Government’s Benefit From Drunk Driving Laws

Do you think the Government really cares if you or a loved one lives or dies in a drunk driving accident?

Sadly, the reality of this question is no.

The legal drinking limit law is put into place for one main reason, to make more money.

It is true that they do sustain a certain level of safety to the public with more sensitive laws but at the end of the day, the lower the blood alcohol limit, the more individuals who are likely to be caught OVER THE LIMIT.

Currently the legally allowed limit BAC is .08%. This is a hard number to pin to just exactly how many drinks you have had. For some it could be as little as one cocktail, others could be up to even four. So how they can draw such a precise limit when no one besides yourself really knows if you are cognitively aware enough to drive.

I’m not saying an advocate for drunk driving or anything or that sort (actually I’m very against it for the safety of other innocent drivers) but I personally know people who have had as little as two drinks and were arrested for being behind the wheel. If caught with a DWI the reciprocation can include:

  • Fines, court and lawyer fees costing up to $5000
  • Loss of job
  • Public humiliation
  • Criminal record
  • Loss of license

There used to be no limit of drunk driving so the implications were that if a cop saw you were reckless and drunk they would either follow you home or leave your car and supply a ride home without repercussions. Then the law changed to .10% in order to increase internal revenue from the fines associated with people over the limit.

The government still wanted to increase their revenue and decided to further reduce the legal drinking limit to .08%, so some people who may just have a casual drink or two with a meal may have their lives ruined…all for just more money.

In terms of the drunk driving  fatality rate, there has been almost no change in the number of causalities since the newly enacted laws, just a substantial increase in the amount of arrests and money the government makes of these arrests.

The worst part is the government is now even considering changing the legal limit across the United States to a mere .07%. That’s barely a drink with a meal then getting behind the wheel! So what does the government really value your life at? Almost nothing but another ticket that eventually gets spent on the greedy and corrupt senators who make the laws in the first place.

DUI: You Can't Afford It.

Now I don’t even take the risk of driving for at least a 45 minutes after one drink because it is not worth the risk.


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6 Responses to Government’s Benefit From Drunk Driving Laws

  1. rich says:

    What the real crime the government is guilty of is technology is now available that all new cars can be equipped with a small breathalyzer in the key like Audi came out with some years ago that will prevent the car from starting if a BAC level above the limit is detected. The government is choosing not to mandate this equipment be installed and instead protect an industry that generates revenue and loss of life.

  2. jason says:

    aarmagh you really must not be able to read, the article clearly states nothing about the death overall change in death rate loll dumbass stoner!

    • aarmagh says:

      J, Dubs argument is that BAC is a total gov’t scam to make money with no benefit to society(us) and that is just not the case. You and everyone you have ever known are safer as a result of tougher laws regarding drinking and driving. Check out the NHTSA web site. Unlike Dubs, I’m not pulling the stats out of my butt. Dumbass, debatable, stoner,ya got me.High de,High de,Ho.Peace out.

      • nyrdubs says:

        That is not my argument at all. Summed up my argument is that lowering the legal BAC from .08 to .07 has such a minor significance that it is just significantly beneficial to the government robbing us of more money. that’s such a small difference in BAC that cognitively ability will be not altered too indifferently, yet that money more people who are caught within the range of what should be legally tolerable. I have had friends die in drunk driving accidents and the whole shaboozle and im not saying it lowering it to .08 didnt save lives but still believe them lowering it from .08 should have no significant difference in the fatality rate maybe i just phrased the article wrong but oh well…. hmm oh yeah and for the record i don’t smoke weed. PeAcE!

  3. interesting post – and comments

  4. I live in Arizona, which is a zero tolerance state. I knew someone who blew a .02 and was given a DUI. Insane!!!

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