What is Reality?

Are you sure what you are doing here on this earth?

Are you sure what “reality” is?

Is the waking world reality, or is dreaming reality?

There are so many unanswered questions about what reality really is and if this whole life is even “real.”

It all might just be a figment of our imagination. Imagination creates reality. What you imagine, creates your individual reality.

Your reality is different from mine. We both perceive things differently and have different thoughts about everything.

No two people are identical, we all are a unique individual body.

That is the fun part about life. If we were all the same and all thought the same, life would be boring as shit.

There would be no creativity. Creativity stems from an individual’s own unique thoughts that have been different from ANYONE else in history.

Have you ever thought of that?

When you create something unique, it is something different from everything that has already been created. We have been around for millions of years, and no one else has had the same thoughts or put together the same creations as you.

What is the purpose of that?

Why do we constantly try to create new things?

A Supernova Explosion

I think it is our purpose as a species.

We continually create, re-create, and improve ideas which all lead us in a evolutionary track toward something we truly cannot comprehend.

We don’t know what we are moving towards, but we keep moving.

We aren’t stopping. Technology is not moving backwards.

We keep having kids, and we keep consuming the earth.

It is programmed into our DNA to reproduce but we can’t explain why we want to.

It is all really bizarre, but just know that there is nothing to worry about. You are allowed to have fun with life. You don’t have to think life sucks because who is to say that besides yourself? If you don’t believe life sucks, then it doesn’t suck.

SUCK IT UP, and enjoy the limited time you have here in this temporary fleshy body. This vessel we can’t truly explain, yet we can create ideas that try to explain it.

Were getting closer to understanding, but it will take a long time. Enjoy the journey. If we already knew what was going to happen in the end, I don’t think we would have the drive to keep moving.

Life is what you create it to be, might as well create something you truly enjoy and desire. 🙂


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12 Responses to What is Reality?

  1. When we look at the sun, moon, sky, stars — the thoughts, worries we have on earth, really are insignificant.

    Napoleon Hill, in one his book said, “Nothing Matters.” He was a religious man, so I think that he meant, that you can’t worry about certain things. When the end of live arrives, those important things, no longer matter.
    Hello World!
    Tenn Man

    I did not zero in on reality……but, one post mention insignificant….and Clarence Darrow wrote, that he walked out on the patio and stared at the stars, and realized how unimportant he was.

  2. Deborah says:

    Good to discover Zazenlife. Really appreciate your comments about reality – Surrendering our human hubris about knowing, controlling, dominating… I finally knew I’d found the right title to my blog when this title “hit” my rational mind…The Wisdom of Not Knowing Everything. Thanks for your contributions to rethinking everything.

  3. Research conducted at Hampton NH USA suggests:

    (1) “Are you sure… doing…” Yes.
    (2) “Are you sure what ‘reality’…” No.
    (3) “Waking… or dreaming reality…” Larger than both.

    (4) “What is the purpose…” (Redefine – What FULFILLS the purpose?)

    DNA too little speed. BINARY LOGIC too narrow.
    EMOTIONS malfunction. FAITH collapses. WORDS dissipate.

    (5) “We’re getting closer… will take a long time.”
    SOME know. SOME knew. SOME never. ODDS… improving.

    Are you in?

  4. Not sure if we’ll ever get to a point where we know what’s going on. We don’t really know much about anything quite yet. We may have drawn some conclusions based on our limited senses, but there is still no explanation for ‘why’ and & ‘how’ anything is made out there in the universe, let alone the bees in our backyards. And the ocean, we must know less than an inch of that whole scene; realistically, we spend so little time in there, it’s like making assumptions about what goes on between the married couple across the street because we’ve been to their house for dinner a few times in the past. Those two, those two know what love is.

    5 senses! That’s a whispered knock knock joke. It’s a consolation prize at the Universe Olympics.

    Nonetheless those are our tools into this vibrant, ebbing, wavy, particle filled thing. You’re right, reality is what ever the hell we want. In related news, sunsets are insanely beautiful, good job with that one, eyeballs and particles

  5. Wow, great post!

  6. switch607 says:

    I question your assumption that the species of mankind is the story we’ve heard from jared diamond guns germs and steel, that man has been slowly evolving up until this point and we will continue to evolve with technology into the future.

    what if humanity has been more technological advanced in the past but fallen because of a similar lust for power? what if we are just one, in a series of cycles, of mankind?

    the disasterous effects of technological innovation has been joblessness. is killing bestbuy, the industrial sector all together. technology is not brigning us peace or happiness or even creativity but it is actually creating a normativity effect and less creativity.

    we are a multi-dimensional vessel, yes we exist in a basic level in this 3d arrangement of our body, but we are EMBODIED within our body, and our spiritual life strengthens and weakens the temples we call our bodies.

    • I do agree with the fact that humanity moves in cycles. Who is to say we haven’t been visited by “extra-terrestrials” in the past, they helped us evolve, and then we just fucked it all up again. Maybe that explains the pyramids and Machu Pichu because with the level of technology back then compared to now, you can’t honestly say with 100% certainty that they build all that shit.

      I agree with the mulch-dimensional idea, because I have personally had out-of-body experiences through meditation and have come to realize that there is no “I” and we only “feel” bounded by our physical bodies and reality.

      There is truly something amazing about us that we can’t fully explain, but fuck its fun to try to figure it all out! 🙂

  7. “I am the eggman, I am the walrus…”
    We are energy that fits in whatever mold it imagines ?
    Good stuff Diesel

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