Why Not Mitt Romney? Take Your Pick!

I will start with my usual disclaimer that the views expressed in this article are those of the author only and not the rest of the team.

Disclaimer #2- I am supporting, albeit with reservations, Ron Paul for President.

It is the morning after the New Hampshire GOP primary, and I cannot believe that the GOP is really going to take on Obama in 2012 with the likes of Mitt Romney.

Why not Mitt Romney, you say?

Among the many reasons he would make a terrible president:

Which Mitt Romney?

This isn’t to say that people can’t change their opinions on things: I was once a solid neocon, convinced that the world was best off with the USA acting as the world’s policeman. However, in my late 20’s, I began to wake up and see the “bigger picture.” ¬†However, no one changes their opinion more than Romney. See for yourself:

Follow the Money

President Romney? Or President Goldman Sachs?

Just who is contributing to Romney’s campaign?

It should be no surprise that among the top 20 contributors to his 2012 campaign are some of the nation’s largest banks: Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup, among others.

President Obama likewise has received a hefty amount of campaign cash both in 2008 and 2012. As the chart to the left illustrates, virtually the whole Obama administration has ties to Goldman Sachs. As Romney himself stated in the above video, the people who donate to his campaign, in effect, are buying his vote.

So who do you think a President Romney will look out for?

You, the American taxpayer, or his buddies on Wall Street?

Here’s a hint: Who did Obama look out for? Wall Street.

Romney will be no different.

More to chew on: the below picture shows campaign contributions through Sept 2011 received from lobbyists. Note who is #1.

Donations From Lobbyists Through September 31

Horrible on Civil Liberties

The past 10 years have seen a dizzying push to strip American citizens of their rights, of course culminating with our Traitor in Chief signing the hideous NDAA, which basically shredded the Bill of Rights. Among Romney’s police state ideas are to create a national ID card, ostensibly to enforce immigration laws. However, we know from history the US government does not hesitate to use systems designed for one thing to do another. There is no good reason for a National ID. It is a tool of the NWO.

As anyone who knows me personally or has read any of my articles could tell you, I despise the TSA. I despised its creation, I despise its expansion, and I despise anyone who works for them. Romney is on record as saying he is in favor of the TSA.

Of course he is!

Would you like to know why?

Part of his advisory team is none other than former DHS director Michael Chertoff. You may now know him as the chairman of the Chertoff Group, a security consulting firm that stands to profit greatly with every additional layer added to the police state. You can read more about Chertoff’s extremely fishy dealings here.

He appears not to even have a grasp about the constitution, especially as it applies to Americans’ right to privacy, handing off a question during a debate to Ron Paul, Champion of the Constitution:

Romney has been quoted as being a vigorous proponent of the Patriot Act, of expanding domestic wiretapping capability, and in this video, admits not even KNOWING what the NDAA is, then launching into the usual schpiel of “war on terror, keep citizens safe” politician speak which certainly sounds to me as if he supports it.

I do have to give credit where credit is due, however: He is on record as being against SOPA.


It seems every day more evidence about the benefits of medical marijuana come to light.

However, try as he might to avoid addressing the issue in the 2012 election (as you can see here), he is on record as being one hundred percent AGAINST medical marijuana, going so far as to say “…¬†marijuana is the entry drug for people trying to get kids hooked on drugs. I don’t want medicinal marijuana. There are synthetic forms of marijuana that are available for people who need it for prescription.”


I see. Medicine people can grow themselves, bad.

Big Pharma good.

Here is the clip that the above quote is taken from.

Warmonger/Big Government

Romney is on record as saying he would unilaterally bomb Iran. His advisers include a Former CIA chief, the former head of the DHS (as mentioned above), and various others who sit on boards of numerous defense/security companies. These companies stand to make a lot of money if the American war machine continues. For a complete list of his advisers, see here.

We all know that the economic disaster that is Obamacare was modeled on Romney’s own “individual mandate” program while he was governor of Massachusetts. He is trying to pass himself off as a conservative, but as you can read here, he is nothing of the sort.

In late breaking news, Romney’s company, which profited from acquiring struggling firms, gutting them, and then replacing those American employees with overseas employees, was the recipient of a $10 million government “bailout“.

Out Of Touch

Mitt Romney is worth conservatively $250 million. This guy has never had to worry about where his next car payment was coming from, or how he was going to pay for his children’s education. “But that’s what our country is all about!” the Wall Street cheerleaders shout. “He’s proof the American dream is alive.” Really? The folks in the below video may tell you a different story about this supposed paragon of American values:

In Closing

Mr. Romney

Mitt Romney is the stereotypical “weathervane” politician. He will change his position on any issue to please whatever constituency he is trying to court at the time. He has a record of big government, is on record as saying he will continue wars of aggression, and is perfectly OK with the erosion of Americans’ civil liberties. America does not need another 4 years of Obama. If Romney gets the GOP nomination, that’s exactly what we will get, regardless of the election’s outcome.

Also, keep in mind, he’s a Mormon. Now that’s fine and all. I’m not here to say any religion is better than any other. But watch this episode of South Park and, knowing what he believes, tell me you want him running the country.



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4 Responses to Why Not Mitt Romney? Take Your Pick!

  1. cf. says:

    I feel like all of the presidential candidates are pretty awful ! I was totally for Ron Paul until a friend of mine showed me this :

    Pardon the language.. but a lot of the things on that list do not sit right with me. I had been following Ron Paul and his ideas, but for some reason some of these things did not occur to me! I read up on these things a bit more… especially the first two, because I was particularly concerned about those. It seems that his idea is that they should sort of work themselves out. Sadly, there are a lot of terrible people out there who will kick people out of their place of business based on the color of their skin or special needs they may have. He suggests that boycotting those services would be the solution, but that just seems a little too complicated!

    Basically, everything on this list can be rationalized… but it still piques my interest (and skepticism), that is for sure !

    • phdinweed says:

      I’m on the same page as Dr. Paul when it comes to getting the US out of the UN and getting the UN out of the US.

  2. lou says:

    (From Canada)
    I find it hard to understand American politics. You guys put George Bush in the White House. Need I say more ?
    And now, you might put this right wing nut in the oval office. A man who believes in fairy tales (Mormonism).

    • phdinweed says:

      Thanks for taking the time to drop by and leave a comment. We have had no lack of losers in the White House of late. Please share the article, subscribe to us if you havent already, and come back often. We constantly have new content.

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