Fishermen Killed by Testicle Hunting Fish

When you think of man-eating predators in the ocean you probably think of sharks and Piranha’s. These killers will go for any part of your body when they are hungry, just as long as they are getting their meal.

If I were to say that there is a sea creature out there that is only interested in testicles, would you believe me?

Probably not, but I am not making this up.

In Papua New Guinea, there are 40 pound fish called Pacu fish. The Pacu fish are notorious for having eaten up the testicles of swimmers, leaving them to bleed to death. They have also eaten the testicles of anglers who were not careful when luring these fish onto their boats.

This is where the Pacu got its nickname “Ball-cutter.”

Teeth of a Pacu

"Ball-Cutting" Fish eats human testicles

Originally, villagers had no idea what was eating the balls of male swimmers and anglers. They thought it was a monster or a so-called “human in the water.” The first time the predator was ever seen was on the T.V. show River Monsters.

53-year-old British fisherman, Jeremy Wade, is the star on this television series and he was the fisherman that caught this creature.

He said tracking it down was hard, but getting it on his boat was even harder. He had to reel the fish onto his boat and wrestle it into submission, hopefully while protecting his testicles (or wearing a cup).

When he had full control of the fish, he opened its mouth and discovered teeth very similar to humans.

No one can figure out why these fish only like the meat of human testicles.

They are originally from the Amazon where they strictly ate plants and vegetables. They used their molar-like teeth to crack open nuts and seeds too. Eventually, veggies were not available in their environment so they had to resort to meat. This is when they started cracking open different nuts.

Human Testicles!

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  4. Katrina Nicholas says:

    I love the topics you pick for your blogs. I am never bored reading your stuff.

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      Thanks! I am glad you enjoy it, we will have plenty more new things and updates to the site in the near future! 🙂

  5. TheTaoOfD says:

    nature sure is scurrry!!!

  6. Ann Novek says:

    I have also read that barracudas or pirayas are after testicles!!!!

    Good story! Ann

  7. Lulu says:

    Totally disgusting. Not a fish to be reckoned with.

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