Legalize Hemp AND Marijuana!

The USA is built on hypocrisy.

Only in America could a government preach about “sustainability” and “green jobs” and yet outlaw the growth of one of the most beneficial species of plants in the known world. Simply put, too many industries would be affected by the legalization of hemp.

Hemp contains less than 1 percent of the active ingredient in marijuana, THC.

See the chart below for just a few uses.

Need I point out that hemp is a hardy plant, able to be grown in almost any climate/soil combination, requires virtually no pesticides, and actually IMPROVES the soil quality where it is grown?

That the fibers from it are stronger than any other plant, especially cotton?

That wallboard and other construction materials made from hemp are less costly and more durable than wood and/or artificial materials?

That the retail market for hemp is in the millions of dollars annually in the USA, but we are forced to IMPORT it from other countries?

I could literally continue forever, yet instead, I will post a well-done video.

Now, on to marijuana.

Marijuana has been used for over 4000 years, and not one death has ever been attributed to it.

It has a myriad of possible medical uses, yet still remains illegal under federal law. Even more repugnant is the fact that various states, most notably California, have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, but the systems put into place to deliver medicine to patients actually come under ARMED RAIDS by jackbooted federal thugs.

Why, who would want to keep people from getting natural medicine which carries zero percent of physical addiction and almost no lasting side effects?


They don’t want anyone getting better without getting their cut.

So instead of being able to eat a brownie or smoke a vaporizer (each of which cuts the only harmful effect of marijuana, the smoking, out of the equation), it is the US government’s assertion that if you have pain, you have to take a prescription. It will probably be an opioid, which in addition to being extremely addictive, also carries a laundry list of side effects, including liver damage.

Moving on to the mental health arena, anti-depressants were an 11 BILLION dollar market in just the US in 2010!

These drugs also have a VERY long list of unpleasant side effects.

And to think of all the afflictions that doctors can’t even experiment with marijuana on, including an issue near and dear to my heart: Autism.

Marijuana has one major side effect, and it is man-made:

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About phdinweed
Father of 2 sons on the autism spectrum, wage slave, socially functional nerd of all sorts. Just entered my 40's, but still love video games (RPGs especially), cartoons, fart jokes, and getting nice.

9 Responses to Legalize Hemp AND Marijuana!

  1. Bruce says:

    What kind of self-righteous, ignorant, myopic doctor or law enforcement or political official would dismiss medical cannabis in an autistic child or adult suffering for years and who hasn’t responded to conventional medications? Autism is rooted in neurotransmitter dysfunction. Medical research shows certain strains of marijuana enhance 5HtP 1, which is a receptor known to be dysfunctional in autism and epilepsy. Moreover, Indica strains increase dopamine which increases focus.Medical marijuana is one of the most effective drugs for autism. But, again, it’s important to use the right strains. Some strains are contraindicated in autistic brain. Go for Hybirds, which are half sativa/half indica and HIGHER in CBD’s NOT THC. Doctors should educate themselves on the mechanism of action of medical cannabis before so casually and self-righteously dismissing this drug. Funny how the same doctors who poo poo medical cannabis have no problem prescribing Haldol, risperdal, thorazine, mellaril, seroquel, zyprexa or abilify. Yet research shows ALL of the anti psychotics are “largely ineffective” for treating autism.

    • phdinweed says:

      What a fantastic comment. I am the father of 2 autistic boys, and have often wanted to try cannabis to gauge its effect. Please come back often and continue to check us out!

  2. I agree with you 100%. The government isn’t doing what’s right for the country by banning a plant with so many beneficial uses.

    • phdinweed says:

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to say so, Amberr! Come back often; you will never be bored, I promise you. I followed you and look forward to poking around on your site as well!

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  4. narhvalur says:

    I had big Hamp plants in my garden from the bird fodder! It was the innocent industrial hamp! Ann

  5. Although I am not a user – I couldn’t agree more with your premise and conclusions. (I took a slightly different tack in my post “On Smoking Dope and Fixing the Economy”). Congratulations on your post!

    • phdinweed says:

      As a father of 2 autistic kids with almost zero help, I am a regular user. It does not sap my creativity, only enhance it. It makes me more motivated, not less, and far from clouding my mind, it opens it.

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