Robots Are Our Future

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Do you want a Robot?

What if I told you that in the near future we will have Robots?

We have toy robots, but wouldn’t it be something special if we had our own Bicentennial man? (Great movie if no one has seen it).

Here are some talents that Robots will have in the near future :

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Move like an Athlete“Petman”

This robot was released by Boston Dynamics in 2011. The Robot has been recorded doing push ups and running on a treadmill. The Petman has a 13 month design stage, followed by 17 month development stage. ( This Robot can be your personal trainer if developed correctly, no more wasted money at the GYM!

the petman robot

The Petman robot can move like an athlete


Resemble a Human“Geminoid”

This robot was assembled by Japanese creators and the robotics firm in Kokoro. This android was no hoax. It was the real thing; it looks like Henrick Scharfe, a professor at Aalborg University in Denmark.

This is an extreme invention that needs plenty of work, or we will have an attack of robots, like the movie “Surrogates.”

Geminoid resembles a person

To the left is a Geminoid robot replicating the woman to the right

Build While Flying MachineFlying Machine”

Robots like these are not that unusual nor out of sight. A team of inventors created a 20 foot tower from lightweight foam packaging blocks. The robot was built by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Continually explore under water– “The Beluga

Created by the Dynamical Control Systems Laboratory, this underwater invention moves like a fish hybrid. They go up and down vertically and are currently being put in 20,000 gallon tanks of water at Princeton. We have natural submarines that stay constantly under water, however they need to surface from time to time.

These robotic submarines can stay for a long period of time as well as gather data of currents, sea animals, and sea life. We lose submarines  because once they are under water it’s them and the sea. These are long-term submarines, meaning they will come back.

Help Astronauts“Robonaut 2″

 NASA uses robotic inventions constantly as a helping hand to explore extra terrestrial life forms, planets, etc.

The landmark exploration on Mars is a perfect example of how robotic inventions help NASA discoveries.

The R2, is human-like, and worked with General motors for the design. The R2 is designed to be able to use the same tools astronauts use. The new invention can spare humans from dangerous events in outer space. It was first launched on October 13, 2011.

Robonaut 2 with astronaut

A Robonaut is a robotic astronaut

ASIMO 2–  This invention was created by Honda.

The world’s most notable humanoid robots is Honda’s two-legged ASIMO 2, which made a  public appearance in November 2011.

The six-foot ASIMO appears more like an astronaut than the latest Robonaut. It can run faster than 5 mph, take the stairs, hop on one foot all with a great deal of independence.

ASIMO 2 doesn’t require a human controller. Embedded sensors and sophisticated programming help it detect the surroundings and autonomously respond to people nearby.

Predictive capabilities allow it to anticipate what to do next. The robot also understands Japanese. Its nimble fingers can gently hold objects and communicate in sign language.

Da Vinci Surgical System

Plastic Surgery Fans, you’re going to love this!

This surgical system was approved by the FDA in 2000 to help assist in surgeries.

A surgeon can manipulate one of several robotic arms, depending on the procedure. Detachable instruments can perform tasks such as suturing and clamping, without the risk of a tremor or shake.

A 3D imaging system shows the surgeon a high-resolution view of what’s happening in real-time, with the ability to shift viewpoints using a pedal mechanism.

According to, Brown University’s Division of Biology and Medicine, this system reduces hospital stays by about half, speeds recovery, lessens pain, and reduces the probability of infection to nearly zero. You’re starting to see more and more medical students being trained on it, hospitals buying these systems, and patients requesting robotic surgery

*****Robots will soon begin to substitute for our everyday normal things. It’s beginning already with some of these inventions. Once the proper testing is done, these robots will be marketable products for our future. ********

cartoon robot



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