VIDEO: 1950’s Doctor Recommends Smoking Cigarettes

This may be in the 1950’s, but doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies are doing the same thing today, just in different ways that are kept from the public.

Click here for an article explaining the different ways that they influence people on buying dangerous products, including prescription medication.

This video’s contradiction to today’s views is pretty amusing.


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4 Responses to VIDEO: 1950’s Doctor Recommends Smoking Cigarettes

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  2. If people actually listened to the content of the ads which big pharma produces to market its products (replete with all the negative side-effects which accompany all of them), no rational person would ever want to be involved in a regimen which included taking them.

    And if that isn’t enough to convince you – stay tuned to the commercials put out by the personal injury attornies who will take your case should you have used these products and suffered an adverse medical condition as a result.

    Apparently, the American public doesn’t want to alter its belief in our pill-based “disease maintenance” system based on the facts that are staring them in the face.


  3. The American Medical Profession in the Best in the World! Or at least that’s what has been pushed into my brain since I was six years old. Of course, for some of us that have spent time in some outstanding hospitals in some other countries, we learned better.

    Incidentally, this Camel promotion was done in 1949. I was 2 years old then, and mom was taking me to the doctor but couldn’t figure out why I came home hacking and coughing. Maybe she should have found that odd doctor that did NOT prefer the mild taste and aroma of a Camel.


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