10 Major Health Benefits of Marijuana

health benefits of marijuana

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24 Responses to 10 Major Health Benefits of Marijuana

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  3. Lawrence says:

    Why is 1989 data for Marinol doses presented instead of current use.

    Can a person become physically dependent on marijuana.

    Is marijuana for chemo therapy nausea effective, based on studies.

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  6. posts like this bring such a bad name to a legitimate movement. ‘marijuana as a replacement for ritalin’ come on! how stupid are you to believe that? when you write something like that, it delegitimizes the rest of your argument

  7. Great idea for a post.Thank you!

  8. Aaron says:

    Can we see some citations from scholarly articles? By that I mean, If I type any of these claims into google scholar or pubmed, how many of them will be confirmed, and how many will we have to attribute to anecdotal evidence?

  9. botulismo says:

    This is stupid. The sources aren’t detailed enough to even review the information. More importantly, none of these sources are legitimate scientific journal. Additionally statements like “without any of the negative side effects of the pharmaceutical” are ridiculous. Come on. Weed is a drug and like anything that may be effective, it’s going to have negative side effects. Every drug affects every person differently and sometimes weed is not going to be any help for anyone and sometimes it’s going to be harmful to someone. Just the way it is. You want to be taken seriously, put some reality behind your statements.

    • Anonymous says:


      hush your mouth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen I used to smoke alot but i’m on probation and i’m sick of all these stoners thinking that weed is the greatest thing ever… “It kills cancer manggggg” shut the hell up

    • botulismo is ignorant says:

      why you mad bro??

    • Anonymous says:

      these are the most ridiculous claims i’ve ever seen. if you believe them you are a spastic!

    • Zabinsk says:

      Its a plant, not a drug. It’s grown on this earth for billions of years. If you’re at all religious you can’t say weed should be illegal. If you actually believe in the bible, it states that everything put on this earth is for our use. Now im not religious, but i do believe that the plant, cannabis, is much better for people than many on the man made drugs people take every day. Now even if you don’t believe weed does any of the previously stated things, you can not call it a drug, you sound ignorant when you do.

  10. GOD says:

    Yea, just look at Obama and all the other famous or accomplished people who have smoked. Too bad it doesn’t cure being a douche bag, you could use something for that.

  11. Timbo says:

    Also a pretty good cure for intelligence and ambition 😀

    • truth says:

      Totally, because Carl Sagan never accomplished anything in his life right? Fucking moron.

    • compelled to reply to your idiocy says:

      This is what happens when fools who know nothing about the subject matter try to put in their opinion. Step aside hun, men are talking.

  12. The visualization for #7 is misleading. The statistic states 4.1% of adults 18 – 44 are affected, but the visualization for it shows 40%.

  13. Biglongdong says:

    Too bad they didnt put every thing marijuana cures.

    Best cure I ever found for hiccups ever is a good bowl of dank. I tried every thing to get rid of it!!! My hiccups lasted all day long and started to get painful actually considered going to the doctors. Had a bowl and it instantly went away. Try it next time I bet itll work 1000000000000000000x better then trying to drink water upside down.

  14. Pawan Hira says:

    great list to refresh my views, 🙂

  15. lou says:

    Hurray for Tao of D !

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