“The Ark”: Structure of the Future

A dome structure rests in the middle of the ocean

"The Ark"

Imagine a structure that can withstand any type of natural disaster?

Russian Architect Alexander Remizov started designing a structure that could do it.

It can be built on land or water, and could provide a refuge in the future incase we face a flood or earthquake of biblical proportions.

How does it work?


Here’s a breakdown of Remizov’s vision of “The Ark” :

The building would be made of lightweight materials (such as coating film). The foundation design would be light and there would be no insulation due to the buffer zone. It would also use very lightweight structures. Remizov explained that this would lead to a cheaper construction plan.

“The Ark” was designed without glass.

Instead, special recyclable plastic and very strong foil will be used that can withstand much worse weather conditions. These foils would also collect rain water which would be used for multiple purposes.

The power supply is fully natural and self-sufficient. It would use solar and wind energy sources, and thermal energy would power the heating system. This energy system would never be interrupted because of the use of alternative energy sources (Electronic and hydrogen accumulators will help transform thermal and electric energy).

A break down of the Arks energy system

"The Ark" has a self-sufficient energy system

  The dome shape would help the formation of turbulances of air which would strengthen the wind generators. The inside of the Ark would consist of plants everywhere, circulating oxygen and picking up carbonic acid. It would reduce the amount of CO2 emission which positively influences the ozone layer. All wastes would be recycled with extremely explosive boiling methods.

A scene of plants all over the inside of the Ark.
Greenery would help the circulation of oxygen

Remizov has stated that this structure can be used for multiple purposes such as offices, hotels and housing. He estimated that it can be built in different sizes, ranging from a capacity of 100 to 10,000 people.

How long would it take to construct “The Ark”?

Remizov answered:

“The building of the hotel could be fast and simple. Prefabricated sections could be put together in three to four months. The versatile structure could be constructed in most corners of the earth, even in earthquake-prone areas. Constructing the Ark, which would include 14,000 square meters of living space would cost roughly the same as building an energy-efficient house.”

Its been more than a year since Remizov envisioned this idea, and it is still only on paper. He is still searching for investors to make this project possible.

If “The Ark” is created successfully, Remizov may be remembered as one of the saviors of the human race in the future.



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8 Responses to “The Ark”: Structure of the Future

  1. This is a great concept. It also makes me wish our living conditions were more sustainable every day, not just in future times of disaster.

    • breakinbadd says:

      yes I agree with you! Its nice that this is a future thought, but I really wish we had them around today. It could have saved lives during natural disasters.

  2. eyas1 says:

    One word: Titanic!

  3. Excitingconcept. So we have the means to create these. Do we have the will to put money behind them?

  4. judithatwood says:

    I hope he finds backers to make this vision a reality!

  5. kagmi says:

    Interesting how these things have basically the same requirements of a space ship…I remember in SimCity back in the day, your self-sustaining “archologies” could eventually gain the ability to blast off into space and set down on alien worlds.

    I suppose this makes sense! In the universe, nothing but starlight is guaranteed–and that not always constant. These types of things could get up shop on any planet and, with the proper propulsion, move between the stars.

    Hello, humanity’s future. If we don’t want to go extinct in a billion or so years when the Sun starts to expand, we might want to look into these. Keeping the Ark’s hefty supply of liquid water could protect against cosmic radiation as well as being a sensible measure in other ways!

  6. surexpress says:

    Really great design for future

  7. “The Zazen Ark/Spaceship”

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