Where Does The Sky End?

When you look up in the night sky, you might see some pretty stars and cool constellations, but how many of us actually realize that we are looking at something that goes on FOREVER?

Do you know what forever even means?

I mean we like to describe space as being infinite, but how do you even explain that?

We can say infinite means it never ends, but what does never ends mean?

It means we can’t possibly ever explain it.

Where Does The Sky End?

We know it never ends, it keeps expanding and never stops, but what is it expanding into?

What does the universe keep expanding itself into? Another infinite realm? How many possible “infinities” are there?

I bet in 1,000,000 years we wont even be able to explain it.

As a race we like to describe some of our members as “geniuses” but how smart do you have to be, to be able to crack the entire mechanics of the universe?

I don’t think it is possible with our current biological structure.

We have come a long way in brain size and power in the last 2,000,000 years but we still can’t explain everything. We are the only species on the planet that can gaze into the night sky and contemplate these types of things, but we are never going to have a full explanation.

We are going to have to evolve into something else before that ever happens. That’s the point of evolution, to adapt, get smarter, and keep figuring things out slowly.

That is what our purpose is.

As we keep creating new things, new innovations and new technologies, our biology will eventually keep evolving to adapt.

It has to, survival of the fittest, the weaker genetics in our species will die off and in time, a whole new “race” will be born.

It will just take too long for “us” to see, we only are here for a temporary time.

The next time you think you have a problem here on earth and you are stressing over it, just look up.

The Idea of Infinity is Too Difficult to Possibly Fully Explain.

Look up and think about the vastness of this whole thing we are a part of. It’s fucking crazy if you really sit back and look at the big picture.

It might be scary at first to realize how much of an insignificant role you play, but that is only a limiting belief you have about yourself.

The universe is infinite already, and it keeps expanding?

You are already infinite too in your potential, and you can keep expanding and evolving, so don’t EVER limit yourself to something you “think” you can’t do.

We are moving into an age of truth, everything will be exposed and there will be no more lies.

I think in due time, we will be able to read each others minds and there will be no more secrets to hold. Maybe in a time like this, there won’t be any more lies and deceit, and we can evolve even faster towards our predetermined outcome.

What that outcome is, remains to be foreseen, but lets enjoy the fuck out of this temporary life while we have the chance. 🙂


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16 Responses to Where Does The Sky End?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can not believe it!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just was fooling around by asking Siri
    That question where is the end of the
    Sky. Since your answer brought up the
    Universe into the picture, l just want bring
    Up an answer that I recently heard from
    Several scientist from the tv program .
    “How the universe works” and some of
    Your previous commentaries people
    Touched on the word that I heard from
    The program.
    Thier theory was this ” that our universe
    Was created by black holes (all the stars
    Planets ,moons everything up there ) etc.
    And that our earth as we know it will end
    When our center black hole of the Milky Way will collide with the center black hole
    Of our nearest Milky Way the Andrometer
    Milky Way ( I think I have the name right)
    The two black holes will destroy each other. (The time line for this they predict
    Is billions of light years away) thank the
    Lord that there God and heaven to look
    Forward to, and we won’t have to worry
    About this would we???

  3. SidevieW says:

    look bigger, look smaller and marvel at it all. then go get drunk and theorise about it all

  4. Katrina says:

    We commonly use a lose looping figure eight as the symbol for infinity. Perhaps our infinity is actually a time space loop that evolves back into itself and the ever expanding is merely the loop becoming larger. Just a thought.

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  6. Deborah says:

    Love your thoughts, started my day off RIGHT – whatever that means.

    AND contemplate this, you say: when you look UP at the night sky…We may actually be looking DOWN, or maybe simply OUT, or maybe looking OFF the surface of the earth.

    AND it occurred to me recently that the sun and moon never rise and set – that’s an illusion as our sweet little planet spins past them…

    As for biology catching up, a spiritual practice based on ancestral art-ifacts and rhythmic stimulation, is helping our neurology/physiology evolve a little quicker. Check out Ecstatic Wisdom Postures on my

    Thank you for writing!

  7. Neoslotty says:

    I’ll take that bet. Look how far we’ve come in just the last 500 years, or the last 100. Ain’t no stopping us now. If we don’t destroy ourselves first, I can’t even begin to imagine what our capabilities will be a million years from now. I’ll give ya 2 to 1 odds as long as you let me hold the money. 🙂

  8. It depends on your definition, but from what I believe, all things in existence have an “end”

    • Yes, they have an “end” but it is hard to determine what that “end” really is. I believe we are working towards a predetermined outcome. But it is too hard to comprehend what that “end” or outcome really is!

  9. as usual, brilliant!

  10. way too much to think about for this time of the morning (have been up since 4). But brilliant post as always. Where does it stop…? Or will we all end up in a black hole..? Maybe an alternate universe?

  11. varungenius says:

    Very nice! I too wonder sometimes what this “infinite” really means! Looking at the vast sky, there are many questions that come in my mind….some very weird ones!! I liked your concept of birth of a new race based on “survival of the fittest” theory. It tells us that we are changing every instant and we are continuously being updated of many things, knowingly or unknowingly!

    • Yes, we are all evolving however slow it may seem. Technology is getting better, its not moving backwards. Eventually our biology will catch up, but that takes millions of years compared to the level technology has increased in the last ten!

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