Strange Place: “Skinwalker Ranch” and its Paranormal Activity

In 1994, Tom Gorman and his wife purchased a ranch in a remotely strange place in the Uintah Basin of Utah.

They probably did not expect to see UFO’s,mutilated cattle, poltergeist  and strange gigantic creatures in the next couple of years, but they did.

The paranormal activity started in 1996.

Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch

The first sighting was witnessed right outside of their house. They reported seeing a “refrigerator looking vehicle” with white and red lights all over it. When they approached the vehicle, it flew away into the sky.

Next, Tom Gorman witnessed orbs floating over the ranch. They were orange and blue and as big as basketballs. He explained that they contained swirling liquid inside of them that affected his lights and melted his animals. Yes, MELTED HIS ANIMALS!

Tom said that he has seen these orbs multiple times. One of the times, there was a blue structure behind the orbs that were releasing other orbs.

Mrs. Gorman also personally experienced some strange activity. When she was in her car one day, a flying object that resembled an F-117 night-hawk hovered about 20 feet over her car. The second she spotted it, it quickly vanished.

All of this would have made you pack your bags and leave, right?

Well the Gormans stayed around for a little while longer, and it got worse.

One day, the Gormans woke up to mutilated cattle. Their ears and genitals were cut off, and some of them were drained of all their blood.

After finding their cattle like this, they started to look out for predators. One night, they spotted something that looked like a gigantic wolf. When the wolf went to attack their cattle, Tom shot at it. The creature ran off and Tom Gorman approached his cattle. When he got closer, he found a large chunk of the creature. Tom explained that it smelt like rotting meat.

This was one of the so-called “Big-foot” sightings.

The Gormans also reported poltergeist activity in and out of the house. Doors and windows would open and slam shut. Furniture would move all over the house and sometimes even disappear.  One day, Mr. Gorman reported 4 of his bulls stolen. The next day, the bulls appeared in a small trailer all cramped up.

They reported Loud noises coming from beneath their house as well.

Tom Gorman

Tom Gorman

Lastly, Large chunks of soil (hundreds of pounds) were dug up off their ranch, creating crop circles.

Finally, the Gormans had enough and sold the ranch.

Who the hell would want to own this property?

The National Institute for Discovery Science.

After hearing all of the stories and reports, they wanted to do some investigating so they purchased the ranch for $200,000. Some Paranormal activity still occurs there after the Gormans sold the place.

So what are the explanations for all of this activity?

Most people come to the conclusion that the Gormans were hallucinating, or even delusional. Others say that maybe it was military activity because of the remoteness of the ranch.

Some even believe that the Poltergeist activity is the actions of parallel universes crossing paths, or even time travel.

Utah locals explain that it is in fact a curse. ” The ranch is in the path of a Skinwalker” they claim. This has to do with an ancient curse of the Navajo.

The Skinwalker Ranch is one place that we will NOT be visiting in the future.

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6 Responses to Strange Place: “Skinwalker Ranch” and its Paranormal Activity

  1. Tara says:

    I would absolutly love to go here!

  2. judithatwood says:

    Hi. DuckDuckGo is a search engine I decided to try after reading an article about Google.…-as-we-know-it/ Sadly, DDG is just not a very good search engine, for me, at least. It seems to go way too far in the opposite direction from what the article claims Google is doing. I gave it 3 days, but I finally had to go back to Google. Regardless of their strange dips into trying to establish social media and a “smart” Google, it is still a great search engine, at least for now.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Sounds rather bizarre, and what is this Navajo curse you’re talking about…?

    • breakinbadd says:

      The Navajo Curse is supposedly a “Witchcraft” within the Navajo culture. It is said that there is a good side to the Navajo witchcraft that helps good spirits, but there is also a bad side that brings out bad spirits.
      Im guessing that Skinwalker ranch was hauned by the bad ones.

  4. judithatwood says:

    The Gormans (no apostrophe for plurals,) must have convinced somebody in the group that bought the ranch, else why in the world would they have brought it? If the National Institute for Discovery Science is legitimate — and I’m not sure that they are, after a visit to DuckDuckGo, I can’t imagine paying $200,000 for a place that isn’t absolutely of future value to the group.

    • breakinbadd says:

      Yes, I agree with you. After researching this place, It puzzled me that anyone would want to invest money into such a place. I am interested in what else you know about the NIDS.
      Also, What exactly is DuckDuckGo?

      Thanks for the comment!

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