Culture is Your Operating System

I am very interested in the work of philosopher Terence McKenna and his teachings about human consciousness.

What McKenna ultimately believes is that we are all a product of culture.

We in theory are programmed by culture and culture has become our operating system for life.

This very well might not be the greatest operating system as McKenna has discovered.

I urge you to listen to the message McKenna delivers in this video below.

McKenna relays some very powerful ideas through this video.

I think we as a culture have gone down almost an irreparable path that can only be redirected through some crazy catastrophic event or through years and years of enlightenment and movement toward a higher consciousness.

We are all running a certain type of cultural programming as much as we don’t want to accept it.

Government needs to infect propaganda to keep them in power and in control.

They have used brainwashing techniques over the years to condition us to believe certain things and act in pre-determined ways according to their own interests.

Where do their interests come from?

From the elite of course.

The elite in this world control everything.

They are the guyes with all the money. The big corporate hotshots and the extremely wealthy investors.

Why do you think there are so many laws in place to protect corporations even though they fuck people over everyday?

Government is just a front they have set up to employ their desires.

The elite control a massive portion of this world’s money and use that money to fund campaigns, get leaders elected, then use those leaders to enact their interests into laws and regulations that we all have to abide to.

If this sounds like crazy talk to you, I would like to share that I used to believe the same way.

I used to believe that everything was all like a movie where everything works out in the end.

Turns out however that life isn’t a movie.

We are living life like it is a movie and if some alien race came to our planet, they would probably be very entertained by what is going on here. We have the people at the “top” dictating everything that goes on and if we don’t abide by their rule, we get thrown in cages like the other monkeys at the zoos.

You see we all like to believe that everything is okay.

We all like to believe that everything will work out and for a lot of us, we have trouble exploring the possibility that this isn’t a fairy-tale movie scenario.

This is real life, this is real shit happening amongst us and we are only starting to realize it more and more.

Terence Mckenna

Take for example the true reason pot is illegal.

It isn’t illegal because it harms people, in fact not a single human being has ever died from a pot overdose in the history of human life.


Government has established that marijuana needs to be illegal because if made legal, pot could very well put pharmaceutical companies, tobacco and alcohol companies out of business.

All these businesses run off the fact that the “drug” marijuana is illegal but their “drugs” are legal and can be distributed for profit.

Alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals are all drugs and these drugs have killed hundreds of thousands of people each year, leaving pot yet to claim a single victim in the vast history of this planet.

I don’t advocate drug use and I don’t care if you do or you do not smoke marijuana or use other more potentially harmful substances. What you do is your choice and ultimately only affects you in the end so it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says.

What I care about is the fact that we aren’t telling the truth.

We are not telling the truth about drugs, about war, and other various things a country has to deal with on a daily basis. The point is until we can be honest with each other about everything and cut out all the lies that have been engraved into our cultures, were not going to make any progress as a race. We become stagnant, and the potential for development is limited to only the people who actually have the courage to look past all the lies and think constructively for themselves.

You will never see a politician lobbying for cigarettes to become illegal.

They would get no money from special interests groups if they did so.

See there is a business behind everything that goes on in government. Many things have to fall in place for governments to keep making money and existing.

There has to be propaganda, there has to be lies and there has to be bullshit.

We learned a long time ago that we simply can’t just let people go buck wild.

There would be total chaos.

What we have created however is a system that cheats people out of basic universal freedoms.

You get locked up in a cage for smoking the bud of a plant that grows naturally on this earth the same way we grow naturally on this earth.

Is that really necessary?

Is anyone being harmed?

Is it really acceptable to lock a person away for doing no harm to others, and experiencing the conscious awareness boosting properties of our sacred herb?

Culture has programmed us to accept these facts and going against these facts is deemed radical and inappropriate to the many who have been affected by the propaganda.

The propaganda and mind control has made them believe that talking and even reading about this kind of information is radical and not acceptable in our society and culture. It takes a few brave people like McKenna to really deliver the truth to the people and make them aware of what is really going on.

Culture has become a flawed operating system.

It is filled with too much nonsense that we have trouble grasping the whole picture and really important aspects of this life.

This life is incredibly bizarre.

It is incredibly bizarre that we have people in our own race that want to just use power to control other people in the same race for their own egotistical interests.

It bothers me that we have come to accept that as a culture as a whole and that more and more people are falling trap everyday to the nonsense within our society.

Life isn’t about that.

Life is about enjoying the limited time we have in this temporary state on earth without all the bullshit filler that we have come to accept.

We as a whole need to start accepting the fact that we are being cheated and lied to and I feel a movement is certainly in order to eradicate all of this from our lives and make the world a better place for future generations.

It will certainly be a bumpy path to true enlightenment. 🙂



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22 Responses to Culture is Your Operating System

  1. Boshudi says:

    Just found “zazen” the word I mean… I was calling it introspection. :/

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  10. Jonesy says:

    Check out my site,
    there’s a community of huge TM fans over there for sure.

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  19. Chuckles says:

    Hey, that post leaves me feeling foosilh. Kudos to you!

  20. Rayshelon says:

    You’re the one with the brains here. I’m watcinhg for your posts.

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