Out-of-Body Experiences

Meditation can lead to wonderful experiences.

For me, one of those experiences came in the form of an out of body experience during a deep meditation.

I have been practicing meditation for a little more than a year now and have been able to bring my mind to a near thoughtless state of consciousness. This thoughtless state lead me to an experience that involved projecting my conscious awareness into an bodily astral state as I found myself wandering down my stairs while still physically meditating in my room.

I had complete awareness in this astral body form and it truly felt like I was physically walking down the stairs of my house.

Letting Go Through Deep Meditation

The stairs were located about 5 feet down the hall from my upstairs bedroom. I was still physically in my room however sitting in my chair in a seated zazen meditative posture. My door was closed and locked and I was in a deep trance assisted with binaural beats through my noise-cancelling headphones.

At first I had not realized what was going on.

I had thought I was simply walking down the stairs out of my room but I soon realized that I was still actually in my room.

When this realization hit me, I was overwhelmed by the experience and was “snapped” back into my physical body awareness.

My heart was racing and I could feel some strange powerful euphoric energy within me that lasted for a few minutes before it tuned off.

For me, this was a breakthrough experience.

This was the type of experience I was hoping to achieve through my meditative practice.

It had taken nearly six months of daily consistent meditation to achieve, but it was certainly worth the time.

To fully describe the whole feeling of the situation would be impossible.

It is something only describable once you have reached that desired state.

I found myself realizing that we truly are just not bounded by our physical body to this universe.

The Astral World

We have the ability to project a conscious awareness out of our own massive energetic brainpower to wander about the Astral Plane.

After the experience, I began researching the concept of an out of body experience, sometimes known as an OBE.

The concept is truly amazing.

It is amazing how it is not as mainstream as it should be.

The fact that you can “leave” your physical body has broken all boundaries of possibility.

It truly shows that we have enough power to tap into other realms of consciousness. Whether this realm is the same as our physical consciousness just through another medium can certainly be argued. It is also possible that realm exists just as a projection of your own mind and its massive potential of power.

From my perspective I can attest to the fact that it almost seems as real as can be.

It has the framework of a lucid dream in terms of the feeling of it being completely real.

I can say that it must take some demanding practice in that state to sustain it and explore it because for me, once I realized what was happening, I became fearful and returned to my physical body. The absence of fear in that experience must be truly blissful. Anything you can imagine in your mind can become a possibility in that state of mind. It its a pure conscious state of awareness without any physical bodily limitations holding the individual back.

There have been various books written on the subject of astral travel. The book, Far Journeys by Robert Monroe chronicles the odyssey of decades of research done by Monroe into the psychic realm beyond the known dimensions of physical reality.

After reading his work, I can truly say that my experience was truly spiritual to the point where I became aware of the limitations of our simple temporary physical bodies.

The state of understanding that I reached almost cannot be achieved when the brain is having a conscious thought.

For me, I was so deep in a meditative trance that I reached a point where I had no thoughts on my mind.

A state of complete stillness.

A state of true zen where I was able to let go and let the experience take over to the point where I realized what I had achieved.

I was able to free my mind of any thought, just let it simply exist in the moment.

I felt as if I had tapped into an infinite source of potential.

Projecting Your Awareness

A source that had no boundaries and limitations normally restricted by the physical realm.

In this state, I felt as if I could create anything and any situation I wanted to see occur once I walked down those stairs if I had not been succumbed by the fear of experiencing that feeling for the first time.

The fear will subside once I truly can let go.

Let go from letting go, let go from the feeling of letting go and totally letting the experience take over.

I will have to completely let go of the idea of being a human.

I will have to let go of the feeling of having any kind of opinion or judgement of the experience.

I feel that once I begin to judge the experience, I start to bring fear into the picture and that will restrict me from the true beauty of the whole state of awareness.

As I continue my meditative practice, I have been able to lucid dream more frequently and begin to tap into my brain’s true potential.

I have not had an experience like the breakthrough I just described but I know I am certainly not far from getting deeper into the state once I am able to achieve it again.

I am certainly more open to the experience now that I have read about it and I no longer think it was some crazy fairy-tale dream that I had.

This is truly real.

I can tell you first-hand the experience is truly real.

As I learn more and more about the subject and continue my practice I will update my progress and detail my whole framework.

I feel that meditation can lead to some enchanting experiences and I encourage you to train yourself in meditation and truly experience a more blissful frame of life.


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20 Responses to Out-of-Body Experiences

  1. bright junis says:

    Sorry for a negative reply but is this a true experience

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  4. Louis says:

    Hi my name is Louis and I have had many out of body experiences. I have tried to be as scientific as I could as I logged many of my experiences. I have posted out of body experiences journal online for your review at Thank you!!

  5. Xanth says:

    Hey! Great post!

    I run my own astral projection related blog full of methods and tips on how to project and how to sustain your projections! Give it a read… I’ve also got a free 60 page eBook which you can download from the top of the main page. 🙂

    Great job! Keep up the great meditations!

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  7. I am happy to read this post… I know about this OBE because I experience this too and I am happy to know that there are lots of us who experience this kind of power or force… which I believe all mankind has this ability, only we all need to practice it. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to know more about your journey with OBE…


  8. Noel says:

    Interesting topic! thanks for sharing.

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  10. Melanie says:

    I’m happy that there are people out there who practice astral projection, and I know first hand that it’s the real deal.
    But I don’t like it, it freaks me out. I don’t even try to do it and it happens.

  11. Jennah says:

    Great post with lots of imoptrant stuff.

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  13. Janae says:

    As Charlie Sheen says, this atrilce is “WINNING!”

  14. Great post. I was just writing about how I am focusing on astral project in my spiritual practice on inspiration from a free ebook I read called Gazing Into The Eternal.

    Which binaural program were you using for your meditation?

    • DIESEL says:

      I have a binaural app on my iPhone called Brainwave. It is probably the best binuaural app on the iPhone with a variety of different features. I’ll check out that book looks pretty interesting.

      • I’ve used audio from The Monroe Institute (founded by Robert Monroe) and BrainSync. I actually find BrainSync’s Deep Meditation to be really effective.

        Do you know what the frequencies were on your iPhone’s software, or what brainwave state it was targeting (theta, delta, etc.)?

        • DIESEL says:

          I was using delta binaural beats to try to get as deep as possible. It is extremely difficult to stay awake when at low frequencies of delta, therefore I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless they are experienced enough to be able to maintain awareness in a deep trance. In the future I will be experimenting with different frequencies to see what kind of different states of mind I can achieve.

      • Jace says:

        Hey, that post leaves me feeling fiolosh. Kudos to you!

    • Egypt says:

      I could watch Schnilder’s List and still be happy after reading this.

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