Are Pharma Companies Just as Evil as Tobacco Companies?

The similarities between Pharmaceutical Companies and Tobacco Companies are terrifyingly identical.

An evil doctor is leaning on a table and smiling

Pharmaceutical Companies are evil

Both of these industries sell products that kill people when “used as directed.” Pharmaceutical Companies kill around 100,000 Americans each year according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, and Tobacco Companies make products that are responsible for hundreds of thousands of cases of cancer in the U.S. each year.

Below are techniques shared by both of these industries proving that profit comes before people.

Distortion of the Facts:

In the past, we watched Tobacco Companies swear that nicotine was not addictive, and that smoking cigarettes is not a direct cause of lung cancer.

Similarly, Pharmaceutical Companies distort clinical studies.

Their studies are designed to hide the appearance of the bad risks associated with prescription drugs, such as strokes, heart attacks, suicide and mental disorders. To make this even worse, after the studies are done, the results are altered. They choose which studies that they want the public to see. For example, say there are six studies and 3 are saying that the drug is good for you, and the other 3 says that the drug is not good for you.

What do you think they do with the negative studies?

Yea, they dump them in the shredder.

All that they care about is that the drug is on the market making them money.

Advertising and Lobbying to Increase Demand:

Yes, Businesses use these techniques and it is very standard, but it shouldn’t be used in an evil way that takes advantage of an individual’s health. Both Pharmaceutical Companies and Tobacco Companies use, or have used, advertising on television to create more demand for their product.

Tobacco companies use to have commercials on television, but this was banned. Now they secretly advertise by sponsoring events and making appearances in movies and T.V. shows. They are even involved in lobbying when election time comes. Why not finance the guy that is going to make all of the calls for the next 4 years, right? Maybe he or she will reduce the smoking age to 17. I’m sure Tobacco Companies would love that.

Pharmaceutical Companies follow this same technique.

Have you ever seen those prescription medication commercials with the corny music and the overly happy people?

If you have, there is a good possibility that you witnessed a very dangerous drug being advertised to the entire country. They leave out some of the most important information during the commercial, until they get busted.

A good example is birth control.

Companies such as Yaz and Yasmin, which are manufactured by Bayer (yea, your daily aspirin) have some of the most influential commercials. They really get females to go and purchase this drug which they will take for many years, until they are ready to have a child. What the public didn’t know was that they were withholding information about its most terrible side effect, BLOOD CLOTS. They simply neglected to pass along these reports about blood clots, and now they are paying for it.

Regarding Lobbying, Pharmaceutical Companies lobby DOCTORS with millions of dollars.

If a doctor is supporting the drug, it must be safe, right?


These doctors are evil as well (I’m not bashing all doctors). The Pharmaceutical Companies buy them gifts, trips, air tickets etc. All that the doctor has to do is show up to the campaign and act like they are involved for a little while. Once their face is shown and the customers see that they approve, they can go on with their vacation. I have read reports from very reputable sources that witnessed this first hand, but I will not mention names.

Next time you go to your doctor and approach the secretary, look down and see if they are offering any type of free prescription drug weekly trials. If they are, I recommend changing your doctor. This is a basic sign that your doctor is influenced by lobbying.

Attracting Children: Life Long Customers:

This is one of the coldest similarities of the two industries.

Tobacco companies use to target children by using cartoon characters on commercials. If the cartoon character is smoking a cigarette, than the child watching the commercial might see nothing wrong with it.

two young boys are smoking cigarettes

Life long customers

Joe Camel, the cartoon character used by the cigarette brand Camel, lured in thousands of children and teenagers. Their main focus was to get these young kids addicted to cigarettes early so that they would have a life long customer, until they died of cancer.

Pharmaceutical Companies do the same thing. They get children on drugs early in their life, creating a life long customer.

When a child is put on a drug early in their life, they start to believe that they are in fact a diseased person.  When the doctor diagnoses a child with ADD or ADHD, the child will associate that label with themself, and they will continue believing this for the rest of their life.

The trick is that by placing these “labels” on these kids, the Pharmaceutical companies know that when they grow up, they will identify themselves with those diseases, and they will take more prescription drugs as long as the doctors put more labels on them.

In my opinion (some may take offense), ADD is starting to become a very loosely diagnosed “disease” for kids.

