Football: It’s More Than Just A Game

footall players walking towards football.

A team becomes a family

I consider myself a football fanatic.

I love the Jets, but I love the game of football and it’s impact on people.

Any one that has played high school football or loves the game of football understands my point of view here. I’m sure many of you have watched ESPN Films: Boys Of Fall.

If you haven’t, it is a MUST SEE for anyone that has played high school football or truly loves the game of football and its impact on people’s lives.

This film brought me to tears thinking of the good times and great friendships I have built through football. It truly is a brotherhood and for the people who never played or quit, you missed out.

To this day I speak to former teammates and we  reminisce about our time playing high school football at Holy Cross High School.

I love all of them; it is like an extended family that I am so proud to be a part of.  Every time I see one of my teammates, high school football comes up and we’ll talk for hours about it. It seems the stories only get better as time passes by.

Football completely changed my life and the way I handle adversity in my life.

I owe it all to the game of football. Not only is football a great team sport but it taught how life is the ultimate team sport.

High school football is the purist form of football in my opinion. There is no recruitment, it is the kids that are in your age group that just happen to go to the same high school as you.

However, in the NFL there are glimpses of pure football. For example:

Vernon Davis cries on his coaches shoulder

Vernon Davis, You Are The Man

This past weekend, Vernon Davis caught the game winning touchdown to put the 49ers into the NFC Championship game. Once he scored, he literally ran off the field crying.

At one point Vernon Davis was considered a first round bust and was sent to the showers by Mike Singletary which led to his famous “I Want Winners” speech after the game.

Davis has overcome a lot in his tenure as a Niner, and that catch captured his journey as a player and as a man.

“It just reminded me of all the hard work we have put into this team from the beginning of the season”  – Vernon Davis

That’s what Football is about right there. Putting in work, time, and dedication just to make that ONE play to help put your team over the top. I respect Vernon Davis so much more after that. He showed his heart, his character and his work ethic.

This is why football is the greatest sport on the planet. One play and the emotion from the result of the play showed me everything I need to know about Vernon Davis as a man. His emotion reminded me of how much I love the game and how I wish to still play it.

Now imagine you applying that to your everyday job and your dreams. I look back to my high school years to not only see how far I have come as a man, but to make sure my work ethic, dedication and mental toughness are still in check.

Football has taught me that through preparation and dedication you will accomplish anything you set your mind to. You can not only gain success for yourself through the values of football, but the impact you can make on other people is unlimited.

Nobody does that better in today’s game than Tim Tebow. Tebow may not be the most talented player but he is without a doubt the most genuine. All Tebow does is play his heart out and use football as a platform to help other people’s lives.

Read more about Tim Tebow and his impact on other people here.

Through football I have:

– Learned mental toughness and how to handle adversity in my life

– Made friendships and memories that will last a lifetime

– Been inspired to become a better person and leader in my own life.

Football team puts their hands together in a huddle

Together Everyone Achieves More

Football is truly more than just a game. It is an attitude to apply to your own life that can not only benefit yourself, but also the people around you. If everyone played football on an organized team, we would not have as many selfish people around. Once people begin to realize it is not all about themselves, than we can truly grow as a society.



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3 Responses to Football: It’s More Than Just A Game

  1. Tim G says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Both my sons play football at a high level within their age groups (15 + 17) and it has made them much better men. It taught them that individual performance is very important, but individual performance can’t win the game (of life). Everyone must do their job or it doesn’ t matter what your 40 time is.

    It teaches them a mental toughness that will take them through when other people fail. It gave them physical fitness and a tremendous work ethic which will last their entire lives.

    The entire football experience from practicing in all weather conditions 5 times a week, weights and classroom preparations, football brothers lifting their brothers up when they are down, leadership, etc has prepared them for entrance into life as well as anything else they have done.

  2. Jennifer says:

    sorry to say, it’s just a game!

    • TheTaoOfD says:

      …from the perspective from someone who has never been involved or a part of a real football team. until you have been inside a teams locker room, or are a truly passionate fan than you can’t say it is “just” a game.

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