Scientific Religionism

The big bang theory is the scientific explanation of how the universe began. This explanation is widely accepted by the scientific community, as well as by the majority of the human population.

Mystical, Scientific view of god (The Creator)

The Big Bang

It basically states that somewhere around 13.7 billion years ago, the entire universe was confined to a point of “singularity”, which in a sudden motion, expanded into an incredibly vast amount of space, filled with an unbelievable amount of heat and density. This substance, over time, cooled enough to form subatomic particles as we understand them today. Vibrating at incredibly high speeds, these existed as pure energy, until the vibration slowed down enough to take form as matter, (the “solid” form of energy).

This is the accepted model of the beginning stages of the universe.

If you want to see someone very intelligent make a very bewildered face, then find a scientist, and ask them what was happening before the big bang.

Silence will follow.

(Lazy readers should now skip to the indented paragraph starting with “The Kabbalah” 13 paragraphs down. But I encourage you to stay with me here…)

Yes it’s true, after so many thousands of years of existing, being conscious, and pondering life’s mysteries… we still know NOTHING.

Science was once the promising frontier of a new age of rationality, but it is slowly losing some of its promise as we near what seems to be the “end” of the scientific potential to explain the mysteries of life, and revert back to our ancient roots.

People like Fred Alan Wolf and John Hagelin are living proof that science does not have ALL the answers…only some.

For those of you unfamiliar with these two geniuses, here’s a brief synopsis of their journeys;

Fred Alan Wolf is a very famous theoretical physicist who made his film debut in the new age movie “What The Bleep Do We Know”, and then made a second film appearance in another new age film called “The Secret” based on the book by Rhonda Byrnes. He received a PHD in theoretical physics from UCLA in 1963. His main focus was quantum physics and how it relates to consciousness.

After a great deal of study and scholarly learning on the scientific side of things, he eventually found that there was a missing piece to the scientific puzzle, and went on to write a revolutionary book called “The Yoga Of Time Travel”, (which is one of my favorite books, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in quantum physics). In it, he discusses self-realized masters like Sri Ramana Maharshi, Patanjali, and Krishna. The Bhagavad Gita is mentioned more than once in this masterpiece of science and spirituality.

If science is such a new, innovative, and complete ideology, than why is this accomplished scientist’s theory incomplete without help from ancient texts?

John Hagelin is another scientist who could not find the answers he was looking for in science alone. He started out as a promising particle physicist, and did many years of research at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), and has made progress in the scientific exploration of the unified field theory.

Now, he is the director of the Transcendental Meditation Center of the U.S., as well as the founder of the U.S. peace government. Nuff Said.

In my last post entitled “The Rational Atheist”, I discussed how the new atheist movement is centered around a reactionary response to the mass religious teachings. There has always been an established inner circle of esoteric teachings for each one of the major world religions (excluding Buddhism for the most part, because the Buddha did not withhold information from anyone.)

This esoteric wisdom was withheld from the public for fear of what certain profane individuals might do with the secret knowledge. This is because the knowledge pertains to the divinity of the individual, who, when self-realized, is endowed with certain supernatural powers that can be used for good or evil. Here, the word supernatural was chosen in order to help the reader understand what is meant, for it most likely matches up correctly with your concept of supernatural. I personally believe that nothing is supernatural, because if something like clairvoyance exists, then it is natural.

These teachings were also simplified due to their incredibly profound nature, which the inner-circle was probably correct in assuming was too abstract and advanced for the laymen to comprehend anyway.

The Kabbalah is the esoteric tradition of Judaism and Christianity. I have taken it upon myself to begin what will be a life-long study of this mystical tradition at a relatively young age. About a month ago, I was studying Kabbalah, and found that the general kabbalistic belief system coincides with the scientific view of creation!

Ein (Ain), Ein Sof, Ein sof Aur

"Ein" ; The invisible, central point of the circles. "Ein Sof" ; The first visible circle. "Ein Sof Aur" ; The Second visible circle.

Kabbalah states that god is three-fold. It is illustrated as three concentric circles, emanating out of a central point representing the first circle. The central point is “Ein”, which literally means “Nothingness”. The second circle is “Ein Sof”, which can be translated to “Infinity”. The third circle is “Ein Sof Aur”, which is closely translated to mean “Limitless Light”.

My analysis has drawn a major parallel here, to the big bang theory. First there was nothingness in the form of an infinitely small point of singularity. This is the zeroth dimension of which all other dimensions emanate from. Out of this point, an explosion of spacial dimension emerged which is still to this day expanding, much like the second circle of god, according to Kabbalah. Some might stop me here and tell me that space is finite, to which I cannot prove the contrary…but dude, go outside and look straight up. This infinite (or at least unfathomably large) space, is filled with dense HEAT, ENERGY, and MATTER (which is slowly vibrating energy), and there are TRILLiONS of stars, some as much as a BILLION times the size of our sun; Limitless light!

After the third concentric circle, The Sephirot (emanations of god) are made manifest, and consciousness follows. There is not enough room to elaborate on Kabbalah further in this post, but here is the key which I have found;

God is the original unmanifest void, like the infinitly small point surrounded by nothingness which science has postulated. Everything manifested from this point, and thus still exists as this point, which is why we are all ONE. This point created us, exists as us, is the summation of everything, and will eventually terminate us.

My point (pun intended) being, that science has found through rationality, what religious masters have found through intuition and mystical experience.

Science and Kabbalah both agree that the universe is Void, plus Infinite Space, Plus Limitless light. The only difference, is that what science calls the universe, The Kabbalah calls GOD.

I would like to end this blog post with two quotes. The first is a quote from the late Albert Einstein with regards to this topic;

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”

And lastly, a quote from a famous alchemist/magician from the late 19th century…

“Science and religion are not two engines of war set on a collision course: they are the two columns destined to support the pediment of the temple of peace.”

Good Luck with the upcoming spiritual ascension.
-Ascending Master


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