I thought young kids were  suppose to be really hyper, and not pay attention to adults trying to tell them what to do?

Yes, there are some seriously severe cases of ADD, but I think ADD has become a “tool” to sell more prescription medication. Getting life long customers is their main priority.

Doctor Evil grins

Doctors are just as evil

Once again, I’m not bashing all doctors. Instead, I am spreading awareness that we do in fact have some crooked doctors that work with these evil Pharmaceutical Companies. There were crooked doctors 50 years ago, and there are crooked doctors today.

For example,  Before cigarettes were proven to cause cancer in the late 70’s and 80’s, doctors actually RECOMMENDED smoking them. Doctors were actually spokespeople for cigarettes, saying that smoking was good for your nervous system and your “smile.”

You may argue that the doctors simply did not know that cigarettes were bad for you, but I dont buy it. I believe they were keeping a secret which was making them money.

Today, doctors are doing the same thing with these dangerous prescription drugs because Pharmaceutical Companies are paying them to vouch for their products.



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7 Responses to Are Pharma Companies Just as Evil as Tobacco Companies?

  1. Matt says:

    Good article however the some of the comments posted illustrate lack of knowledge and information regarding mental illness. Sure maybe many types of mental illness are not backed by good science or at least over diagnosed, however there are very sad consequences pigeon holing all mental illness.

    Just a century ago people with mental illness were subjected to all types of horror and torture. People thought to be possessed by demons, witches, or dumb. Despite modern science and a medical understanding of serious mental illness that is not even debatable today, there continues to be a stigma about mental illness as being something imaginary or of the individuals self-will. Working with people with serious mental illness I am disgusted when I read such comments.

    Mental illness has been de-institutionalized since the 1960’s because modern understanding of mental illness (at least part of which is symptom control with medication). I would advise above posters to volunteer at a psychiatric hospital in there area prior to making any additional posts that reflect their ignorance.

  2. Ann Novek says:

    Coming from a Doctors family and I’m a former med stud , so I know a bit. It*s all about money. Take this about swine flu and all people were hysterical , when actually swine flu was LESS harmful than your annual flu , besides now it shows bad side effects.

    And all this hysteria to vaccinate people, who can ever forget the bird flu hysterics! Shame on WHO!!!!

    • Charles Hice (Tenn Man) says:

      I keep this blog handy. The majority of US citizens do not understand the power of pharmaceutical companies, doctors etc. I have been told to take an aspirin every day. Now some are saying that is not necessary. I have seen this—over and over. I question everything. At 82, I take high blood pressure pills.

      Terasozsin is my high blood pressure pill. It is also good for the prostate. Very seldom do I have to make extra trips to the bathroom. So far, no trouble with the prostate, although it has been enlarged since my 40s.

      I was told by a Nurse that I had to take motrin (arthritis). I told her that I did not. I stopped it, and read later that many things made the stomach bleed!

      I have pain in the legs. But, the pain level is under seven. When it becomes nine or higher, I know that I will need something. But, I will question it!

      Hope that other people read your blog.

  3. Great article! This one should be read by everyone. In Ohio, people keep voting money for mental health. If they realized the corruption and people who are zapped out (and never see a psychiatrist again)–is unbelievable. People walk around like mummies and no one cares!

    Mental Healh residents are just one example. Drug companies now say–“there is a shortage of medicine.” Guess what? Prices will go up. I read where the salespeople (who must not have a conscience)—will be out of jobs, and replaced by something else (data system?)……..

    Students are assigned to mental health, if they shoot a rubber band, or doi child like things. Ritalin stays in the body? And, kids get ritalin because teachers/parents can not handle a six and/or seven year old!

    Keep up the great writing. This should be a discussion for everyone. It is all about money. I worry about mental health people. No one checks on these drugged people to see if they are eating, paying their bills correctly. By the way, many are eligible for apartments (pay 30 percent of their income), and if they control the income, don’t they earn money from the bank?

    Hello World!
    Tenn Man
    I may blog some, but WP won’t register them, evidently, until I get a
    Whatgoesaroundcomesaround–to me!

    I do hope that people pick up on this blog, and continue the warped system of drugging pharma.

  4. Great article. Especially in Psychology, these guys make up new “diseases”, so that they can sell drugs to cure them.

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