Where Do The Jets Go From Here?

Rex Ryan's guarantees failed

Just like many Jet fans, I am wondering what direction the team will be heading towards the 2012 campaign.

From being considered Super Bowl contenders to not even making the playoffs, I can’t even say the mighty have fallen because the Jets were not even able to dominate.

Lets outline what has happened since the beginning of the Jets season and how quickly the perception has changed for this team.

To narrow it down, I will divide the season into four quarters:

1st quarter (2-2) – The Jets got off to a good 2-0 start. They received a gift from Dallas when Romo forgot the fact that Darelle Revis plays for the Jets.

However, the first “bump” in the road occurred when Pro Bowl Center Nick Mangold suffered a high ankle sprain. Mangold was out for 2 weeks and the Jets suffered badly without him, getting crushed by Oakland and humiliated by Baltimore.

2nd Quarter (3-1) – After their 3-game losing streak, the Jets turned around with a 3-game winning streak. After losing in New England, the Jets had good wins against Miami, San Diego, and an impressive victory against Buffalo.

Sitting at 5-3, the Jets seemed primed to overtake the division from the struggling Patriots.

3rd Quarter (2-2) – The Patriots and Broncos crushed the Jets spirits in my opinion.

Both times the Jets were handed heartbreaking losses. The Patriots set the Jets straight and let them know that this was THEIR DIVISION.

Tebow took flight with a 95 yard drive to seal the Jets fate. The Jets would rebound with wins against Buffalo and Washington but the losses to New England and Denver still loomed.

4th Quarter (1-3) – The Jets saved their worst for last.

The Eagles destroyed the Jets, and Santonio Holmes played awful committing two turnovers on his own (1 returned for touchdown). The Jets than lost their battle for New York when the Giants completely outplayed and outcoached the Jets.

Sanchez was awful and the Defense gave up a back-breaking 99 yard touchdown reception to Victor Cruz.

Finally, in Jason Taylor’s last game, the Dolphins sealed any hope for the Jets by embarrassing the Jets 19-17.

The Jets went from being a solid pick for the Super Bowl to an average 8-8 team with MAJOR leadership problems.

This Dolphins loss not only sealed the Jets playoff hopes, but it could seal the fate for Holmes, Schottenheimer, and Sanchez as Jets.

I do not know how Holmes can step foot in that locker room again after quitting on his team. What’s worse is that no team will trade for Holmes, so the Jets are stuck with a horrible contract.

Santonio Holmes quit on his team

Holmes is due $12 Million and if the Jets cut him, $12 Million will go against their cap and Holmes will be a free agent. It’s a tough pill to swallow but it will be VERY interesting to see what exactly the Jets do with Holmes.

How  Brian Schottenheimer is still an Offensive Coordinator is beyond my comprehension. I love Rex, but this is beyond idiotic, it simply does not make any sense. His influence on Mark Sanchez seems only hazardous to be honest, especially when you have Tom Moore there for you.

For those who do not know Tom Moore, he molded Peyton Manning into the player he is today. Peyton Manning is pretty good, (4 MVPs, 1 Super Bowl Ring) but why do that?

Yeah, same old Jets.

Mark Sanchez.. I don’t know where to begin, I almost feel bad for him. Sanchez in his young career has acquired 30+ wins and a good playoff record but has just looked horrible this season. I feel he just tried to do too much.

Schottenheimer completely undermined him with awful play calling. However, that does not excuse awful decision-making on Sanchez’s part. I feel like more defensive lineman picked him off than cornerbacks.


1.) FIRE SCHOTTY – Seriously! You have Tom Moore, I would give Moore a blank check and beg him to be the Offensive Coordinator. He is more than qualified and from Rex’s perspective, you will not have to worry about the Offense AT ALL, you can completely focus on the defense.

The Jets need a new Offensive Coordinator

2.) Veteran Leadership – Talent is not everything. You need guys that are respected. I feel that Rex tried to be the figure-head of the locker room. Rex is trying to do so much, and he should focus more on his job.

Sign guys that will back you up.

Players such as Tony Richardson, Damien Woody, Jericho Cotchery were sorely missed in the locker room and it showed.

3.) 2012 Draft – the Jets will have a top 20 pick, it is CRUCIAL that they hit a home run with this pick.

The Jets needs include a Free safety,Right Tackle, linebacker and defensive lineman.

There will be impact players for the Jets to take with their pick, so they better get it right.

4.) No guarantees/No Excuses – I love Rex’s confidence, but I hoped he learned his lesson this year.

Football is the one sport with no guarantees (not even players contracts are, you think Superbowls are?)

Some Jet fans might say, “well Namath guaranteed a Superbowl victory and backed it up.”

Yes, He did guarantee a Superbowl victory, but the Jets were already IN the Superbowl. He didn’t guarantee anything during the regular season.

And one more thing.

Please stop with the excuses, Rex.

Just take the failure of the season and deal with it. I am a huge Ryan fan, but you have to sit back and lick your wounds (or grab a snack?)


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3 Responses to Where Do The Jets Go From Here?

  1. Teeblerone says:

    Schottenheimer as OC makes no sense. He never seems to have any kind of gameplan that uses the strengths of his team (as shown when Sanchez threw 59 times against the Giants). The Jets have to be able to run the ball and use play action to get big plays. They can’t rely on Sanchez to win that many games for them, and they definitely can’t survive Schotty’s throwing darts random style of play calling.

    Also, could Holmes be any worse for this team? He’s a locker room cancer with an unmovable contract. He may end up costing everyone their jobs in New York before his contract is up.

  2. “The Patriots and Broncos crushed the Jets spirits in my opinion.”

    I completely agree – especially the Broncos loss. The Jets never recovered from that and now we’re left with the 8-8 Jets out and the 8-8 Broncos as division winners, headed to the playoffs.

  3. Lets snack on the fact Mark Sanchez is NOT a good quarterback, no matter how much of an illusion you want to create for yourself.

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