night — for the offense, anyway. Baltimore blew a couple of good chances to tie up, or win, but they let it get away. And as you said in the article, you cannot settle with the Patriots. They are the best final-five-minute I’ve ever seen. And the Pats can surely thank Cundiff — he handed them the game. But hey, at least Peyton’s brother made it to the big game!

        • breakinbadd says:

          I didn’t write this article, another author on our site peteydeez did. He is our main sports writer, very knowledgable about football.

          i just happened to see your comment about being a patriot fan and i had to reply haha.
          Ever since I was younger the patriots have burried the colts in the playoffs, thats the only reason i can’t stand them lol. I love discussing the “Who is better, Brady or Manning” question.

          And yea im happy for Eli he has become a GREAT quarterback.

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